The 5 Best Luggage Sets For 2022 [Reviews + Buyers Guide]

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Luggage sets come in 2-4 cases, and the cases will have varying sizes. The advantage of buying a luggage set is that the prices are lower compared to buying four different bags and you also get the right size luggage for different travel needs.

Since my profession requires me to be on the go throughout the year, I have learned the importance of having the best luggage sets for each travel and what makes a good set.

Over the years I have bought several sets, and I am going to look at the favorites in a bid to help you make the right choice when shopping for one.

Best Luggage Set Comparison Table 2022

Luggage SetsPiecesMaterial 
Merax Travelhouse3PC+ABS
100% Polycarbonate
Steve Madden4
Nicole Miller4

Cotton Canvas

Luggage Sets Reviews

1. Merax Travelhouse Luggage Set 3 Piece Expandable Lightweight

This is a great luggage set for the money. You can have it in your favorite color, and the design is just awesome. It features rugged lines texture thus hiding any scratches, and you get more storage space since the handles have their storage spaces molded on the outside.

This is 3-piece luggage set by Merax, and it is well-made, handy, durable and affordable. I have used it for various long journeys without disappointments.


This luggage set features a hardcover (PC+ABS material) thus making it a great choice when on rough travels. I use the set on back to back flights, and none has shown any signs of dents, scratches, or marks.

They are easy to maneuver even when fully packed. Again, the hardcover is super easy to keep clean because you only need to wipe it with a dry cloth and you will be good to go.

It is also more durable and lightweight so you won’t be paying extra at the airport.

The handles feature a telescoping design and are made of sturdy and ergonomic aluminum for durability. They feel good in the hands as you move the bags around and are very durable.


The set features an elegant design, and the sizes are 28-inches (expandable suitcase), 24-inches (expandable suitcase for checking in), and 20-inches (non-expandable suitcase that can be carried on the plane).

Each of the cases is well divided thus easy to organize your stuff. Again, since each case has a different capacity, you can choose either for different trips. Also, the sets come in 9 different colors.


The suitcases feature a three-digit combination lock which ensures that your valuables are protected. They also have heavy-duty zippers thus durable and easy to open and close.


What I loved the most about the set are the spinner wheels. They made pushing the bags effortless, and they moved smoothly on any surface. Even your kid will have fun pushing their suitcase thanks to these wheels.


Having three suitcases is fun and convenient while traveling but finding enough space to store them while not in use can be a challenge.

Luckily, this set is designed to have nested storage, so they only occupy the space of the 28” case.

2. Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Sets PC+ABS Spinner Suitcase

This is good luggage set with a big capacity to fit a lot of luggage. Storing the three suitcases is easy as the two can fit in the big case.

Again, the interior fabric is strong with a foam padding, and each case has nice compartments to enable you to organize the content with ease.

This is a hard shell luggage set thus more rigid hence providing better protection. The set is available in various colors, and it makes family travels easy.


This luggage set is made of hard plastic, meaning it can handle rough travels and it’s also waterproof thus protecting your valuables from the rain.

Again, the hard plastic material contributes to the cases’ durability as they handle hard impacts well.

I loved the interior of this set as it is lined and also has an elastic mesh zippered pocket plus cross-straps that makes it possible to have your luggage in order during transit.

And, the overall construction design is well-thought, and it gives the set an elegant look.


The Coolife luggage set has three-stage adjustable telescopic handles, and I found the handles comfortable even when I had to pull my cases for a long distance.

Again, the handles are strategically placed to keep the bags balanced whether empty or fully packed. However, the handles are riveted to plastic backing plates which are not the best option for this kind of cases.

Steel would have made a better option. But, I haven’t had any issues with the handles so far.


This luggage set features multidirectional spinner wheels with nice rollers that offers smooth turns or various floors.

Also to note, this particular Coolife luggage set uses a rubber material instead of hinges thus making it stronger because it has no stress points.


  • High-quality zippers
  • TSA approved lock system
  • Hardshell set thus more protection

3. Samsonite Winfield 2 Fashion Hardside 3-piece Set

This is a hard-sided 3-piece luggage set with three color options. It has durable zippers, and TSA approved locks and the material used is very durable and lightweight. The wheels slide smoothly, so it’s a great choice for frequent travelers.

This is a durable and inexpensive luggage set. Samsonite is well-known for producing great travel bags, and this 3-piece set is a perfect representation of their work.


Each of these bags is considerably lightweight which makes them ideal for airport travels and this is because they are made of lightweight but very durable polycarbonate. They are more durable than bags made of ABS.


It’s hardshell suitcase set with a 20-inch case that you can use as a carry-on as it’s lightweight and has two separate compartments.

You also get a 24-inch expandable suitcase suitable for international travels and a 28-inch expandable spinning suitcase that you can use when going for longer trips.

Locking system

This set features built-in locks and the locking system is TSA approved thus convenient for travels.


First, this luggage set has handles with multiple locking positions which allows you to have an easy time wheeling them around.

Again, the bags have 360-degree spinner wheels for easy and smooth rolling.


The three bags nest together thus minimizing the storage space, and you also get slipcovers for protecting them when stored.

4. Steve Madden 4PC Luggage Spinner Suitcase Collection

This four-piece set is available in black, dark purple and purple. However, with my experience, dust and scratches are more visible in the black color.

Thus, choose the color based on the kind of travels that you have. Overall, the bags are well-designed and give value for the money. They look stylish and accommodates a lot.

If you love traveling in class and style, this 4-piece luggage set is for you. I especially love the many useful storage spaces because I get to separate my items as desired.

Also, I like the unique color and prints because they make it easier to locate my luggage and the four pieces are convenient for various types of trips.


The set includes three suitcases measuring 20 inches, 24 inches, and 28 inches. It also includes a 3.5 lbs. Satchel that you can use as a carry-on and the four bags give you immense value for your money.


The satchel, which is the smallest bag, is roomy and accommodates quite a good number of items. It, however, lacks many compartments which might not be too convenient for people who like to store their stuff in separate compartments.

I also noticed that the satchel’s handle is not the smoothest thus might feel a little uncomfortable is you have to hold it for a longer time.

24” and 28” pieces

These two are expandable and have many pockets to separate your items. They are soft sided with a large outside pocket where you can store your travel documents.

They also have high-quality zippers and handles, and they can be nested together for easy storage.

The carry-on

The 20-inch piece is a carry-on, and it weighs 7.8 lbs. which might be too much for its purpose.

However, with time, I am getting used to the weight because there is so much to love about it that I am willing to overlook the weight.


The set features a 360-degree enhanced wheel system which enables one to glide through effortlessly. Again, the bags are equipped with ergonomic handles that offer a comfortable grip.

The overall construction of these bags is lightweight, and this helps with easy movement as well as avoiding extra airline fees.

5. Nicole Miller Taylor 4PC Set

This is a very high-quality luggage set. It has smooth-rolling wheels and high-quality handles. It’s made of high-quality fabric, and it’s lightweight.

Again, the carry-ons are expandable, so you get enough room to fit your stuff. It’s totally worth the money.

Nicole Miller is a trusted and loved brand internationally, and I love their 4-piece luggage set.

The set

Because different travels require different luggage bags in terms of capacity, Nicole Miller designed a set of four to cater for all your travels.

Box bag

The set includes a box bag, and it’s large enough to accommodate enough clothes for 2/3 days. It has strong and comfortable handles for when you have to carry it by hands for a long period.

20” suitcase

Next is a 20” expandable spinner that’s also large enough to hold a good amount of clothes. It also has several compartments that make it easy for you to organize your travel stuff in order.

The handle is adjustable and well designed to keep the bag balanced.

24” & 28” suitcases

These too are expandable spinners, and you can use either when traveling for several days. They have dividers and extra compartments to enable you to separate your stuff as desired.

Each of the outside compartments has heavy duty zippers, and the handles are well-made.


This set is soft-sided, and it’s made of cotton canvas, and as such it is lightweight which is advantageous for people who frequent the airports.

The fabric is high-quality, and this makes each of the bags to be very durable. I have been using all the four bags for some time now, and I have no complaint about the fabric or the stitching.

Storage and portability

The bags are nesting thus storing them or moving them from one place to another when empty is easy.

What to love about the set

  • The interior
  • Very comfortable
  • Very pronounced style statement
  • Lightweight design
  • Smooth maneuverability

Material/hard-case or soft-case

Luggage sets are made of a variety of materials including Polycarbonate, ABS, Vinyl, and Polyester. Now, the type of material will mostly determine the durability of the bags as well as whether or not they will be water-resistant/proof and the ease of keeping them clean.

Depending on the nature of your travels, you have the option to choose between a hard case and a soft case, but each has its pros and cons.


The weight of luggage set matters most for airline travelers because you don’t want to exceed the set weight limits or pay extra for each travel.

The materials used in making the bags play a big role in determining their weight so you should pay attention to it. And, you should especially ensure that your carry-on is as lightweight as possible.

Maneuverability/wheels & handles

The luggage set’s wheels should move smoothly and the handles should not only feel comfortable in your hands but also keep the bag balanced.


When buying a luggage set, ensure that the size of each meets your travel needs.

Ease of storing them

Most luggage sets are designed to be nesting, and this makes it easy to store them when not in use. Confirm this before purchasing your set.

Locking system (TSA approved) and zippers

Again, most luggage sets will have a locking system, but you should ensure that it’s easy to use before buying. And, I’d advise you to go for a TSA approved locking system as this is so convenient when traveling.


How many pieces are in a luggage set?

Normally, a luggage set will have between 2 to 4 pieces.

Which is the best, hard-case or soft-case?

Each has its pros and cons. The best way to know which will suit you is by analyzing your travel needs based on your travel types.


The five luggage sets above made to my “best of” list because they meet most peoples travel needs and live up to the manufacturers’ promises. When shopping for a luggage set, put your travel needs first and only go for that which meets them.