Where to Stay in Lima, Peru

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The Best Places to Stay in Lima – Tips and Advice

  • Which areas in Lima are best: This is where you need to consider various aspects of the trip like budget, number of travelers, and age of the travelers etc. Miraflores is something of a travel hub in Lima, and is thus a good place to start for first-timers to the city. It’s a fairly upscale and safe place, as well as many historic aspects.
    Barranco is the cool place with probably the widest and best range of cafes and nightlife, and Pueblo Libre and San Isidro are upmarket, ideal family destinations in terms of their safety and quiet. It’s not that easy to get around in Lima so it makes sense to stay in the neighborhood that best suits the majority of your requirements.
  • Transportation: is a consideration when deciding which area to stay in Lima. There is no Metro system as such, and the other public transportation options aren’t necessarily the best in the world. The taxis don’t have any meters, but the one saving grace is Uber, which obviously makes four-wheeled transport much more viable anywhere.
    This is a busy city though, so you’ll also need to allow for traffic congestion and rush hours if you are staying in any of the central areas.
  • Tourist areas: are basically limited to just a few of the 43 districts in the city. The places listed here are all fairly safe bets, with some of them obviously being more densely populated and lively than others.
    But they are all still accommodating to visitors in various ways, so you should consider going for the one that has the best balance of attractions, entertainment & leisure facilities, and safety to suit your requirements.
  • Historic culture: is to be found all over Lima to varying degrees, but Miraflores is definitely the place with the most obvious examples along with the highest concentration of famous architecture and artifacts.
    Whether it is ancient pre-Inca ruins, the Plaza de Armas, the Convent of San Francisco, or the multitude of museums and other landmarks (as well as free walking tours) you’ll find these examples and many more like them in and around this central area.
  • Quiet areas: of Lima are the more upscale residential regions like Pueblo Libra and San Isidro. This is why many visitors with families head up to these neighborhoods to find a base during their stay.
    San Isidro is certainly the more expensive of the two, and although these areas are a lot less lively than some of the others, you’ll still find plenty to do. There are parks, museums, restaurants and cafes galore, but with a bit less hustle and bustle than in the center.
  • Staying in Lima on a budget: Lima is a popular place with backpackers and so it has a good number of hostels. As Miraflores is generally regarded as the ‘travel district’, this is the place where you will find both the highest concentration of hostels and the widest range of hotels when it comes to price.
    Miraflores actually has a strong community of backpacker-friendly hostels, with enough range and diversity between them to suit any budget traveler’s requirements. You won’t generally find too many hostels in the more upscale districts like San Isidro.

The 500-year old Peruvian city of Lima is lively, somewhat chaotic, and incredibly historic. It offers a myriad of activities related to culture, history, nightlife, leisure, and food, wherever you choose to stay.

But where should you stay in Lima to get the best of all the city has to offer? It’s a good idea to check out the various attractions and the nuances of the neighborhoods in the city first, before deciding on which area to stay in.

The different neighborhoods in Lima have their own distinct characteristics, with enough variety between them to more than satisfy the majority of visitors. There’s so much to see and do in the expanse of the ‘City of Kings’ that it can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know where to start.

With a population of around 10 million and 43 districts, in Lima, you’ll find lots to do with a few delightful contrasts. This can come in the form of cheap and cheerful street food along with some of the finest dining in the world. The city is also well-known for its nightlife by way of its impressive array of bars and clubs.

Lima is an ideal water sports location due to its geographical location on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, and it is a hotbed of surfing, windsurfing, paragliding, and all manner of fun in the water.

Aside from that, you’ll find plenty by way of historical landmarks if that’s an avenue of the city that you are interested in exploring, and this is an aspect of Lima that is inherent in much of the well-preserved colonial architecture.

But that said, Lima is an incredibly modern and vibrant location as well. It is a city with plenty of impressive and sometimes unique malls that combine effortlessly with the buzzing street markets to fully encapsulate the atmosphere of the city.

Lima Neighbourhood Guide

The 4 Best Areas To Stay In Lima

1. Miraflores


Miraflores is a very developed area right on the coast. It has a plethora of shopping malls, including one on the side of the cliff. As well as shopping, you’ll encounter some fairly impressive sunset views from this location as well.

Miraflores has more historic and cultural attractions than you can shake a stick at, but if you fancy a change of direction from that there are more than enough bars, breweries, cafes, restaurants, markets, parks, and a fair few other things to keep you occupied.

You’ll also find Waikiki Beach and Makaha Beach here which are ideal for a spot of surfing. So with all that in mind it’s no real surprise that Miraflores is one of the most popular places for vistors to Lima.

Hotels in Miraflores

  • ($$$) JW Marriott Hotel Lima • Seafront location with ocean view, next to Larcomar cliff top shopping mall, 16 km from Jorge Chavez International Airport
  • ($$) Dazzler by Wyndham • 900 m from Ovalo de Miraflores and 9,6 km from Plaza Mayor square
  • ($) Selina Miraflores Lima • 15 mins from beach, close to entertainment and shopping malls

Hostels in Miraflores

AirBnB in Miraflores

2. Barranco


Barranco is a neighborhood in Lima with a touch of bohemian. You’ll find some great coffee bars here with a variety of artisan-types hanging out in them who are something of a throwback to this region in the earlier part of the 20th century.

Barranco is a great area of Lima to wander around in the daytime, as pretty much the whole district is covered with all manner of street art, and you won’t be short on cafes to stop in as this place has some of the best in Lima.

The district surrounds the central square, and the beach is not too far down from this spot. You’ll find restaurants, museums and cocktails all within spitting distance of each other in Barranco, and the nightlife scene is pretty lively, to put a finer point on it.

Hotels in Barranco

Hostels in Barranco

AirBnB in Barranco

3. Pueblo Libre

pueblo libre

Pueblo Libre is a rather relaxed residential district with a contrasting pace of life to the more upbeat Miraflores. This is a region of Lima just as safe and quiet as San Isidro, but quite a bit less pricey.

The colonia in Pueblo Libre contains more parks than anywhere else in the city, which is great if you are looking for a bit of relaxation, although there is still plenty to do in the area by way of museums, zoos, exhibitions etc.

This is also where you will find the colonial mansion of a man called Simon Bolivar, who was responsible for liberating much of South America, and who happened to live in Pueblo Libre. His former home is now the National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology, and History of Peru.

Pueblo Libre is also home to quite a few other notable exhibitions, including that of the Larco Museum which contains an erotic pottery exhibition. You’ll also find the oldest existing tavern in Lima in this district, by way of the Taverna Quierolo. The accommodation options in Pueblo Libre are quite a bit more limited than in the central areas in and around Miraflores, especially in terms of hostels.

Hotels in Pueblo Libre

  • ($$) Hotel Rosas •  5 km from San Martin Square, 8 km from the airport
  • ($$) Casa Aika • 400 m from Pueblo Museum, 300 m from a local market, 5 km from La Reserva Magic Water Circuit)

Hostels in Pueblo Libre

If you would prefer to stay in a hostel you won’t find too many around this area, and you should absolutely consider staying in Miraflores where the choice of this kind of accommodation is wide and diverse

  • ($$$)  Hostal Collacocha • 25 minutes from airport, close to Parque Combate De Abtao

AirBnB in Pueblo Libre

4. San Isidro

san isidro

Just north of the central Miraflores, San Isidro is the financial district. The affluent nature of the area is immediately apparent from its high-end residences, and entertainment and leisure facilities.

Needless to say, this is the region of Lima where the elite elements reside. Here you’ll find plenty of top country clubs with world-class golf courses, tennis courts, high-end cocktail bars, boutique shopping outlets, fine dining, cafes, and art galleries.

If you decide to stay in this part of the city you’ll be well within range of some of the finest restaurants, and chic cafes, and you won’t be short on art galleries to peruse in San Isidro.

The neighborhood is also one of the best in the city as far as well-kept parks go, with the Bosque Del Olivar being a prime example, resplendent with olive trees that hark back to colonial times. As something of an upmarket, cultural hotbed, San Isidro is also the place where you’ll find two famous archaeological sites, Huaca Huallamarca and Huaca Santa Cruz.

Hotels in San Isidro

Hostels in San Isidro

As is the case with nearby Pueblo Libre, you’ll be somewhat hard pushed to find too much by way of hostels in this more upmarket sector of the city, and the price range is likely to be way over anything that you are likely to find in the ‘backpacker central’ region of Lima — Miraflores

  • ($$$) Hostal Francia • 2.9 km from Pampilla Beach and 5 km from Larcomar

AirBnB in San Isidro

  • ($$$) Suite Con Jacuzzi • great location close to a park, a large shopping center, and a museum
  • ($$) Apartamento Malecon Del Pacifico 2 • Half a block from Cisneros Pier, and a block from José Pardo Avenue; quiet, a safe residential area surrounded by green areas, overlooking the sea
  • ($) Tu Hogar En San Isidro • 5 minutes from a shopping center, restaurants, supermarkets, parks, and bike paths; 10 minutes walk to the pier and the Costa Verde beach range


Lima is a pretty large and diverse city that is admittedly not so easy for everyone to make their way around. Yet if you can form a reasonable idea of what you want from your stay, and thus book lodgings in the area most suited to your requirements, this won’t prove too much of a problem.

So whether you are something of a backpacking enthusiast out for single-handed adventures, or you fancy a touch of the hi-so surrounded by golfing ranges and 5-star accommodation with your family – Lima has it all and more!

 Best Hotels by Type

  • The Country Club Lima Hotel is one of the best luxury hotels in the city for its upmarket location, facilities, and surrounding amenities, and environment
  • Casa Republica Barranco is as good a choice as any when it comes to boutique hotels with its facilities and location in Lima’s boutique neighborhood
  • The Barranco Wasi is a great choice terms of cheap hotels for its competitive price in a cool neighborhood
  • The Costa Del Sol Wyndham Lima City is one of the best family hotels due to the safe and peaceful neighborhood and the relative price and comfort