Hot Spring & Nature Reserve – Poring, Malaysia

Whether you’ve just climbed a mountain or you’re simply tired from too much time on a bus, the opportunity to unwind should not be missed. Taking a light stroll or soaking in a tub can relieve both physical and mental strains.

To slow down your travels and admire your surroundings, take a trip towards the Poring Hot Springs Nature Reserve.


As a small town on the northern end of Borneo, Poring is built to serve. Located around 25 miles (40km) east of Kota Kinabalu, the Malaysian settlement draws in visitors hoping to witness some wildlife and swim in some steaming waters. And as chance would have it, all of this can be done within a short distance.

Poring Hot Springs & Nature Reserve

Dealing in both attractions and accommodations, the Poring Hot Springs and Nature Reserve will serve as a base for your trip into Poring. With rooms averaging a little over $200 per night, plan on staying a couple of days to fully enjoy everything that the area has to offer.

Hot Springs

As the most obvious attraction at the site, the naturally heated waters can serve as a relaxing pit stop after a trip to Mount Kinabalu. The facility’s baths are located outdoors, subjecting guests to whatever elements may be present. However, should you be keen on privacy, consider renting a personal bath for around $6 per hour.

Canopy Walkway

After tending to those achy muscles, consider exploring the forest from above. Standing at a height of around 135 feet (41m) and running for a distance of nearly 500 feet (150m), the Canopy Walkway runs through the dense foliage of Menggaris trees. With high handrails on either side of the walkway, visitors are able to proceed without the necessity of harnesses.

Visitors should look to pay a mere $1.50 for the experience.

Butterfly Farm

Once you’ve soared and soaked, keep your mellow adventure going with a trip to the Poring Butterfly Farm. Claiming to be the first facility of its kind in Borneo, the farm is immediately adjacent to the hot springs. After paying your $1.50 entry fee, you’re free to explore the modestly sized enclosure.

In addition to your butterfly observation, consider checking out the research currently being conducted on the farm.


If you’ve still got time and energy, keep your day going with a trip to a pair of waterfalls. Starting from the Canopy Walk’s ticket booth, you can make the 20-minute venture towards the Kipungit Waterfall or up the ante with an hour-long hike to the Langanan Waterfall.

While Kipungit is a pretty sight, its features are less than magnificent. Those willing to put in the extra time will be rewarded by a stellar perspective of the nearly 500 foot (150m) high Langanan.

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