The Best Places to Travel In July (For Weather, Events & Activities)

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Great weather July is what we like to call it. No matter what part of the world you are in, there’s a reason to go out and play.

If you take the time to plan vacations, you’ll want to get some insights on the places to visit during this beautiful time of the year.

Nature’s most spectacular events happen in July. The sun is out in most parts of the world, giving way to tropical sand beaches and melted ice to go skiing.

If you are a sun seeker, here are our best picks

1. Miami South Beach, Florida USA

Best Places To Travel In July Miami

If you crave walking on the soft white sand, Miami South Beach is the place to be this July. After all, the temperatures are warm and very welcoming.

As the city booms with life, there’s much to do admire about the history, culture, and architecture.

The food is from all walks of life where you get to have a taste of Cuban, Peruvian, Mediterranean, Haitian and of course American cuisine.

Miami is home to attractive sights and landmarks, museums, sailing and cruise tours, friendly people, easy means of transports and endless water sports.

Miami City Tour

You can spend up to five hours just immersing yourself in the great city’s architecture.

The eccentric neighborhoods include the Magic City, New World Center, Casa Casuarina or the Versace Building among other art deco buildings like the Vizcaya Museum and Manatees of Coral Gables.

Speed Boat Sight Seeing

Feed your eyes on the Miami coastline and catch a peek at the South Point Park, Fisher Island and even go all out to the open Atlantic Ocean waters.

2. Bali, Indonesia

Best Places To Travel In July Bali

Some of the most memorable moments are made in Bali’s unique setting. It’s where people fall in love, pray and eat as a family.

It has a fill of culture as well as spectacular beaches, waterfalls, natural springs, water parks, spas, and vibrant nightlife.

Majestic Temples

As an area close to nature, temples give a distinct setting to Bali. Located at Bukit Peninsula, there’s the Pura Luhul temple, also known as the Uluwatu.

Having stood the test of time, it sits on a rugged cliff, allowing visitors to enjoy the sunset plus a good view of the ocean. Other outstanding temples are the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan and the Purah Tana Lot.

Bali Beaches

Water sports come to life on Bali’s beaches. Kuta Beach in South Bali is the most popular spot for surfers. The currents are strong while the waves go high.

Local and international tourists enjoy the best nightlife with beach parties and the best hotels. Other popular beaches include the Nusa Dua, Balaghan, and Sanur.

3. Iceland, Northern Europe

Best Places To Travel In July Iceland

Say hi to Iceland in July. Summer is such a big thing in Iceland that they even celebrate the first day known as Sumardagurinn. The nights are warmer with the days longer than usual.

You must experience the midnight sun during this period, with a bucket list of fun things to do, start by checking out where two tectonic plates meet at the Pingvellir National Park.

It’s a time to swim in warm ocean waters, watch whales and puffins plus visit exotic islands with a history of sorcery and witchcraft.

The coast of Iceland affords scenes of distinctive nature like waterfalls, Geothermal exhibitions, and you can embark on a journey to the secret lagoon.


Due to many geographic anomalies like volcanic activities, it’s easier to spot geysers and underground springs. You can easily find a hot spring in Haukadalur and Strokkur.

Glacier Parks

The landscape here seems to be from another planet. In summer, the heat melts the snow, revealing the Highlands and Volcano Mountains. Explore these areas by hiking or sailing on the glacier lagoons.

4. Paris, France


It’s the epitome of idyllic happiness. Celebrate Bastille Day with the Parisians in July, experience the World’s 2000 Mile Cyclist Race Finale, and enjoy open-air cinemas popularly known as ‘cinema en plein air’ and brace yourself for a view of the Eiffel Tower.

5. Alaska


Sightseeing is the name of the game. Talk of bears and backpacks with winter food, watch the impact of a tide glacier as it hits and crashes into the ocean,  go for road trips on their vast highways and stop for the midnight sun at Alpenglow.

Get inspired by these travel destinations to make the best of your summertime, home and abroad this July.