Where to Stay in Mallorca, Spain

The Best Places to Stay in Mallorca – Tips and Advice

  • Which areas in Mallorca are best: There are plenty of options in Mallorca, depending on what your idea of a holiday is exactly. The South Coast is the main tourist region, with the capital and its surrounding areas in the Southwest being where some of the island’s most well-known beaches are located. The southeastern region is something of a contrast with less-developed coastline and smaller towns where tourism is not that prevalent.
    The North Coast and its beaches also offer a more scenic and relaxed rural vibe, less oriented towards mass tourism than in the South near the capital city. In the Northeast of Mallorca, the beaches are much less overrun, and this is a nice section of the island for some relatively peaceful relaxation with just a small pocket of nightlife.
  • Beaches: Playa de Palma near the capital is the really crowded, touristy stretch; Magaluf is similar but slightly less so; upscale Santa Ponsa is more family-friendly, and the northern and northeastern regions such as Calla Millor and Cala D’or have beaches that are pristine and stunning
  • Tourist areas: The South and southwestern regions are where the majority of visitors head, particularly Palma de Mallorca, Playa de Palm, and Magaluf
  • Nightlife: Playa de Palma is the most vibrant, if not rowdy nightlife area for tourists, and although Magaluf’s is similar it is slightly more cultured
  • Quiet areas: The south-eastern coast, the north coast (which is more rural and ideal for adventure activities), and the majority of the north-eastern regions; Santa Ponsa is one of the quieter, family-oriented spots in the South
  • Staying in Mallorca on a budget: Calla Ratjada on the East Coast is reasonable, as is Can Picafort, and Playa de Muro in the North is a cheaper option than anywhere in the Southwest, although the majority of hostels are a bit on the ground and seem to be mainly in the Palma de Mallorca capital region

When considering where to stay in Mallorca, you first need to know the variations in the different spots of the island, which is one of Europe’s tourist hot spots. From the packed tourist vibe of the southwestern beach regions close to the capital, to the quiet and scenic northern and eastern reaches ideal for relaxation, families, and adventure activities.

Maybe you just want to live it up and let down your hair with a backdrop of white sandy beaches and clear warm water. Or perhaps you would rather discover some of the lesser-known northern and northeastern regions of the island with their scenic little towns and fishing villages.

Either way, you’ll certainly encounter the Mediterranean lifestyle at its best when you stay in Mallorca, with its friendly locals and comparably reasonable pricing ranges.

There is plenty on offer and lots of diversity, so to make it a little easier we have narrowed it down to a few spots in the various regions of Mallorca that are among the best for different reasons, and they all have their own particular appeal.

Mallorca Neighborhood Guide

The 8 Best Areas To Stay In Mallorca

1. Palma de Mallorca

palma de mallorca

The capital of Mallorca in the South is unsurprisingly historic and lively. It is the spot where many first-timers and seasoned tourists alike head for, and pretty much all of the districts in Palma have tourism attractions of some form.

Palma is the main travel hub for the entire island, and alongside the city’s international airport there is also a bustling seaport, not to mention bus and train stations. Needless to say, public transportation is widespread and efficient enough to ensure you can easily make your way around.

The best areas of Palma to consider staying in are the Casco Histórico, in the Old City, and the Paseo Marítimo, along the Maritime Boulevard. These are fairly close to each other, and are the main areas for hotels, nightlife, and various other amenities in a touristy setting, as well as a spot of historic architecture and culture.

The widest range of accommodation you are likely to find in Mallorca is in these two districts, although it obviously won’t be the easiest on the wallet.

You’ll find international chains and luxury resorts near the beaches, and boutique hotels and hostels a bit further in. All things considered though, Palma will fit a range of budgets when it comes to accommodation.


  • ($$$) Hotel Almudaina • In the historic center, with fantastic rooftop views, 500 m from La Seu Cathedral
  • ($$) Melia Palma Bay • 350 m from Ca’n Pere Antoni Beach, sea views
  • ($) Hotel Colon • 5 minute-walk from Plaza de Espana, central bus & train station



  • ($$) Elegant Studio • In the port, a 10-minute walk from restaurants and shops
  • ($$) Rooftop Terrace • 2 minutes’ walk from the historical center and market
  • ($) Large Double • 5 minutes from seafront and gourmet market

2. Magaluf


About an hour away from the capital, a little more to the southwest of the island, is the coastal town Magaluf. This is a spot well-known as a favorite with British holidaymakers. Thus Magaluf’s nightlife is fairly vibrant, but not to the extremes of Playa de Palma.

If you are looking for luxury beachfront resorts you won’t be disappointed here, although there is also a fair range of reasonable apartments, boutique hotels, and comparatively budget inns. The hostels seem a bit thin on the ground which indicates that the nearby Palma would be the better option for this type of budget accommodation.

There are various family attractions in Magaluf as well, like the House of Kathmandu museum, water parks, and go-karts.



  • ($$) Hostel Floridita • Shared lounge, garden, pool access, and rooftop terrace


3. Santa Ponsa

santa ponsa

Another somewhat upscale location, Santa Ponsa has a large bay that is also very shallow. So swimmers are safer here, which is why the area is something of a haven for families.  It’s also popular with couples in search of a little solitude, although there is plenty of adventure to be had, including a spot of golf.

Hence the three golf courses make this a popular location for golfers, and it features a few challenging holes. In terms of accommodation, the options in Santa Ponsa lean more towards the high-end, and if you wanted to stay in one of the luxury hotels in this coastal town you might consider checking out their off-season discounts.

Again, this is not really Hostel country due to its largely upscale standing – if you’re really keen on a Hostel though you could try this one around 7km from Santa Ponsa.


  • ($$$) Sun Beach •  70 m from the beach, close to the golf club
  • ($$) Hotel Casablanca • 300 m from Santa Ponsa Beach, a 5-minute walk from center
  • ($$) TRH Jardin Del Mar • Overlooking the bay, 10-minute drive to Magaluf



4. Calla Ratjada

calla ratjada

Cala Ratjada is across the island on the east coast and is yet another great location for visitors looking for relaxing white sandy beaches, pristine waters, and nature tours if the mood takes them. A ferry boat trip is available that offers a rather scenic way to view some areas of the island, and there is also some nightlife once the evening draws in.

As this spot on the east coast leans more towards the ‘undiscovered’ parts of Mallorca as far as tourism goes, the prices for accommodation tend to be more reasonable.



Although there are a few establishments in this region calling themselves hostels, they are actually small, 1 or 2-star hotels. Some of the rates don’t seem that much lower than the bigger hotels, so we’ve included just one example here


5. Calla Millor

calla millor

This is a fairly large coastal town with a 5-kilometer stretch of impressive beach. Calla Millor is the kind of place that is likely to hold some appeal with a broad age range of tourists, and again the accommodation is more reasonably priced than in the southern regions.

All the amenities you could ask for on a beachfront are available, including plenty of seafood restaurants, bars, pubs, and nightclubs, and if that’s not enough then Palma is easily accessible from Calla Millor. You can get there via both public and private transportation along a large main road that connects directly to the island’s capital.


  • ($$$) Hipocampo Palace • 150 m from beach, spa, tropical gardens
  • ($$) Calla Millor Park • 200 m from beach, spa & wellness center
  • ($) Saturno • 50 m from the beach, a 20-minute walk from harbor


Again nothing much by way of actual budget hostels to speak of in this region


6. Cala D’Or

cala d’or

Cala d’Or is a somewhat more expensive but delightful resort that is all about secluded beaches with a more local vibe. This place is in many ways the ideal beach vacation away from the chaos of mass tourism. The locals can be found on this stretch of beach, which adds to the more authentic, natural feel around it.

The architecture along the coast is also impressive in that it is a mix of Mediterranean style with a modern twist. The beach resorts in Cala d’Or tend to be a bit more on the expensive side, but you will still be able to find a range of more affordable, smaller boutique-type hotels located more in the residential regions of the town.


  • ($$$) Hotel Cala Dor •  Tranquil cove, balconies, and sea view
  • ($$) Hotel D’Or • 8 minutes from cove and beach, 10-minute walk to Marina
  • ($) Hotel Antares • 2-minute walk from the beach, a 6-minute walk from harbor


Same deal here with hostels as it is in the with the others in the same region


  • ($$$) Gratifying Apartment • 400 m from Cala Esmeralda and Caloa Gran Beaches
  • ($$) Fewo D’Or • Residential complex with access to 8 pools and 2 beaches
  • ($$) Superior Apartment • Close to town center and entertainment, 400 m from the beach

7. Can Picafort

can picafort

Heading up to the northern regions you will find Can Picafort, which is one of the most popular tourist spots on the Alcudia Bay. You will find lots of activities and tours here, including Albufera Park. This is one of the area’s main attractions and is a natural and unspoiled wetland region of the island.

Can Picafort has been increasingly developed in terms of tourism over the last few years, and more people have been coming to the area. The accommodation price ranges are very reasonable though and are some of the best in the region.

Certainly, any budget travelers won’t be disappointed with the options over on this side of Mallorca unless of course, you are looking for a hostel, which is not prevalent on this side of the island.



8. Playa De Muro

playa de muro

Playa de Muro is a long stretch of the Mediterranean coastline where you can find lots of beachfront hotels. Needless to say, it does get a little crowded throughout the peak season. However, a large proportion of the visitors tend to be families with younger children, rather than late-night revelers.

One of the main factors is that the water is safe and shallow along this stretch of walled coast, making it ideal for kids to paddle away the day in.

You’ll still find enough restaurants, shops, cafes, and bars to keep you happy here though. As with most stretches of beach in coastal towns, the accommodation is likely to be more reasonably priced the further away from the ocean you stay. That said, Playa de Muro is also one of the most affordable beach spots you are likely to find in all of Mallorca.




Whether you are a first-timer in Mallorca happy to head to the densely-populated tourist beaches seeking sun and fun, or a more seasoned visitor who now much prefers the northern spots — you’ll be impressed with the charm and diversity of the largest Balearic island of them all. It offers a little something to accommodate a wide range of preferences.

You can see how worthwhile it is getting the low-down on the different regions of Mallorca before visiting, as there are vast differences between the different regions in tourism terms.

Families, in particular, are sure to find a great place to stay once they are aware of the contrasts between the different main areas on the island, and have made the necessary comparisons before traveling.

  • One of the best romantic options has to be the Hotel The Sky in Calle Ratjada – no kids, bar, great views
  • For a great family hotel Grupotel Gran Vista in Can Picafort is a top choice – kids pool, playground, and activity programs, close to the beach, surrounded by gardens, and only 50 km from the airport
  • A great boutique hotel option is definitely Corner House Boutique in Calla Ratjada
  • And one of the best budget options on our list has to be the Hotel Villa Barbara in Can Picafort for its value for money, and location 100 m from the beach.