The 5 Best Lucas Luggage Sets & Reviews 2022 – [The Top Models]

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When I learned that I would be traveling for the best part of the year, the first thing I did was try and find the best luggage. As expected, there were so many luggage brands that I was confused on which to go by.

Luckily, my colleague had started the trips years before me, and he gave me really helpful advice.

According to him, there will always be the more well-known brands, but their prices are always higher. However, there are also lesser-known brands that make equally great products, but their prices are much lower.

With this information, I changed my focus, and this was when I came across Lucas luggage, and I was really impressed. I bought my first luggage, and I have never looked back.

Lucas Luggage Comparison Table

Lucas Accelerator 4-PC20”, 22”, 26” & 30” 1680-denier polyester
Lucas Outlander 3-PC20”, 24”, & 28”
Lucas Wheeled Underseat Bag16”
Doby Polyester
Lucas 3-PC Ultra-Lightweight20”, 24” & 28”
100% virgin PU material
Lucas Printed Softside28”

Polyester fabric

Lucas has been an online bag retailer since 1999, and they are known for their durable, lightweight and expandable luggage.

Their bags are referred to as the “lightweight expandable,” and their black and yellow color design stands out due to its uniqueness.

They have a wide variety of luggage, and they have aimed to cater for every travel need, and you can confidently say that they have something for every traveler.

Here are a few pieces of the Lucas luggage brand:

1. Lucas Accelerator 4 Piece Collection

This is a great luggage set. It is super durable and designed to meet the needs of every traveler. It is very versatile, and the color combo makes it stand out. My only complaint is that the duffle bag had no shoulder strap, but I fixed my own. The wheels and handles are very sturdy.

Some trips are long while others are just one or two days. As such, I found this set very convenient because it caters for my travel needs perfectly.

Again, if you have a large family and you are searching for a high-quality yet affordable luggage set, this here will be ideal.

About The Set

20” Duffel Bag

The Lucas Accelerator four-piece set includes a 20” duffel bag that can be used as a carry-on. It is roomy and has various pockets to make packing easier.

Also, the straps and zippers are strong, and it can accommodate quite a lot. I take it with me for many trips, and I love how comfortable it feels even when fully packed. It’s a very practical bag, and you can use it as a day bag, a weekend sports bag, etc.

The only downside is that it has no shoulder strap, but you can add your own.

Wheeled Suitcases 22”, 26” 30.”

You will rarely come across a 30-inches suitcase, and when I saw this set, I knew I had to buy it. It is perfect for longer trips because it accommodates a lot.

Also, the 22-inch and 26-inch cases are roomy, and they also have several outside pockets that bring some travel convenience.

The three also have sturdy handles and back straps, so you have options when it comes to maneuverability. Also, they have a top handle for lifting not forgetting the heavy-duty zippers and well-blended colors.

The interiors are fully lined, and there are dividers to help with organization.

What’s to like about this set?

This is Lucas’ best luggage set, and it is made of 1680-denier polyester meaning it’s easier to keep it clean by simply wiping it with a damp cloth.

Each of the bags is super-lightweight and durable, and three cases have wheels but not spinner wheels though they still perform perfectly.

The external pockets are very useful, and the straps come in handy.

2. Lucas Outlander 3-piece Luggage Expandable/Hard-Case

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For frequent travelers, this is a great set to own. The three sizes will see you through various trips. However, the zippers are high-quality, but the cases do not have TSA approved locks. For the price, the set surpassed my expectations.

If you love hard-sided suitcases, this set is for you. It is a durable 3-piece hard case luggage, and it’s so stylish for people who love traveling in style.

It is made of ABS and has a scratch-resistant textures shell thus withstands the tough handling by airport luggage handlers or any tough travels.

Again, because of the material used in construction, these cases are lightweight thus helping you avoid extra charges at the airports.

About The Set

It’s a p-piece luggage set consisting of 20”, 24” and 28” pieces. The 20-inch suitcase fits airline overhead compartments with ease and holds up to 29 liters of stuff.

Each of the pieces is expandable so you can always add one or two items on your way back. The 24” and 28” pieces accommodate 60 and 84 liters respectively.

Again, all the three pieces have fully lined interiors and have dividers and organizational pockets that help in keeping your items separated.

Spinner wheels

The set features four multi-directional spinner wheels allowing 360-degree rolling. This results in less weight on your arms, and you can maneuver effortlessly.


This set features ergonomic handle grips for easy maneuverability. Again, each of the cases has a top and side handle for lifting.

This is very convenient because you get to carry your luggage whichever way you find comfortable.

Whats to like about this luggage set

It’s available in different colors, and the shell texture looks and feels great. It has a sturdy construction for durability, and the spinning wheels are a win.

The handles too are durable, and I love that it has a top and a side handle for lifting.

3. Lucas Wheeled 16-Inch Underseat Cabin Bag

Overall, I really love this bag. It is durable as it is made of Doby polyester plus it has a fully lined interior.

It is available in various colors, and it’s the best when you have items that you need to store separately as it has many zippered compartments. It’s a great carry-on bag.

My thought when I first saw this under the seat bag by Lucas was, “Wow!” just what every traveler needs!

It’s a unique bag designed to feature every aspect that you would need in an organizer’s bag.

The person who came up with the design must have given it a deep thought because they captured every detail so well.

What I like most about the bag

The compartments! The bag features various special compartments, and I find it easy to store and access any items without rummaging through the bag.

The bag has one large compartment that fits most of the items, and you also get a separate cosmetic satchel plus a document and ticket holder.

Mine also came with travel slippers, and I always wear them during the security checks.

Again, I love how the bag fits under the airline seats with ease. It’s just 16 inches big, and the size is so convenient.


There are two ways to maneuver this bag. One is through the wheels, and they are high-quality and rolls effortlessly. Second is lifting it by holding the sturdy top straps.

The bag also has 23.5 inches handle with a push button. The handle allows single-handed mobility which is very convenient especially when you have another luggage.

4. Lucas Luggage, 3-piece Ultra-Lightweight

This is not only a good looking luggage set but also durable with a convenient design. I like the external zippered pockets as I can store my travel documents and other small items in there for quick access.

The wheels roll effortlessly, and the zippers are high-quality. I would buy it again.

This is another luggage set by Lucas. It is ultra-lightweight, and it’s an excellent choice for frequent travelers or when traveling with your family.

It allows you to pack quite a good number of items and still be able to push a baby stroller or hold their hands. I also loved the material of this set because it’s durable and also easy to keep clean.

About The Set

The set includes a 20” carry-on piece. It is spacious and has external zippered pockets where you can keep items that you need to access easily.

It also has dividers on the inside and hold-down straps that keep the packed items in place while in transit. The other two suitcases are 24 inches and 28 inches.

They all have the same design, and each accommodates a lot of items. The 20-inch carry-on accommodates 35 liters while the other two accommodates 69 liters and 100 liters respectively.

It is available in three different colors, black, royal blue, and lavender. I bought the royal blue one, and I love it.

The three pieces are also expandable so you can add any last minute purchases and they are also nesting for easy storage when not in use.


The set features high-quality spinner wheels that allow 360-degrees rotation thus enabling you to roll them either way.

Each suitcase has four double spinner wheels, and this means durability and better maneuverability.

Again, the handles are made of aircraft-grade aluminum thus they are very durable and lightweight. They also have great shock absorption, and you can easily push them down when not in use.

5. Lucas Luggage 28” Printed Softside Lightweight Expandable Suitcase NAME

This is a beautiful suitcase with a unique design and pattern. It is well constructed and durable. The wheels and the handles work perfectly, and it’s lightweight.

I love everything about it, and I would buy it again.

If you love beautiful suitcases, have a look at this one here. The moment I saw it I fell in love with the floral print and I went for the Diva option.

What caught my eyes was the designer pattern but the high-quality runs around each part of the bag. I needed a large suitcase, and that’s what I got in this.


The suitcase features lightweight construction, and the material feels so strong. The stitching is done right, and I haven’t noticed any running parts for the few times that I have used it.

The zippers are high-quality, and they open and close effortlessly. It has no locks, but the zippers have a place to put your own lock for added security.


This suitcase has a very spacious interior. Again, the interior is fully lined, so it looks really nice. You only get one zippered pocket on the inside part of the bag’s lid, and here you can put your toiletries and other small items.

It also has two big and zippered pockets on the outside where you can store anything that you need to access quickly such as travel tickets and phone chargers.

It is a 28 inches suitcase, so it accommodates a lot of items, and it is also expandable so you can add several souvenirs on your way back.


The bag has four multi-directional spinner wheels allowing 360-degrees rotation. They roll smoothly so you don’t put so much effort and they even go through the airport carpeted areas with ease.

The wheels are solid, and they are well attached to the bag.

The handle

This luggage has a sturdy and comfortable handle that allows great control of your bag while maneuvering it. It has side and tops sturdy handles for lifting, and I find them very helpful especially when putting the bag in and out of the car.

Luggage Buyer’s Guide – How to Buy the Best Lucas Luggage

Lucas has a great luggage line. However, some of these pieces won’t work for you, and that’s why you should consider all the important factors before buying one.


Make your choice based on how much you will be taking with you on your trip. Some of these suitcases might look good for you, but if they can’t accommodate all that you need in your travel, then they are not worth purchasing.

Hard vs. soft-sided

There are just as many great soft-sided suitcases as there are hard-sided ones. The choice here comes down to personal preferences. Either choice has its pros and cons.

One vs. set

The choice here depends on how long you will be traveling, how much you will be carrying, how many people will be traveling, etcetera.

Families will save more if they bought a set and so will a frequent traveler because you might need to have different bags for different trips.


Lucas has various luggage pieces where each is designed to meet the travel needs of a specific group of people.

Depending on your needs, you will get the right Lucas luggage for you and the good thing is that they are all affordable yet durable.

The above suitcases represent just a small portion of what the brand has to offer so you can dig deeper for more.