4 of The Best Places to Travel in December

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The spirit of Christmas hovers in December. New Year fireworks also call for attention from every corner of the world. For some of us, there’s no way to escape snowfalls, family get-togethers, and office parties.

But this is no time to be all gloomy in the cold; you can brush off the freezing weather at the best Christmas markets in Prague.

Better still, it’s a good time to escape to the warm tropics to enjoy their beaches which boast fantastic weather in this month.

The beginning of the month will get you better deals before it peaks with crowded beaches and long lines. Be sure to visit these adventurous destinations on earth.

1. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

best places to visit in December Rio De Janeriro

Rio bears the crown of the most visited city in December. The Copacabana and Ipanema gold and white sand beaches grace this destination.

It’s no wonder throngs of tourists want to have a feeling of the hot sand during Christmas.

You’ll have a ton of activities to do including taking a photo with Christ the Redeemer statue towering behind you. It’s an iconic seventh wonder of the modern world standing at 138ft tall.

Copacabana Beach

This beach flourishes with 4km long of white sands. It is stunning as a location for many celebrations including the Queen and king of the sea at the start of the month and Goddess of the sea at the end of the month.

It is replete with football matches, music, and scenic docks.

Sugarloaf Mountain

This incredible mountain acquires its name from its close resemblance to refined loaf sugar.

It is accessible by cable car where visitors can make their first stop at Urca Hill to enjoy Brazil’s cuisines at some exotic restaurants with a bar and theater at the flat summit.

You can then take another cable car to get to the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain.

2. Vienna, Austria


As the temperatures plummet in winter, Vienna streets are bustling with life. It’s all about the Christmas markets, ice skating, and taking some time for sightseeing.

Their stalls fill up with mulled wine, Christmas decorations, wooden carvings, ceramics, jewelry, roasted chestnuts, candles, and toys.

Ice Skating

Among the most remarkable things to do, ice skating tops the list for Vienna visitors. Between the Vienna InterContinental Hotel and Vienna Concert Hall is a skating rink in December.

It’s open from the Eve of Christmas all the way after New Year’s Day.

Christmas Concerts

As the city warms up for this great day, it’s time to be in the mood. Concerts are endless at Peterskirche, Malteserkirchie, St. Stephens Cathedral, and Minoritenkirche churches.

Here, the season’s events are celebrated in style. Do not also miss a day at the Opera and be sure to take along kids to the Nutcracker ballet.

3. Miami, Florida


You’ll want to be in Miami in this festive season. It experiences sunny beaches and warm weather, hence very ideal for family and friends to come together.

As the holidays take full swing, you’ll want to take on some of the greatest thrills at Santa’s Theme Park.

There are numerous places to be including Art Basel Miami Beach, Deering Estate, Pinecrest Gardens, and also celebrate New Year with fireworks at Fontainebleau.

Santa’s Enchanted Forest

Situated in South Florida, Santa’s theme park hosts Christmas karaoke, roller coasters, large carnivals, and has South Florida’s tallest Christmas tree.

Besides, it has numerous rides for kids, toddlers, teens, and adults. Children, games make for the most attractions with Balloon Dart, Speed Pitch, Basketball Free Throw, and Water Gun Races topping the list.

Expect adventure experiences like climbing walls, bungee jumping, Extreme Ejector Seat, and Mechanical Bull Rides for kids – click here to read about adventure trekking and hiking.

The streets soak with holiday music, giving you, even more of a reason to enjoy the dazzling lights, tasty food, and handcrafted Christmas displays.

4. Queenstown, New Zealand


It’s summer in December which means sunny days and cool evenings. Bring forth your adventurous spirit to this part of the world. It’s time to go for adrenaline-fueled activities at its numerous water sports.

This town fills with visitors looking to skydive, go for bungee jumping, or white water rafting.

Some of the places to visit for water sports are Landsborough and Milford where you can go kayaking, paddleboarding, and rafting.

You can also arrange for slow activities like mountain biking, hiking along Lake Wakatipu, or jet board riding. It also features some luxurious helicopter flights over Queenstown to Fiordland.

Wrapping it Up

The liveliest events and celebrations are in December. It’s a time to dive into the festivities as well as explore your adventurous side.

Whether you want to be with your family, go shopping, or spread Santa’s love, the above destinations give you a reason to take a holiday in December.