Where To Eat in Ibiza, Spain

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Ibiza, Spain is a beautiful Balearic Island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s an incredibly popular tourist location, raking in more than 3 million visitors on a yearly basis.

Though it is best known for its nightlife, Ibiza has much to offer: gorgeous white sand beaches, rural countryside and villages, and the rare historical site. On top of that, there’s also plenty of food and cocktails to enjoy!

There are many options for dining establishments in Ibiza, ranging from the simple to the fancy, from all different sorts of cuisines. While you’re visiting, where should you go?

Recommended Food & Drink Tours in Ibiza

Ibiza is, unfortunately, not very well-known for its food or drink tours. It is primarily an island focused on partying and beaches, after all. All actual, traditional food tours are conducted by one specific company, who we have also recommended below.

Luckily, there are a good number of parties and cruises that offer free drinks and even certain food samplers, and those are what we’re recommending here!

Travel Tips for Eating in Ibiza

While you’re in Ibiza, you will do well to remember certain tips to enhance your overall food and drink experience on this popular vacation island:

  • Know Eating Times: You want to go to restaurants when the kitchens are open, after all. From 1 pm to 4 pm, more Ibizan restaurants are open for lunch, but most locals don’t eat till 2 at least, leading to a peek lunch crowd from 3 to 4. For dinner, most restaurants have their kitchens open from 8 pm onwards, and if you go at that time, you’ll nab good tables, as locals don’t typically have dinner till 10.
  • Go For Daily Menus: During the low tourism seasons, Ibiza’s restaurants often offer menu del dia, which are basically menus with fixed prices. They consist of three-course meals, often accompanied by a glass of some drink, which can be soda, beer, or even sangria!
  • Go Where The Locals Go: Tourist-centric eateries often charge higher prices and offer less authentic cuisine. If you really want to eat like a local, then go where they do. Follow the crowd to find good meal spots that aren’t covered in tourism pamphlets!
  • Reserve If You Have To: Fine dining restaurants in Ibiza will usually require bookings or reservations. Do so well in advance to avoid complications later on. During high seasons, expect to have to book very early just to get a seat at a popular restaurant!
  • Know How To Tip: Unlike many other spots in Spain, tipping is expected in Ibiza. Restaurants already include service charges on their receipts, and this is required by law. You won’t be taken aback by them, as the fees will be shown on the menu. However, it is appreciated and expected to leave behind a small tip. Do note that aside from hotel staff and taxi drivers, virtually no one else working in Ibiza will expect a tip.

The 15 Best Restaurants in Ibiza

There is no shortage of fine eateries in Ibiza, no matter your craving or budget. Whether you seek authentic Spanish cuisine, international cuisine, or a mix of both, there’s something to satisfy your palate – and your wallet, as you choose between street food, fine dining, and everything in between.

1. El Chiringuito • Playa Es Cavallet • Highly priced


El Chiringuito is one of the most exemplary examples of authentic fine dining in Ibiza. Located in the relaxing and delightful environment of Playa Es Cavallet, El Chiringuito has been one of Ibiza’s most popular restaurants for nearly ten years. It’s a great place to go if you’re seeking a relaxing and homey environment, or for a romantic meal.

When you enter the restaurant, you’ll be greeted by a soft atmosphere that feels almost loving while maintaining a stylish and sophisticated air. A wooden terrace, complete with chic white daybeds, is also on the property, where it points out to the sea for some great views. Up until very recently, El Chiringuito was most popular during the day, but the recent launch of El Chiringuito by night provides classy, sophisticated dinner meals beneath the beautiful Ibiza sky.

The menu provides cuisine that is primarily French-focused, though there are Moroccan twists for an exciting treat for the palate. Most of the menu relates to seafood, which is fitting for its location. No matter what time you go, the cocktails and very generous portions make for a good experience. Children aren’t left out, either, as they can order from the kid’s menu!

Tel: +34 971 395 355 • View on map

2. La Paloma • Sant Joan de Labritja • Moderately priced

La Paloma is a charming, family-run café that’s well-loved as a spot for breakfast, coffee, and bakery goods ranging from croissants to buns and from loaves of bread to sweet desserts. The establishment first opened in 2004 and, though it isn’t far from a number of clubs, it is a completely different world, with a relaxing and comfy atmosphere.

It’s not just breakfast you can enjoy here, though. A lunchtime menu offers sandwiches and salads at a good price, and you can eat out in the beautiful garden where children love to play. The cuisine is mostly Mediterranean, with a mix of local and international delights. At night, drop by that garden again and you’ll find that it’s been transformed into an outdoor stage showcases a wide range of musical talents.

La Paloma clearly caters to families and is child-friendly. It is housed on a historical Finca, which is part of its novelty. All its food is healthy and well-made, and its reputation has glowed and gleamed for the past 15 years. It’s primarily popular with locals, but tourists who are in the know will head right in, too!

Tel: +34 971 30 03 01 • View on map

3. Es Boldado • Sant Josep de Sa Talaia • Moderately priced


In Playa Cala d’Hort, Es Boldado is located in what many consider one of the most beautiful specific locations in Ibiza. The restaurant sits atop a cliff, looking over the magnificent and imposing rock of Es Vedrà. It’s a very isolated location, which adds to the enigmatic nature of the rather mystical setting. There’s also no phone signal at all here, which is a gimmick that makes this long-running restaurant even more popular.

For the most part, the restaurant serves fresh seafood, including traditional offerings such as bullit de peix or  guisado de pescado, which is a kind of fish stew native to Ibiza. There is also arroz a banda, which tourists would be forgiven for mistaking for paella; it is rice cooked to perfection in a stock packed with flavor and strong spices.

If you haven’t heard of Es Vedrà, you won’t regret having a meal here with a table by the window to watch the sun sink down on the horizon over the boulder.

Tel: +626 49 45 37 • View on map

4. Street Ibiza • Sant Antoni de Portmany • Inexpensive

For a delightful and low-priced street food experience, Street Ibiza is the place to be. It primarily serves Italian-style street food, with fast food meals and great cheap drinks, too. The establishment creates unique mixes of food that infuse all sorts of dishes with an Italian touch. Though it isn’t exactly an authentic Ibizan experience, it’s an immensely popular location that many locals love!

Street appetizers, special burgers, and more are served both in the normal and take away menus. It’s not the sort of restaurant you sit down and relax at – in fact, there are rarely any chairs at all! You can stand and eat from one of the table-shelves on the wall or round barrels littered across the area, but mostly, this is the kind of food you buy and walk out into the street eating.

Expect a simple, no-frills establishment with creative food creations. Burgers with Nutella, fries, or even mashed potatoes inside are all loved offerings. There are also burgers with spaghetti buns, pizza frittatas, and more traditional Italian dishes.

Tel: +34 655 66 57 48 • View on map

5. Restaurante Sa Finca • Santa Eulalia del Rio • Moderately Priced


Restaurante Sa Finca is a beautiful eatery located on a finca dating back 400 years. It offers a view of the Santa Eulalia bay, and many love the establishment for the sunset views. The restaurant is located in Siesta, which is a charming area of residence on top of a hill, and the quaint village, while simple, is beautiful when viewed from the restaurant. It’s a quintessential slice of the Ibizan countryside.

But Sa Finca doesn’t just offer nice views. It is also the only dining establishment in Ibiza that serves exotic and uncommon meats. No, we don’t just mean rare cuts of beef! Kangaroo, crocodile, and buffalo meat are all served at Restaurante Sa Finca, providing you with new and exciting taste profiles to try out and enjoy at their gastronomic best.

Restaurante Sa Finca also offers bookings for events, so if you happen to want to celebrate a birthday or throw a party for family or friends, it is available to book. The restaurant also caters, so their food can be supplied to outside events, too.

Tel: +34 971 330 638 • View on map

6. Donde Marian y Miguel • Santa Eulària des Riu • Moderately priced

Donde Marian y Miguel is a haven for meat-lovers. Chefs at the establishment provide unique and delicious gastronomic delights through Mediterranean cuisine, curated to an exact science and full of scrumptious meats.

Guests can sample beef and pork brought directly from Iberia, among other great offerings. All meat is prepared on a charcoal grill, and even those who aren’t the biggest fans of meat can find good food here in the forms of fresh squid and clams, grilled to perfection. All food, including condiments and bread, are made in the restaurant itself.

There are three locations within Donde Marian y Miguel to choose from in terms of dining spots. There is a porch in the front that shows you the grill and offers spaciousness and relaxation. There is an interior lounge, fitted with a lovely and warm fireplace. And, finally, there is an outdoor garden terrace for a romantic or serene dining experience. You also shouldn’t miss the Chill-Out portion of the restaurant, which serves cocktails all night long.

Tel: +34 971 33 92 71 • View on map

7. The Boat House • Sant Vicent de sa Cala • Moderately priced

The Boat House is a lovely little location that is open for lunch every day. It has a very relaxed and calm atmosphere and whimsical little details, such as an aquarium floor that you can really feel tranquility through.

Staff are known for being knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating, and there’s a beautiful view from the restaurant that many enjoy. It looks out over the beach, and outdoor tables are available with umbrellas for a meal by the panorama. The rustic vibe is exemplified by wooden furnishings, rattan lamps, and warmly lit areas.

Many different meals are available here, from the much-loved Spanish tapas to chicken curry and from desserts to hamburgers. Alcoholic beverages are available as well, in the form of Sangria, beer, and wine, but non-alcoholic options like cortado and juice are also served. Kids can order off the children’s menu, too.

There are multiple seating options available. Normal tables are abundant, of course, but so are sofas for lounging and hammocks. The wide-reaching menu means you can go back multiple times and order something different each time, whether you’re craving Spanish, Arabic, or Mediterranean cuisine.

Tel: +34 971 324 245  • View on map

8. Bambuddha • Santa Eulalia del Rio • Highly Priced

Bambuddha is an incredibly unique restaurant that is rather difficult to explain. Located past a dirt-track road, it is imposing yet relaxing, with a leafy cover overhead that appears magical and forest-like.

A mix of boutique, temple, restaurant, and, on occasion, adult store, the aesthetic of Bambuddha is one that you won’t find anywhere else. Visitors can choose to eat in the normal dining area, which is covered in bamboo, or at a table for two beneath the night sky for some romance, or even in a private function area which offers a veranda just for you.

Bambuddha is made up of wooden huts, decorated with thick leaves, majestic Buddha statues, and sturdy bamboo shoots. It’s an interesting open-plan environment that feels both serene and packed with mischief at the same time. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Bali; it doesn’t feel much like Ibiza at all!

This dining establishment serves a unique mix of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. There is yellow sea bass curry, sushi, and tandoori octopus, all available to try. Cocktails are also curated carefully here.

The restaurant has been open for 15 years and continues to grow and undergo changes regularly. It is currently closed until April 2020, but since bookings are needed to get a table anyway, it’s better to plan early anyway!

Tel: +34 971 19 75 10 • View on map

9. Restaurante Sa Soca • Sant Josep de Sa Talaia • Moderately priced


Restaurante Sa Soca is a family-run establishment with a very welcoming atmosphere. It’s a restaurant where everything tastes truly home-cooked, as though it is something your own parents or grandparents would cook for dinner! Service matches that level of comfort, too; it’s very personal, as though you’re being welcomed into a home.

The menu at Restaurant Sa Soca is quite varied, with a range of options that go from paella to rabbit stew and from fried squid to lamb shoulder. There are a few places to eat within; a log fire burns in winter and the dining terrace, with alfresco style, is available in the summer, decorated with grapevines and flowers.

The interior of the restaurant is very simple, with a warmth and loving comfort that shines through. Tables are laid over with a pretty cloth and wooden chairs are sturdy and rustic. Paintings on the wall serve as a  method of further brightening the already happy location.

Tel: +34 971 34 16 20 • View on map

10. Passion • Multiple Locations • Moderately priced

Passion isn’t just one specific store in Ibiza. It has multiple locations throughout the island, in Santa Eulalia, San Antonio, San Jose, Playa d’en Bossa, and Marina. While not the most popular among tourists, Passion is a go-to for many locals seeking healthy food. The menu at Passion is probably the most wholesome you’ll find on the whole island.

Passion first opened its doors in 2002 and aims to use only locally grown produce, high-quality ingredients, and as many organic products as they can. A wide range of meals is available, ranging from raw foods to vegetarian and vegan options all throughout the day. There are chicken and fish dishes, too, for those who can’t quite give up their carnivorous side! Drinks come in the form of smoothies and superfood elixirs of all sorts, and they also have good coffee that local artisans love.

Though they’re all good, each location offers something different. San Jose’s Passion is the most built-up and rather posh in design. Passion Marina is extremely popular as a hangout among locals. The Passion in Santa Eulalia offers stunning beach views with an outdoor terrace. Playa d’en Bossa’s branch is the first one ever opened, and quite a busy spot.

11. Can Domingo Ristorante Italiano • Sant Josep de Sa Talaia • Highly priced

Can Domingo Ristorante Italiano isn’t in the busier part of San Jose but in a quieter corner. You’d be hard-pressed to find better Italian cuisine on the island, though it is slightly fusion-styled, mixed with Calabrian influence and regional twists. Still, its ingredients are largely sourced either directly from Italy or are simply grown by the restaurant’s garden.

The restaurant first opened in 2012, conceived by a trio of friends who love wine and food just as much as the rest of us! Since then, they’ve widened their scope, and they even organize and host events from time to time.

Located in a rural area, the environment at Can Domingo Ristorante Italiano is cozy thanks to its setting: a period farmhouse renovated into this idyllic eatery. There are seats inside and out in the garden, the latter of which provides a dreamy air with carob trees dating back decades gently draping overhead.

Make no mistake: Can Domingo Ristorante Italiano is a fine dining restaurant and is thus prived. Its menu features house-made pasta dishes that rotate in availability, and there’s something for everyone thanks to the vegetarian and vegan options! A good selection of wines is also offered here.

Tel: +34 971 800 184 • View on map

12. Ohana Ibiza • Playa d’en Bossa • Moderately priced

Ohana Ibiza sits on the white sand of Playa d’en Bossa, looking out over the brilliant sea. Simple but comfortable wooden furnishings rest underneath a large cloth roof, providing true by-the-sea dining.

The establishment serves fresh seafood in authentic poke bowls. Mediterranean cuisine is carefully designed with genuine Hawaiian twists. Their focus is on providing real Hawaiian touches to their fusion meals, and that has earned the restaurant a good number of fans. There is also a bar in Ohana Ibiza that serves lovingly curated cocktails in all sorts of exotic flavor combinations.

It may not be a very low priced location, but much of Ohana Ibiza’s food actually resembles fine dining in many ways. With appetizer options like creamy gazpacho with fresh burrata and cucumber sticks, salads, hamburgers, rice, main courses, and desserts like mojito sorbet with cava, there’s a lot of good food to be had here.

Tel: +34 971 15 88 01 • View on map

13. Wild Beets • Santa Gertrudis • Moderately priced

Wild Beets is a healthy restaurant that is primarily plant-based, though a good number of meat-lovers may still enjoy its raw and cooked healthy meals. It sits in Santa Gertrudis, a delightful little Ibizan village. It was opened by Cliff Grubin, who previously owned a juice bar in Benirras Beach and wanted to expand on his healthy consumable offerings.

Dishes at Wild Beets are nothing short of guilt-free, allowing you to feel happier about ordering some organic wine to go along with your meal. If alcohol’s not your thing, fresh juices brimming with vitamins are also served here. Dishes are creative and nutritionally conscious, with new and interesting flavors that reimagine what “healthy” can taste like.

Wild Beets’ goal is to encourage others to be aware of what they eat while presenting food that is friendly to those who eat all kinds of diets. The contemporary meals are far from fad diet dishes and are, instead, quite timeless. The cozy atmosphere of the relatively small establishment adds to its welcoming feel.

Tel: +34 971 19 78 70 • View on map

14. Nagai Restaurant Ibiza • Ibiza Town • Moderately priced


Craving sushi while you’re on your Ibiza vacation? Look no further than Nagai Restaurant Ibiza, which calls an unlikely place its home: a traditional Finca, dating back centuries. A blending of cultures can be seen in the Japanese murals that coat the walls, transforming what was once a quintessential Spanish building to one that showcases the beauty of the east. Situated on San Juan road – known, often, as “restaurant road” –  it is picturesque, tranquil and loved among locals.

The kitchen at Nagai Restaurant Ibiza is run by a chef who learned from her father, also a chef, as a child before going on to train with some of the world’s best sushi masters. Her kitchen uses only the freshest, highest quality ingredients, some of which are sourced directly from Japan, providing impeccable, authentic flavor.

Nagai is a fusion restaurant primarily, with original Japanese and international dishes creatively curated to suit a variety of tastes. Sushi and cocktails are also available in a wide assortment, and all meals and drinks are at least relatively healthy. The family atmosphere also means it’s a good place to take kids. Don’t forget to check out the Japanese gardens while you’re here.

Tel: +34 971 80 73 08  • View on map

15. Sa Capella • San Antonio • Highly priced

Sa Capella is housed in a building that was once a church. Though renovations have modernized it, much of its home remains steeped in historical value, which lends itself to a relaxing dining experience. Some chandeliers with gothic influences remain, and your meal will likely be held by candlelight, making it a romantic getaway for all.

Sa Capella serves a great assortment of dishes. Some of them are classics and old favorites that have been on the menu since the dining establishment first opened 15 years ago. Some have a twist to them that makes them interesting and fresh. Seasonal changes are made throughout the menu, too, so you’ll get to try different food depending on when you go.

Meals are exuberant and have a rich and grandiose taste to match the restaurant’s aesthetic. They also make homemade hierbas here. If you’d like a recommendation, try the suckling pig. For something more unusual, the ox served on a salt bed, is also interesting and well-reviewed.

Tel: +34 971 34 00 57 • View on map