4 Super Simple Tips For Finding Cheaper Airfares

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Nothing makes my heart beat faster than an airline seat sale, unfortunately, I’ve found promo seats to be very restrictive, as if you don’t have a choice of when to fly!

Airline companies always limit the actual discounted seats to a very small number and the travel period is usually in the next 10,000 years, oh and you only have until midnight to seal the deal! In my early days of wanderlust, I have lost many non-refundable promo tickets out of sheer spontaneity.

I’m no hacker, but here’s how you can get cheaper airfares all year round:

1. Use The Incognito Window


Chances are, you’re checking the prices a couple of times before finally deciding to buy it. Most booking websites like Kayak keep track of your IP address every time you visit.

The more you visit, the higher the prices are every time you come back. How do you prevent this?

So easy! On Google Chrome, click on File then New Incognito Window. This way, the booking website will give you rack bottom prices.

Compare the prices between the normal window and incognito window. Let’s say we want to fly on the 24th of April. The normal one shows $457 and the incognito shows $155. That’s almost 70% off the regular rate.

I’m pretty sure your Internet Explorer or Safari will have a setting for private browsing too. I’m not judging!

2. Try Google Flights


Whenever I am going through a “What country should I go to next?” moment, I would turn on my laptop, open a few tabs: Google Maps, Skyscanner and the official website of a relevant airline company as well.

I would also keep a separate tab so I can search for “closest airport to….” and type in whatever destination I had in mind. Four tabs open for booking flights.

I don’t know when Google Flights actually debuted, but I just recently found out about it and it has changed my life! Now I only need one website to plan my existence.

3. Use the Explore Destinations Feature on Google Flights


I swear I’m not getting paid for this (I wish I was) but Google Flights will tell you the lowest prices for every airport you can fly into at a single glance as shown below.

It will also give you the different rates per day once you choose your destination as shown in #1. Better use a desktop computer for this to get a clearer perspective on the price comparison.

4. Fly on Tuesdays and Thursdays & Book During Office Hours


There’s a higher probability that ticket prices are lower on Tuesdays and Thursdays, just because they are odd days for most people to travel. Prices also surge after office hours around 7:00 pm.

Do you have your own tips on how to book cheaper airline tickets? Let me know in the comments below!