4 of The Best Places to Visit in September

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Everything is quiet in this month. Kids are back to school, the seriousness of work is hard to beat, but the skies are still blue.

Take time for a vacation in this period where hotels are not crowded, flights are cheap, and of course, the water is warmer at the end of summer.

If you are up for a safari, Africa has the finest offers, for you that love culture islands Italy is the place to be. And if you love splurging on shopping, a new season opens up doors to discounts for the months ahead.

It’s the best time to gear up with New York’s new autumn styles.

Here are 4 places to make September your new favorite vacation month.

1. Beijing, Canada

Best Places To Visit In September Beijing China

Cool autumn categories September. While other seasons bring highly contrasting weather like sandstorms in spring, freezing winters and scorching summer, September picks interest as a holiday destination because of the favorable weather.

The Great Wall of China

The historic capital is home to the world’s longest man-made monument. In a blend of old and new, the Great wall makes for an excellent attraction to hikers.

Sections of the Great Wall are still well preserved at Jiankou, Huanghuacheng, Badaling, Jinshanling, Gubeikou, and many other sections. With the ideals shoes, you can make the best out of a hike up the wall.

The Forbidden City

The mysterious face of China unveils in The Forbidden City. It is another worldly intrigue with the largest ever made palaces. At the heart of this city is a story of 500 years imperial rule of two great dynasties.

Temple of Heaven

Lined with 600-year old cypress trees, this temple serves as a great symbol of Nature’s forces. It acted as a royal altar for Qing and Ming emperors for performing sacrifices.

Here you get in touch with real kung fu and taiji as you’ll encounter locals busy perfecting the art.

2. New York, USA

Best Places To Visit In September New York City

The best fall celebrations happen in New York. As crowds leave the beaches, it’s time to be in sync with the cultural events packing in the month.

Whether you like tuning in with the orange colors of fall or dressing up for fashion week, there’s just something for everyone in this great city.

New York Festivals

From the NYC film festival, the NYC fashion week, West Indian Day Carnival to the NYC Ballet, life is vibrant so plan your trip for the most enjoyable time of your life.

New York has a reputation for non-stop music, high fashion and celebrity life, see if you can keep up.

The Empire State Building & the Statue of Liberty

Empire State Building is the most famous office in the world, so you must stop here. At least to feed your eyes if not to celebrate art deco design.

France’s gift to the US stands tall at 300ft; the statue of liberty is a true symbol that is only accessible by commercial ferries.

3. San Diego, California

Best Places To Visit In September San Diego

Balboa Park

Culture, art, and nature have an even playing ground in Balboa Park. Start at the San Diego Zoo where it’s not so crowded so children can take in full animal interactions.

You can’t get enough of fifteen museums which boast a dedication to the art of people and humanity preservations.

The serene environment is peaceful with lush landscapes and blooming flowers. What’s more art galleries and performing art venues are in abundance

San Diego’s Jewel, the La Jolla Coast

La Jolla remains a top pick for the world’s best beach destinations. Surrounded by the sea on three sides, La Jolla is replete of luxurious hotels, upscale boutiques and a stream of outdoor activities.

Sea activities thrive best in La Jolla. Talk of surfing, scuba diving, swimming and fishing in kayaks, the shores here are your friend during this month.

4. Okanagan Valley, Canada

Spectacular water and outdoor activities are what you experience in Okanagan. It is a mix of lakes, mountains, rainforests, and islands. It has the best golf courses and sightseeing attractions.

It has fantastic sand beaches to enjoy water sports to the fullest. Not to mention Okanagan valleys offers the best ski resorts.

Floating on the Okanagan River Channel

Come float for free at this man-made river. It’s just over four miles starting at Royal RV Park to Skaha Lake. Here, children can enjoy swimming with fish as the adults relax for some reflection.

Other remarkable places to visit in Canada include the Haida Gwaii mystical islands, Vancouver, the world’s only coastal temperate Bear Rainforest and the Whistlers all year resort for skiing and skateboarding.

Don’t let September roll by, go on and explore these beautiful travel destinations.

We believe you’ll have a blast as you delve in immense beauty, exploring fascinating history as it blends with modern times.