The Best Places to Visit in August

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August spells the height of the holiday season. Many families have to take advantage of this season to bond and have fun. The weather is still warm; the beaches are still thriving.

It begs the question; what kind of holiday are you looking to have?

We have lined up a handful of recommendations for the savvy traveler. You can be somewhere sharing the history and natural beauty of the Germans, be in sync with whales on Australia’s West Coast or spot wildlife in Africa’s plains.

There are stunning reasons to visit southern Europe as there is to relax on the Mediterranean coast.

1. Edinburgh, Scotland

best places travel in August Edinburgh

You must see Scotland this August. Say hi to lively cities, magnificent sceneries of the Scottish highlands and the classics of ruined castles.

Edinburg Castle

It dominates some of the famous tourist attractions today. It speaks of power, royalty and battles that shaped Scotland’s history. If you are intrigued by the yesteryears, you must explore 400 years of Edinburgh this August.


Ninety-Seven museums have a footing in Edinburg. It is more about the royal family, art, and architecture. The tours may take you through vast underground vaults, artist display at Edinburg’s Scottish National Gallery and have a taste of the history of the church at John Knox House Museum. There’s the Queen’s gallery also for art exhibitions.

Nature does not take a back seat. A tour through Edinburg’s New Town will take you through historical monuments and sights of the night-lit capital from beat paths.

2. South Africa

best places travel in August South Africa

South Africa sits at the top of daredevil exploits. If you are seeking an adrenaline rush, you must be at the top of the Table Mountain where sunrise comes to life in a whole new dimension.

Boulders Beach

White sands and warm waters give a home to 3000 African penguins. As whales and dolphins swim offshore, you’ll be glad to catch a glimpse of the action. Plus, kids enjoy watching birds up close. The species here flock in numbers to also enjoy this time of the year.

Cape Point Nature Reserve

Feel the cool breeze as you rise 87ft above sea level. This park carries what we call nature’s best flora and fauna. Over 250 bird species, baboons, and bucks grace this reserve. Alternatively, a journey to the end of the earth; Cape Agulhas must quench your desire for adventure.

3. Australia

best places travel in August Australia

August marks the beginning of spring on this part of the world. As such, the daily temperatures are higher than the past months; hence, even more, reason to be out and about.

New South Wales, Port Stephens

Skip the crowded beaches of Europe and have some exclusive time at one of the world’s natural harbors. From taking dolphin cruises, to sandboarding, and watching the vibrant marine life.

August marks the beginning of whale migration; you can’t miss an opportunity to watch these giants crave for better waters. The bottlenose dolphin has a home at Port Stephens too, and it so happens August is the best time to team up with these great mammals.

Fraser Island, Queensland

The world’s largest sand rainforest exists on Fraser Island.  The winds give way to thrilling swimming spots as sand dunes merge with the rainforest.

Your journey is replete of rainwater lakes including Lake Mackenzie and Lake Wabby. Camping sites are the in-thing on the 90km trek between Happy Valley and Dilli Village. Not to mention, rare wildlife species throng along the 75mile beach highway.

4. London, England


Summer events rock the streets of London in August. The festival of love makes a comeback this month. The Sunfall one-day festival also kicks off with a blast of dazzling lighting, music and eight after parties in one night.

Eastern Electrics see ten stages light up in sync to the delight of tourists and locals with a thirst for song and dance.

Brilliant days lay in August.  Treasure hunts, adventure, the party life, history, and nature thrive together as one in unity. Can you beat the rush? Be here and let’s make it happen!