Where to Stay in Bogota, Colombia

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The Best Places to Stay in Bogota – Tips and Advice

  • Which areas in Bogota are best? The contrast and diversity of the different regions of Bogota allow you to choose your accommodation in the neighborhood that most suits your requirements. La Candeleria is the main central hot spot for the majority of visitors, while the more upscale and spread-out Chapinero has a touch of the Bohemian to it. La Zona Rosa is undoubtedly the nightlife central of Bogota, and although you’ll find plenty of mid to high-range accommodation options in that area, it is also great for hostels. Usaquen is the area of Bogota known for its rural, natural beauty, and colonial architecture. Each area has various flavors that set it apart from the others.
  • Transportation: wherever you decide to stay, thankfully you won’t have too much trouble getting around. The public transit system is reliable and expansive. The TransMilenio Rapid Bus Transit System provides access to the majority of the popular areas in Bogota. You can even use it for any visits to popular nightlife and shopping hot spots.
  • Tourist areas: La Candelaria is the most popular tourist destination with its vast array of historical landmarks and wide range of accommodation options. La Zona Rosa is the entertainment and nightlife hub for most visitors to the city.
  • Historic culture: La Candeleria is also one of the most historic and culturally rich areas of the city, although the colonial architecture of Usiquen is equally impressive with a different backdrop to the busy central region
  • Quiet areas: Some parts of Chapinero can offer some respite from the chaos of the more densely populated, central spots, and Usiquen will offer a different vibe entirely to the more built-up regions of the city
  • Staying in Bogota on a budget: In addition to being the historical and cultural heart of the city, La Candeleria has the highest concentration of budget accommodation and is the first choice for many backpackers.


From a cultural perspective, there is plenty of variety among the 8 million-strong population of Bogota. The Colombian people are largely considered to be friendly and accommodating and as with any holiday destination, the closer you get to the local culture, the more you can experience the more authentic hangouts.

The capital of Colombia is an impressive city by anyone’s standards and comprises a fair share of landmarks, culture, history, museums, cathedrals and churches, and more restaurants and bars than you can shake a stick at.

Whether you lean towards five-star fine dining, or street food at a bustling local market, you won’t be disappointed. Bogota definitely one of those places where the curious won’t run out of things to do.

If you’re considering a trip to Colombia, in this post we have narrowed your possible options down to 4 neighborhoods where you can stay without issue in Bogota.

Bogota Neighborhood Guide

1. La Candelaria


La Candelaria is one of the most prominent regions of Bogota. It is rich in historic culture and comprises narrow and winding cobblestone streets. Along with the buildings that date back hundreds of years, making your way through the streets of La Candelaria gives a distinct whiff of times gone by.

This is the part of the city that also contains the most prominent government buildings of Bogota along with the highest proportion of culturally and historically important museums and art galleries. Here you can learn about everything from Colombian religious art to the country’s history steeped in revolution.

It is largely the density of historical landmarks that makes La Candelaria the most popular tourist destination in the city. So if you’re geared towards sightseeing, and maybe looking to meet other travelers, then you’ll find this an ideal spot.

There are plenty of opportunities to explore the district, including both walking and bike tours. And of course, the bus lines from La Candelaria are highly organized, and make it possible to get to most of the other main areas of interest in Bogota.

In terms of accommodation, you’ll find the broadest range of lodgings available in this district of the city. It is the main hot spot for hostels, which means you’ll find anything from affordable little family-owned outfits to the new breed of boutique and state-of-the-art hostels that have appeared in recent years. The hotels are somewhere between the reasonably inexpensive to mid-priced ranges.

Hotels in La Candelaria

Hostels in La Candelaria

AirBnB in La Candelaria

2. Chapinero


Chapinero is actually a term that refers to a large expanse in the Northeast of the city comprising trendy neighborhoods like La Zona Rosa and Chicó y el Parque 93. But mostly it is regarded as a separate area by locals. A somewhat affluent residential area of Bogota that includes most of the city’s university activity, Chapinero is also a good spot from which to reach the other neighborhoods.

There’s a definite bohemian vibe to this region of the city, and as this area of Chapinero is a reasonably compact neighborhood, you can get around on foot pretty much anywhere. There is no shortage of high-end dining experiences in this corner of the city, as well as coffee shops and trendy little boutiques.

You won’t find too much in the way of historical landmarks, which is one of the reasons why many visitors find Chapinero ideal. If you are looking to get a bit further out from the more chaotic vibe of the city, you won’t find too much along the lines of budget accommodation around here, but there are plenty of mid-to-high range hotels if you are OK with the extra cost.

Hotels in Chapinero

Hostels in Chapinero

AirBnB in Chapinero

3. La Zona Rosa


You’ll likely find a ‘Zona Rosa’ in most Latin American central nightlife neighborhoods, and it’s no different in Bogota. So if you’re looking to center your stay close to the lively regions of the city that don’t do early nights, then La Zona Rosa is for you. This is also where the locals go to party, but many like-minded visitors from far and wide will also be found hanging out in the locality.

You’ll find plenty of shops, restaurants, and discos in this zone, along with a fairly diverse choice of eateries. Many people agree that this is the area of Bogota where the cultural diversity is most apparent.  Not only is this apparent in the cuisine of the area, but also in the bars and clubs, which are more cosmopolitan than in the other neighborhoods.

Budget travellers will be happy to find that some of the best hostels in Bogota are located in La Zona Rosa (although not as extensively as in La Candelaria), as well as some impressive mid to high-range hotels, especially in the region of Pink Zone.

Hotels in La Zona Rosa

  • ($$$) NH Bogota Boheme Royal • 16 km from El Dorado International Airport, 900 m from Transmilenio Bus station
  • ($$) Hotel Retiro 84 • 5-minute walk from T Zone, 20 minutes from Parque 93
  • ($$) Mercure Bogota • 300 m from Retiro and Andino shopping centres, 30 km from airport

Hostels in La Zona Rosa

  • ($$$) Selina Chapinero • Yoga, museum and mountain trips offered
  • ($$)  82 Hostel • Close to restaurants, bars, clubs, and shopping
  • ($) Republica Hostel • 5 minutes from both Zona Rosa and Zone G

AirBnB in La Zona Rosa

4. Usaquen


Usaquen is in the North of Bogota, and thus offers something of a different perspective to the built-up central regions of the city. If you’re interested in the idea of scenic, local villages surrounded by a little more natural beauty than you are likely to find in the denser area, then Usaquen could well be the place for you.

You won’t find so much along the lines of luxury hotels in this region, and the hostels are probably a little thinner on the ground, but there is plenty of mid-range accommodation around.

Even though this region of Bogota is a lot more open than La Candelaria, it is home to some equally impressive architecture. The colonial quarter in particular can give you the feeling of being transported back in time once you begin to wander among its impressive, Spanish colonial style-buildings.

But aside from the historic aspect, Usaquen is still pretty quaint and trendy. Around the winding, cobbled streets of the colonial district, you’ll find plenty of impressive restaurants and coffee bars, as well as the weekly market, the Mercado de Las Pulgas. This is where you’ll find hand-crafted, locally-made mementos and such like.

It is a lively environment surrounded by different types of street performers, and a lot of people come to the market for the social aspect. There is also a decent shopping mall called Hacienda Santa Barbara not too far from the market.

Hotels in Usaquen

  • ($$) Sonesta Hotel • direct access to the 127 Metro Shopping and entertainment arcade
  • ($$) NH Collection • near the Teleport Business Center and is a 10-minute drive from Bogota’s main financial and entertainment district
  • ($) Hotel City Bog  • 10-minute drive from the popular Santa Barbara shopping mall

Hostels in Usaquen

  • ($$) Usaquen Station Hotel • 5 km from T Zone, 10 km from El Campin Stadium, and 13 km from Corferias International Exhibition Center
  • ($) Aloha Hostel  • 7 km from T Zone, 13 km from El Campin Stadium, and 17 km from Corferias International Exhibition Center.
  • ($) La Parada Del Tren • T Zone is 3 km from La Parada del Tren hostel, while El Campin Stadium is 7 km

AirBnB in Usaquen

  • ($$$) 5-Star Unicentre • Next to the mall, half a block from country Club
  • ($$$) Deluxe Suite • Access to a wide variety of restaurants, supermarkets, and a nice park in front
  • ($$) Modern Loft • Lower side of Usaquen, close to all local amenities and 10 minutes from Parque 93 and Financial District

Final Thoughts

Whether or not you are a first-timer in Columbian climes, you’ll be impressed with the charm and diversity of Bogota. It offers something just a little unique to other regions of the country, and can easily accommodate a wide range of preferences.

It’s always worthwhile getting the low-down on the different regions of a city before visiting. Solo backpackers and families alike are sure to find a great area to stay once they are aware of the contrasts between the different neighborhoods.

With its wide range of flavors, scenery, and accommodation options, it’s easy to find something to suit your idea of a perfect vacation in this region of Columbia. Once you’ve experienced Bogota – after a little prior planning – you will very likely head back in the future.

Best Hotels In Bogota By Type

  • The GH Hotel Bioxury is one of the best luxury hotels in Bogota for its location Chapinero, modern rooms, 24-hour facilities, proximity to local highlights, and its relative price and quality
  • Hotel Retiro 84 is a pretty good bet in terms of value for money when considering its location and quality
  • The Hotel City Bog Usaquen is great in terms of cheap hotels with real quality, in an ideal location if you are looking for something more picturesque and away from the lively spots of Bogota
  • The NH Bogota Boheme Royal is a contender for one of the best family hotels with its modern, sound-proofed rooms and proximity to a broad range of amenities including transportation
  • When it comes to the best romantic hotel in Bogota, the NH Collection Royal Hacienda is up there with the best of them with its quiet, scenic location along with Spa, Sauna and  Turkish Bath facilities – yet not too far away from an entertainment area