MUST READ: Where To Stay In Ibiza, Spain (2022 Guide)

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Best Places To Stay In Ibiza – Tips and Advice

Before we talk about the best areas, hotels, and hostels to stay in while you’re visiting Ibiza, here are some tips and advice that may help you in your stay on the island:

  • Figure Out Transportation: Transportation by bus is extremely common in Ibiza. Tickets are available next to each stop, alongside timetables, and fares are decently low. You can also get around by water transportation (for those willing to spend more), car rental (for those aged 21 and above), or bicycle (for the very active). There are no Ubers in Ibiza, but taxis are also an option, though fees can get fairly high. Most taxi drivers speak Spanish most, so be ready with the name of your destination.
  • Book Flights At The Right Time: In July and August, tickets are extremely difficult to come by as it is peak season – and they will also be very, very expensive, even if you book in advance. But you can keep your eye out for flash deals and offers in order to get good deals for these peak times.
  • Book Hotels At The Right Time, Too: The same thing we mentioned for flights also applies to hotels. July and August are peak season and have the most expensive room prices. Flash deals are rarer when it comes to hotels, but don’t be afraid to hunt for deals in hostels, Airbnbs, and guesthouses.
  • Don’t Only Go To The Most Popular Beaches: In Ibiza, the best beaches are not necessarily the best ones. Overcrowded beaches are no fun, and most Ibiza beaches are very similar in terms of activities and offerings. Try heading to hidden gems or less popular stretches of beach to enjoy more relaxing and tranquil fun in the sun.
  • Dress Extravagantly To Parties: There’s no real dress code in Ibiza, but if you plan to head to a party, dress as flashily as you can. Lots of clubs and parties may offer discounts on drinks or even free entry to people who are dressed in this exciting and eye-catching way, so don’t be afraid to show up in your best and wildest!
  • Wear Sun Protection: The sun in Ibiza is going to be blazing hot for most of the year, and no matter how nice it feels, you’ll regret not putting on some sunblock and wearing a big hat! Make sure you’re taking care of your body and skin.
  • Catch A Sunset: The sunsets on Ibiza are truly breathtaking, and as a tourist, they’re not something you’ll want to miss. You can watch the sunset from almost every part of the island, whether a dining establishment, beach, or even hotel or hostel!
  • Expect Souvenirs To Be Expensive: Ibiza is mainly a haven of tourism, so its prices are always going to be on the higher side. Santa Eulalia is your best bet for affordable souvenirs, and don’t forget to check out the hippie markets!

The 8 Best Areas To Stay In Ibiza

1. Ibiza Town – The Lively Main City Of The Island


At first, Ibiza Town can seem quiet, but looks can be deceiving! It’s a lively, boisterous town that’s ideal for first-time visitors to Ibiza. It’s virtually the most authentic location you can visit in Ibiza, so it’s a great place to stay for a true Ibizan experience.

Numerous attractions can be seen around Ibiza Town, scattered among narrow streets lined with small eateries that serve delicious local meals. Mediterranean and Spanish cuisines combine in a delightful rush of culture that you’ll find all over Ibiza Town.

For those seeking tourist attractions, you simply shouldn’t miss Dalt Vila, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is an old, colorful town that is as impressive as it is artistic. You can also hang out at Talamanca Beach for some relaxation or head over to Catedral de Santa Maria for more historical insight.

Party-goers have a lot to enjoy in Ibiza Town, too. The super club of Pacha, which opened in 1973 and was the first of its kind in Ibiza, is extremely popular and often hosts famous DJs such as Calvin Harris and David Guetta!

Ibiza Corso Hotel & Spa and Hotel Náutico Ebeso are among the top hotels in the area, and Hostal Ibiza is a good affordable hostel option.

2. Playa d’en Bossa – A Hotspot For Nightlife

If you’re going to Ibiza to party, look no further than Playa d’en Bossa. Located just south of Ibiza Town, a short drive away, Playa d’en Bossa boasts Ibiza’s longest white sand stretch of beach. Not only does this make it a haven for those seeking some fun in the sun, but it also led to the opening of many beach clubs and beachfront bars – and some of these are among the best and most loved in Ibiza.

Outdoor clubs, day clubs, and night clubs are abundant in Playa d’en Bossa. Ushuaia (the island’s largest outdoor club) and Hi (an extremely popular nightclub) are both in the area. Saturdays are especially lively when it comes to nightlife, but you can expect this excitement anytime, 7 days a week, from May to September.

Not much of a party-goer? You’ll still find good things to do in Playa d’en Bossa if you love the beach. Try out some water sports like paddleboards, catamarans, and jet skis, or sip cocktails at one of the beachfront bars.

There’s no shortage of great hotels in Playa d’en Bossa, and the best that Ibiza has to offer call this place their home; Club Can Bossa, Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza and Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel (which grants you free access to Ushuaia Club) are all good options.

3. Es Cana – A Delightful Paradise For Active Beach-Lovers


Es Cana is a good place to visit if you’re looking for a great place to enjoy watersports. This is because of its beautiful beach of Cala Martina, which offers activities such as windsurfing, parasailing, water skiing, and also is home to a well-known diving school. The beach, which has a lovely crescent shape, is also famed for being a good diving spot for those seeking to explore the Mediterranean sea.

In addition, Es Cana is known for the tourist-favorite Hippy Market of Punta Arabí, which is held in the area every Wednesday and is packed with vendors selling silverwork, leather, crafts, art, and clothing, both from local sellers and other sources. There is also the Las Dalias Hippy Market, which is held on Saturdays a little further along the way.

Once the sun goes down, you can still have fun at some of the restaurants and bars in the area, as well as nightlife options – many of which are more reasonably priced than those in more popular areas. Though it isn’t exactly in the center of the island, it can easily connect to other areas by bus, and there is even a ferry that goes to Santa Eulalia from here. There are also many trails to walk or hike along, and a small tourist train in Es Cana that makes a trip around the island over the course of three hours.

Hotel Anfora Ibiza is one of the best hotels in Es Cana, and there is also a wide range of guesthouses and apartments available for tourists.

4. Santa Eulalia – A Quiet, Family-Friendly Resort Town

Santa Eulària des Riu is a resort town that is less upbeat and quieter than the rest of Ibiza, making it a noticeably more tranquil location for those who want to visit Ibiza but aren’t too fond of its liveliness. It’s also very family-friendly and is known for being a great spot for those with kids.

There are plenty of beaches in Santa Eulalia, as well, with some less popular ones being perfect for peace and quiet in the white sand and clear surf. There is also a beautiful promenade to walk along, which showcases the beauty of the oasis of Santa Eulalia. There are many restaurants in the general area, too, for your dining pleasure.

Unlike other parts of Ibiza, Santa Eulalia is virtually always active and doesn’t shut down entirely during the winter. As a separated island, it’s relatively small, with just around 45 minutes of a drive from its top to its bottom.

Santa Eulalia is the third biggest resort area in Ibiza, which means that it is simply packed with accommodation options, most of which have added facilities for kids as well as large swimming pools. Catalonia Royal Ses Savines and Iberostar Selection Santa Eulalia Ibiza are popular hotels in the area.

5. San Antonio – A Budget-Friendly Location That Still Has Iconic Ibiza Attractions


San Antonio can be found along the northern side of Ibiza. It’s a favorite spot for backpackers, who enjoy its cheaper offerings that don’t compromise on quality or the quintessential Ibiza experience.

This city can be accessed via taxi or bus and is quite close to the airport, and there’s plenty to do. White sand beach stretches across the city, which is great for relaxation and swimming, and it’s also a wonderful place to watch the famous sunsets of Ibiza in tranquility, especially with some cocktails in hand from a beachfront bar.

If you’re looking for good food, you’ll find it in abundance at Café del Mar, which serves you dinner while you gaze out at the sunset and listen to calming music. If it’s parties you’re after, you can head to Ibiza Rocks for a wild and exciting pool party, famous for being among the craziest in all of Ibiza.

San Antonio has a good number of hostels, with Hostal Marino and Hostal Residencia Adelino being the best the area has to offer. But if it’s hotels you’re after, there’s no shortage of them; check out Hotel Playasol Marco Polo I or Hostal Tarba or seek out a local guesthouse.

6. San Carlos – A Hip, Fashionable, Cool Village

San Carlos is often considered the coolest spot in San Carlos. First gaining fame back in the 60s and 70s, it was a hotspot for tourist hippies – and though that’s not quite the case now, it maintains much of that bohemian, cool atmosphere that once populated it.

A relatively small village, San Carlos is a unique spot in Ibiza. It’s not far from the Las Dalias Hippie Market, which sells all sorts of handicrafts, jewelry, and fashion made and sold by local artists. There are also plenty of places where you can hang out, including the beautiful Aguas Blanca beach, which is a short hike away.

One of the most famous locations in San Carlos is Anita’s Bar, which has been popular and loved for decades. It originally drew people to it because it was the only place in the area with a telephone. People would come by to get their mail, too, and if you visit this much-loved hangout, you can still see wooden mailboxes onsite.

In terms of accommodation, options are more limited. But some good locations, though not stereotypical “hotels”, are Can Skye, Es Mirador de Can Prats, and Apartamentos Club Cala Azul.

7. Playa de Portinatx – A Balance Of Beach And Nightlife

Playa de Portinatx along the northern side of Ibiza is a great place for newcomers who don’t want to be overwhelmed by the usual energy of Ibiza. It’s got good places for beaches and nightlife in balance and that provides a taste of the flair of the island.

Budget travelers and backpackers often travel to Playa de Portinatx, as it offers inexpensive accommodation, shops, and eateries while maintaining a cheerful and boisterous atmosphere that makes for a great vacation. Many shops sell cheap merchandise and souvenirs and you can find 24-hour shops for just about everything: diners, pubs, and, surprisingly tattoo parlors!

The welcoming and friendly nature of Playa de Portinatx makes it pretty fun for tourism and most of the people who call the area their home are very familiar with tourists from all over the world. That’s why newbies to the area can really enjoy their time spent here, even if it’s not at the closest proximity to common attractions.

Good hotels in the area are Barceló Portinatx and Grupotel Ibiza Beach Resort, which are both for adults only. If you’re traveling with kids, you can also check out Sandos El Greco and Hostal La Cigüeña.

8. Sant Josep de sa Talaia – A Quiet, Charming Village For Serene Travels

Sant Josep de sa Talaia, simply known as San Jose, is even more quiet and tranquil than San Antonio. It’s a lovely little village full of bars, specialty stores, restaurants, and galleries, with plenty to see and do without being overcrowded with tourists. It’s a good place for those more interested in history and less in parties, which you won’t really find here.

The coastline of San Jose is packed with beautiful beaches and coves across its 80-kilometer area, so it’s great for those who want to walk, go biking, lounge on the beach, go swimming, or even go kayaking. You can also simply use the vacation as an opportunity to relax, try out local food, and enjoy the friendly and traditional atmosphere.

For lovers of nature, you can visit the Islotes de Poniente Natural Reserve or the Ses Salines Natural Park. For more historical outings, you can head to the middle of the village to visit the Parish Church, which was first built between 1761 and 1763!

There aren’t any truly popular hotels in Sant Josep de sa Talaia, but there are plenty of villas, aparthotels, and guesthouses to try out. The best in the area is Casa Victoria Suites and Villa Felisa.

The 3 Best Hotels In Ibiza

1. Club Can Bossa – 450 m from Playa d’en Bossa


Club Can Bossa is a casual hotel with a bright, airy atmosphere. It is close to Ibiza Airport and a lot of nightlife spots, including clubs of all kinds. A disco bus stops just 3 minutes away and Can Bossa is a mere 5-minute walk from the hotel, which has the same name. Still, despite its proximity to the clubbing strip, it’s relatively quiet, and its location is not privy to the loud sounds of parties.

Rooms at Club Can Bossa have furniture made from light wood, delicately tiled floors, and, in most cases, a private balcony. Some rooms may also have their own terraces. Upgraded rooms offer sitting areas and come equipped with minifridges. Regardless of which room you opt for, though, you can enjoy air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, satellite TV, and complimentary breakfast. A safety deposit box can be used, but there is a fee.

Onsite, you can visit the buffet restaurant by the poolside for meals or head to the bar for drinks. A snack bar and a vending machine are also available for light bites. If you’re looking for some relaxation, head to the terrace with seating, or go to the game room for games of pool or table tennis. For more energetic excursions, head to the outdoor pool lined beautifully with trees, go to the gym, or visit the squash court. Plus, if you have your kids, you can bring them to the children’s play area!

When you arrive, you’ll be greeted by a 24-hour reception desk. You are free to ask them about Ibiza and they can help you organize activities and excursions. The hotel also offers bicycle and car rental services. Do note that there is no parking on the premises, and if you were hoping to relax in a hot tub, you won’t find one here!

Tel: +34 971 30 14 46 • View on Map

2. Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel – 2 km from Ibiza Airport


Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel is located right on the beach of Playa d’en Bossa. It is an adults-only hotel that features a lively and exciting atmosphere. It is merely 2 km from the airport and just 3 km from town, making it a very convenient location. It is a good spot for party-goers and beach-lovers, though anyone can enjoy their time here.

The hotel is not just in one building but in two. First, there is the Ushuaia Club, which has the bedrooms and the parties that the hotel is so famous for. Second, there is the Ushuaia Tower, which is an exclusive spot that offers Balinese beds, room service for 24-hours, and a cocktail bar by the outdoor pool.

Rooms are modern and hip, but minimalist in design. Each room has a docking station for an iPod, a 42-inch plasma television, and, attractively, a furnished terrace. Standard essentials such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and minifridges are provided. More expensive rooms may give you direct pool access, views of the stage, or sitting areas. Suites, which are quite fancy, come with living and dining areas, whirlpool tubs, and gaming consoles – and some also have direct access to the beach or bars, and there are some which have DJ equipment!

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel often hosts live DJ performances, and those staying at the hotel have free entrance to watch the show. This is probably the most unique feature of the hotel, but other draws include its whopping 3 outdoor pools – each accompanied by sunbeds – and the spa. A fitness room is also available. More unusual amenities are the recording studio and open-air stage.

There are also a number of dining options at the Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel. The Minami restaurant has a lovely Zen garden and serves Japanese fusion cuisine, the Beach Club restaurant offers local Mediterranean delights, and the Montauk Steak House is a great option for meat lovers.

Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel offers a free airport shuttle service, but if you come by yourself, there’s also free parking. The property is entirely smoke-free, too!

Tel: +34 971 39 67 10 • View on Map

3. Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza – 3.1 km from Ibiza Airport


Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza is as upscale and fancy as they come, and in a convenient location in Playa d’en Bossa. Nightclubs and parties are about in its surroundings, and it isn’t too far from the Ibiza Cathedral at an 8 km distance, either! Decked out in music memorabilia, it truly feels like a hard rock experience.

The rooms at the Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza are very modern and fashionable. There are the standards amenities within, such as flat-screen televisions, satellite channels, free Wi-Fi, room service, and blackout curtains. Rooms also have their own terraces, as well as desks to use inside. Additional facilities include hairdryers, minibars, bathrobes, and slippers. If you splurge on a suite, you’ll get a living area and a hot tub outdoors, and even fancier suites have round beds and dining rooms, as well as stunning views of the ocean.

Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza has the draw of a large open-air stage, and it is famous for its weekly concerts, which guests have free access to. If you’re not much for music, you can work out at the gym, visit the spa, or swim in one of two outdoor pools (or the indoor one!). Don’t forget to check out the relaxation areas or even the private beach club that has its own bar!

Thinking about what to eat? Head to the 12-person eatery, visit the cafe that has lovely outdoor seating, stop by the hip tapas bar, or dine at the upscale Mediterranean restaurant on the beachfront – and there’s still more, with a total of 6 restaurants on the property, not including multiple bars.

It may sound like an adult-only experience, but it definitely isn’t! Entertainment programs are set up for children and there is a special venue onsite just for teens, so there’s no reason not to bring your family along to stay in one of the best hotels in Ibiza.

Tel: +34 971 39 67 26 • View on Map

The 3 Best Hostels in Ibiza

1. Hostal Marino – 900 m from San Antonio Port


Situated in Calle de Mar, San Antonio, Hostal Marino is family-run. It is located in the central part of the city, making it ideal for beach-lovers and sunbathers alike, whether your aim is to hit the golden sands or chill out on the hostel’s terrace. It’s also a great spot for party-goers and shoppers, as well as everyday tourists; Caló Des Moro and its aquarium is a mere 5-minute walk away, as is a newly opened bus station.

Hostal Marino can be likened in many ways to a guest house in facilities and room structure. It boasts 3 quadruple rooms, 1 triple room, and 16 twin rooms, each one simply furnished, with upgraded rooms given the addition of balconies. All rooms come with televisions with cable channels, minibars, safes, towels, hairdryers, and air-conditioning.

Upon arrival at the 24-hour reception desk, you will receive a free drink, and if you choose to purchase more drinks during your stay, each one will come with a small snack. For other food, head to the Bar Marino cafe-restaurant, which serves tapas and drinks and is open for all three daily meals.

You can also relax at the outdoor pool, the sundeck, the lounge, or the chill-out area – or play table tennis, billiards, and board games! Plus, there is a snack bar, a large screen for watching sporting events with other patrons, and a tobacco machine for smokers.

At Hostal Marino, you have free Wi-Fi and internet access, complimentary maps of the city for your exploration adventures, laundry facilities, and parking facilities available at €12 per day. Check-in times begin at 1 pm and check out times close at 11 am, with late checkout fees incurred till 6 pm and an extra full day’s price after.

Tel: +34 971 34 08 44 • View on Map

2. Hostal Residencia Adelino – 500 m from San Antonio Bus Station


Yet another hostel in San Antonio, Hostal Residencia Adelino is a relatively new location in the downtown area. It is similar to a guesthouse and lives in a building spanning five stories in height. It is situated in a convenient spot – close to transportation, popular nightlife spots, and certain beaches – so it’s very easy to get to where you want to go. In the general area, you can also find hairdressers, supermarkets, and other shops within walking distance.

When you enter, you’ll be greeted by the 24-hour reception, and the same floor houses a swimming pool, a lounge with a TV, and the cafeteria. A sun terrace and bar also live within the building for your relaxation and pleasure. Rooms are simple but functional, with access to free Wi-Fi, air-conditioning a minibar, safes, a television with cable channels, and private bathrooms equipped with towels and hairdryers. Rooms come in single, double, and triple sizes, and some even have balconies!

Hostal Residencia Adelino is very family-friendly and boasts a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. The cafe and bar onsite first open at 8 in the morning and stays open till late at night, serving a mix of local meals, cocktails, and even ice cream. In the lounge, you can play snooker, watch TV, or use the Wi-Fi and just relax.

If you need more to do, you can head to the reception desk and ask about booking ferries, nightclubs, and other attraction tickets. You can also ask for information on horse riding routes and places to take riding lessons, and the property can help to arrange bike and car rentals for you, too. You can also ask about currency exchange and fax services. Check-in times begin at 1 pm and check out times close at 11 am, and credit cards are accepted at the property.

Tel: +34 971 32 84 36 • View on Map

3. Hostal Ibiza – 500 m from Ibiza Harbor


Hostal Ibiza is an adult-only location that was renovated anew in 2012. Situated on the port of Ibiza on a busy shopping street, it is virtually in the heart of the city and extremely close by to eateries, bars, stores, clubs, and more. Taxi and bus stands are also nearby, and it isn’t a long journey to villages, beaches, and nightlife spots.

The hostel has a hip, young atmosphere that makes it a great spot for couples. It has a total of 20 rooms, with single, double, and triple room options. Some come with private bathrooms while others make use of shared bathrooms, but all rooms have their own sinks. Each room is furnished simply but colorfully, with towels and linen provided. Classic wooden floors are gentle to walk on and help the place feel homier. Air-conditioning, heating, and

The main draw of the hostel is its rooftop terrace, which is equipped with sofas and furnishings and even has a happy hour. From there, you can take in lovely views of the surrounding city. The entire building is non-smoking.

In Hostal Ibiza, Wi-Fi is only complementary in common areas. Check out times close at 11 am and credit cards are accepted at the property. The reception desk is open from 11 am to 3 pm and again from 5 pm to 9 pm.

Tel: +34 971 31 08 18 • View on Map

The 3 Best Airbnb’s in Ibiza

1. Apartamento en el campo Ibiza


Apartamento en el campo Ibiza is rustic, comfortable, and peaceful. It is a tranquil, traditional-style Finca that is best for those seeking a countryside sort of serenity on their holiday. The house is surrounded by trees, and from certain rooms, you will be able to view the sea outside.

Located in Sant Joan de Labritja, Apartamento en el campo Ibiza is suitable for 2 guests, with one bedroom and one bathroom. It is entirely independent, meaning you get the whole home to yourself. Despite its less central location, it is not far from attractions and there is plenty to see around it in Northern Ibiza. A number of hiking trails also start in its exact area.

The apartment has its own kitchen and terrace. Continuous Wi-Fi access is provided and there are washers and dryers available for use in the building, though they may require a fee to use. An iron, hot water, and dining area are all found inside the home. The basic essentials, such as bed sheets, towels, a hairdryer, toilet paper, hangers, shampoo, and soap, are also provided at Apartamento en el campo Ibiza.

In addition to that, the apartment has a desk with more than enough space for a laptop, accompanied by a chair that is suitable for working in. A television is also there for your usage. However, do note that heating and air conditioning are not freely available at Apartamento en el campo Ibiza. There are also no alarms for smoke detection or carbon monoxide on the property.

Communal areas within the apartment include a pool, a patio, and a barbecue area. You can obtain free parking on the grounds of the apartment itself. When you arrive, your host will greet you and get you settled in, and if you arrive too early, luggage dropoff is allowed. If you plan to be in Ibiza for a long time, Apartamento en el campo Ibiza allows for long-term stays of more than 28 days.

2. Stunning studio set in tranquil gardens


This stunning old property is quintessentially Ibizan, providing traditional charm mixed in with modern comforts. Much of its draw has to do with its location: on a real Finca in San Agustín that dates back 400 years. It is a calm and relaxed place, with peaceful gardens that are full of grape and olive vines, as well as a little lemon grove.

This Airbnb is relatively close to a wide range of different beaches, including Cala Bassa. There are plenty of supermarkets around if you’re seeking groceries, and the shops, restaurants, and cafes of San Augustin, San Antonio, and San Josep aren’t too far away, either. The area is known for being a good spot for those who plan to cycle or hike.

The studio home that you will be staying in measures around 33 meters square and is good for two guests, with one bedroom and one bathroom. It is equipped with a private terrace and a kitchenette. The latter hosts a refrigerator with an icebox, a mini portable oven, a portable electric hob with 2 rings, a toaster, and a kettle. As for the bed, it is a simple double bed measuring 140 cm in width.

This stunning studio set in tranquil gardens also has underfloor heating, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and free off-road parking. There is a feasible workspace in a spacious table and chair, a television is available to watch, and hot water is provided. There is also a skylight, but if you are light-sensitive, you can speak to your host and they will cover it for you. If you need to do laundry, you can avail of the common laundry room and use the iron provided.

A wide range of essentials (and beyond) are also prepared for guests. Silverware, dishes, pots, and pans are all in the kitchenette, as well as salt, pepper, and oil. In the bed- and bathrooms, you’ll find soap, shampoo, hairdryers, hangers, toilet paper, towels, and bedsheets, and beach essentials such as umbrellas, snorkeling gear, beach towels, and beach blankets are also available.

On top of all that, you have access to a private terrace from your room. Do note that no smoke detection or carbon monoxide alarms are on the property. When you arrive, your host will greet you and get you settled in. If you plan to be in Ibiza for a long time, the property allows for long-term stays of more than 28 days.

3. Loft with amazing sea view


This loft apartment in the center of Ibiza is a stone’s throw away from the beach, overlooking beautiful views of Formentera and the Mediterranean Sea. It is a relatively newly renovated home that is cozy, comfortable, and great for a typical Ibiza vacation. Nearby in the neighborhood, supermarkets, shops, and even banks are easily accessible.

The loft is essentially a studio suited for two people, with one bedroom and one bathroom. You will have the entire house to yourself, including the rooftop that offers stunning panoramas of the island, a room for relaxation, and a large private terrace. A hammock gives you even more options for relaxing.

For sleeping, the loft has a large double bed measuring 135 cm x 190 cm, and there is also a sofa bed. For cooking, there is a kitchenette that comes with a cooking hob, a refrigerator, and a coffee machine. Even the bathroom has something to like: a suspended toilet, an outdoor shower, and an exotic wooden tray with shower products.

Wi-Fi, air conditioning, hot water, and heating are all part of your stay. There is also free parking on the street. You can use the large table as a workspace or watch television if you desire. Essentials provided include toilet paper, towels, hairdryers, hangers, silverware, pots, pans, dishes, bed sheets, soap, shampoo, salt, pepper, and oil.

On top of that, breakfast is listed as provided by Airbnb. You can also ask for access to beach blankets, snorkeling gear, beach towels, and umbrellas, as well as extra blankets and pillows.

The only common area on the property is the laundry area, which is located on a patio. You will share the washing machine and clothes-hanging space with another Airbnb apartment. Do note that no smoke detection or carbon monoxide alarms are on the property. When you arrive, your host will greet you and get you settled in. If you plan to be in Ibiza for a long time, the property allows for long-term stays of more than 28 days.

Best Places To Stay in Ibiza

There is no one true “best” accommodation option while you’re in Ibiza. That decision depends on you, who you’re traveling with, your preferences, and your needs. What are you going to Ibiza for? What is it you don’t want to miss?

Here to party and have a good time in Playa d’en Bossa? Hard Rock Hotel Ibiza serves up some modern luxury and close proximity to the best clubs and parties that the island has to offer.

Love the idea of Ibiza Town and everything central it has to offer? Hostal Ibiza is an affordable option that is fashionable and modern without breaking the bank, and while providing good amenities.

Intrigued by the charm of San Antonio? You can get a good deal on the Stunning studio set in tranquil gardens Airbnb, which has so many facilities, amazing reviews, and a slice of history in a traditional location.