Where to Stay in Seville, Spain

The Best Places to Stay in Seville – Tips and Advice

  • Which areas in Seville are best: There is certainly plenty of diversity and choice in Seville, whether you want nightlife and entertainment or culture and arts. You might be looking for a 5-star hotel or a backpacker’s hostel, and either way, you won’t be disappointed. If you want all the attractions and the best choice of hotels, then head for the center, and particularly Santa Cruz, which is close.
    If you like the idea of a bit of historical architecture sightseeing with plenty of nightlife and eateries as well, then Barrio Santa Cruz might be more your thing, but it is a good choice for families too. Los Remedios is also one of the top choices for families, in a more modern setting with a residential feel.
    The trendy and lively Alameda has more to offer by way of nightlife, but if you’d rather avoid the lively areas altogether and find something more on the quiet side, then La Cartuja might be the better option, with its residential vibe and unique range of attractions. If you consider yourself a budget traveler the trendy and creative vibe of La Macarena might well fit your requirements.
  • Tourist areas: The Centre, Barrio Santa Cruz, and Alameda most notably, although many areas of the typical Spanish city cater to tourism in some way or other
  • Quiet areas: La Cartuja is a cultured, residential-type zone
  • Staying in Seville on a budget: La Macarena the former low-class neighborhood that has its fair share of culture alongside the hostel and budget apartment options

The compact capital of southern Spain’s Andalusia region, Seville is a city swathed in typical Spanish vibes due to its narrow streets and architecture, history, and festivals such as The Feria de Abril or Semana Santa (Holy Week).

Whichever region of Seville you opt to stay in, you won’t be far away from the center, which can be easily accessed by public transport by way of a Metro system as well as buses and trains.

All areas have a fairly diverse range of accommodation including hostels, guest houses, mid-range and boutique hotels, and luxury four-star affairs. If price is not your main concern, you might consider opting for a uniquely Spanish Parador hotel, high-end establishments in converted buildings both modern and historic.

Apartments are another option that are relatively easy to find and can be very reasonable price-wise in some areas of the city.

The 5 Best Areas To Stay In Seville – A Neighbourhood Guide

1. Barrio Santa Cruz

barrio santa cruz

The center of Seville will put you in close proximity to the majority of the most-visited historic and cultural attractions. You’ll also find gardens, winding narrow streets, and squares such as Plaza de Cabildo, which is near to both the cathedral and the old city wall.

The former Jewish quarter of Barrio Santa Cruz is close to the center, and it is also home to some of the city’s most iconic attractions. It is most easily recognised by its huge landmark cathedral, Catedral de Santa María de la Sede.

This World Heritage Site building was built in replacement of a mosque in the fifteenth century, but part of the Moorish-style tower still exists. This cathedral, which is one of the largest in the world, is one of many in the area on the UNESCO list, as is the Royal Palace, the Real Alcázar de Sevilla, and the impressive 14th-century castle Mudejar.

The construction comprises various water features and exotic gardens, and the Casa de Contratación section of the castle is where the Spanish monarchs were met by Columbus, whose tomb is actually also in the area.

There are plenty of other historic and cultural buildings and landmarks to explore in Bario Santa Cruz, or maybe you would rather head to Parque María Luisa, the largest park in the city, to take a breather.

Another suitable family activity is the fantastic aquarium or one of its several museums. When you’ve finally had enough of that though, there is ample opportunity to find a decent restaurant or bar, and if you don’t have the kids with you then maybe you can check out the plentiful nightlife.

Santa Cruz is a versatile place to stay in terms of accommodation, with all types of hotels, and many are family-friendly. You’ll find a fair few hostels around as well as the train and bus stations are quite close. It’s not too expensive or difficult to take a tram, bus, or use the metro to get to surrounding areas as the city is not so large.




2. Los Remedios

los remedios

Los Remedios is one of the most modern neighborhoods in Seville, and you can find it across the river from the city center just slightly south of Triana (which is also good for nightlife).

There is certainly some striking architecture in Los Remedios, but as it is a largely residential barrio you won’t find too much along the lines of hostels and such. There are a few hotels dotted around along with rental apartments.

It is different from the areas of the city with a more historic feel due to its wide boulevards and is in no short supply of trendy shops and boutiques. If you have a family with you and think Santa Cruz sounds a little like an overload on the senses, then you might find Los Remedios to be one of the best areas to stay.



Better to head back towards the center, the Old Town and the Santa Cruz regions for a wider range of hostels, and La Macarena for the best budget deals.


 3. Alameda


Here is an area known as La Alameda de Hercules, a greenery-tinged square with fountains once known as Europe’s oldest park. It became something of a haven for the hi-so of Seville in the nineteenth century, before turning into a run-down low-life haunt.

Today, it’s a trendy part of the city with a bohemian vibe to it, with plenty of shops selling anything from books, clothes, crafts, and vintage wares. If you fancy taking in some flamenco or an art show, then you won’t be disappointed in Alameda’s immediate vicinity.

Or maybe you just want to jump straight into some of the nightlife surrounding the plaza. You could sample the area’s music venues for some live jazz, or the tapas bars, clubs, and bars (including a few gay bars), most of which are grouped around the plaza.

From a more historic perspective, there are two notable Roman columns at one end of the plaza that reportedly originally stood within the ruins of a nearby Roman temple related to Hercules, hence the name.

The at the top is a historic chapel, Nuestra Señora del Carmen y Cruz del Rodeo, which apparently comprises the convent where Doña Inés of Don Juan fame lived. So if you fancy staying in a lively region of Seville, you’ll find various types of accommodation around the area, and there is actually a hotel in the square.




  • ($$$) Executive Balcony • Balcony view of the square, courtyard, and pool
  • ($$) New Apartment Close to historical monuments, Guadalquivir river, restaurants, bars, shops, markets, bus stops, taxis, and bicycle rental
  • ($) Llama Sevilla Apartamentos 3.8 km from Santa Cruz, 3 km from Isla Magica

 4. Isla De La Cartuja

isla de la cartuja

La Cartuja is a former island that was merged with the west bank by the bridge a couple of decades ago. The name comes from the 15th-century Monastery — Monasterio de la Cartuja de Santa María de Las Cuevas, which is now a prominent venue for contemporary Andalusian art showcases.

You’ll find various historic relics in the vicinity such as a chapter house, a crypt and chapel, and the tallest structure in Andalusia, the Cajasol tower. The area is home to various university buildings along with theatres, concert halls, and clubs.

There is also a theme park by way of Isla Mágica, the Jardín Americano botanical gardens, a sports stadium, and a golf course. This is a great section of the city to explore on a bicycle, which you can hire.

Since more and more residential zones have appeared in and around La Cartuja over recent years, the neighborhood has developed something of a quieter feel.

As it is largely residential there is not a huge range of accommodation options aside from a few holiday homes, apartments for rent, and a few hotels. There isn’t much in terms of budget hostels, but we’ve included a couple of examples of what you might find in the vicinity.




  • ($$) Monsalves 39 • Next to the Plaza del Museo de Bellas Artes, within the historic centre
  • ($$) Nice Apartment • Close to the Guadalquivir river and museum
  • ($) Double Room • Facing the river, near Plaza de las Almas station

 5. La Macarena

la macarena

North of the city center, La Macarena was once a relatively low-scale area, but these days it has an interesting, arty atmosphere to it, as well as being home to a few reasonable sights in cultural and historic terms.

The neighborhood of La Macarena is quiet, although it is still in the center of Seville, and it is in fact only a short walk from Alameda de Hercules. For starters, you’ll find the oldest marketplace in Seville in this area of town, by way of the Mercado de la Feria.

It is housed in an 18th-century building, and largely comprises traditional food stalls. The shops in and around the area are also a little quirky, and aside from food offer other such items as second-hand books and vintage clothing.

The surrounding backdrop is further complemented by the ancient old walls, a hospital from the 16th- century, the Hospital de las Cinco Llagas, and the ruins of a 19th-century foundry, the Torre de los Perdigones.

You’ll also find plenty of other attractions around La Macarena such as museums and historic statues, as well as a fair few tapas bars that stay lively late into the night.

This is a popular area for backpackers on a budget, but it is not limited to hostels by any means and is a good place for anyone on a budget, with reasonably-priced apartments and a variety of hotels also available.


  • ($$$) Hotel Casa de Indias • 1.7 km from La Giralda and Sevilla Cathedral, 1.8 km from Alcazar Palace, and 2.2 km from Barrio Santa Cruz
  • ($$$) Exe Sevilla Macarena • Opposite Macarena Basilica, 20 minutes from the airport
  • ($$) Hotel San Gil • 5 min away from the Basilica de la Macarena and 15 min from Isla Magica


  • ($$) Babel Hostel Sevilla • Close to Alameda de Hercules, plenty of bars, cafes, and restaurants within walking distance
  • ($$) Traveller Box Hostel • Roof Terrace, 200 m from Alameda de Hercules
  • ($$) Residencia Veriato • 1 km from Isla Magica, 0.9 mi from Santa María La Blanca Church



At the end of the day, the compact Seville has all that a typical Spanish city could offer, in both modern and historic terms.

It’s vibrant and lively in many of the areas, and although they are all a little bit different they are also within easy reach of each other, which makes it possible to see the various aspects of the city without too much trouble.

Seville is a safe place with much history and culture attached to it, but not in a way that detracts from the modern buzz of the place that is inherent in the markets, restaurants, and bursting nightlife.

Wherever you decide to stay in Seville, a tad of planning and scouting beforehand will ensure an ideal holiday all round. Once you’ve found the best neighborhood to suit your tastes, you’ll be able to fully appreciate all that Seville has to offer, whether you are a single traveler, with a partner, or bringing the whole family along.

Best Hotels by Type

  • Our top pick for best luxury hotel in this instance goes to Exe Sevilla Macarena which is close to bars, clubs, restaurants, and shops, has an amazing rooftop pool, and an on-site restaurant with a terrace and spectacular views
  • Hotel San Gil is definitely one of the best in terms of value for money, with its prime location with a terrace and gardens
  • If it’s hotels more on the budget side you are looking for then you will find the Hotel Patio de la Cruces in Santa Cruz to be a more affordable option in a great area within walking distance of all the prime attractions
  • The best family hotel would most likely be the Casa de Indias  with its allergy-free family rooms, outdoor pool, and proximity to local attractions
  • When it comes to romantic hotels in Seville, the boutique-style, restored 18th-century Manor House Gravina 51 is a top choice due to its outdoor terrace and quiet location, but not too far from the lively parts of the city.