Folding Vs Rolling Clothes for Packing: Which is Better?

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When it comes to packing, there are two extremes: rollers and folders. Folders are of the view it is natural to fold clothes, just as we do it in our closets.

Rollers would hear none of that. When packing for a trip, they say, rolling is the real deal.

If you are familiar with this debate, you will realize that it hinges around two things that are perhaps of the greatest concern to many travelers.

Packing space and wrinkle-free clothes. The packing style that maximizes on space and reduces wrinkles is vouched for as the best.

So which is the best packing method, folding or rolling? Well, let us first have a look at each of the methods, citing its advantages and disadvantages. That should lead us to a rational conclusion.

Folding Clothes For Packing

Proponents of folding say folded clothes look better and neat. And a neat fold is easy to make. Also, it is easier to find the specific cloth you need.

It is as easy as going through the pile and pulling out the cloth you need, and you don’t have to disrupt the arrangement of other clothes in the process.

Apart from using up much space, its critics say it results in more wrinkles. When the bag is closed on a high stack of folded clothes, it squeezes the clothes resulting in more wrinkles.

Proponents say otherwise. The secret is in distributing the clothes well in the bag so that they are not stacked high up.

Rolling Clothes For Packing

If there is one big thing rolling accomplishes is saving space. When you roll clothes, you can take in more and remain with some space to add a pair of sandals or shoes.

In addition, its proponents are of the view rolled clothes look neat and better organized. And this organization helps you quickly find the cloth you need from the rolls.

Another thing rollers boast of is wrinkle free clothes. When clothes are rolled edges are not formed thus does not cause the fabric to wrinkle or crease.

Apart from that, rolling is easier to do than folding, so it is faster. Hence for a roller packing is a whole lot of fun.

Folding vs. rolling.

This our verdict. Save for space, which there is no debate rolling maximizes space more than folding, all other advantages overlap. Proponents on either side will claim fewer wrinkles, simplicity and ease, organization and general appeal to the eye.

Our conclusion is that no method is superior to the other if space is not an issue. Therefore, you are at liberty to go with the method that works for you. And more important one that accentuates your style and preference.

As you select a suitable method, you may want to consider the fabric of the cloth and the type of bag. For a backpack, rolling is the way to go. For a suitcase, either can work.

It’s advisable to fold light fabrics like silk. Heavy fabrics like wool can go either way.

And who said it should be a matter of either or. You could combine both methods in one packing.

Fold the bulky clothing like sweaters and jeans placing it at the bottom of the bag. Then roll the small and light clothes and place them on the top.