Best International Carry-On Luggage – Reviews & Comparison

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When you are a frequent traveler, you must be particular about the luggage you carry. Most airlines have guidelines for carry-on luggage.

It’s always important that you meet these requirements before waiting on the checkpoint. Traditional suitcases were nothing like what we have today. Most of them had weak wheels and less capacity.

But now you can smile with the coming of new designs. The materials are TSA friendly, the wheels are all-around spinning, and they are durable.

We delve into the best international carry-on luggage on this article. These products are top-rated on the market, and as such, you can expect them to perform exceptionally.

International Carry-On Luggage Reviews For 2020

1. BlueSmart One International Carry-On Smart Luggage TSA-Approved


  • Phone app makes weighing, locking and locating it simple
  • It is sleek and stylish for the savvy traveler
  • Water resistant and durable
  • Comes with a battery to charge electronic devices on the go


  • It is available in only one color
  • It’s small for a long vacation
  • The battery makes internal cubes a bit smaller than usual

This luggage is engineered with the adept traveler in mind. The BlueSmart International Carry-On Smart luggage has impressive features that qualify its upscale price.

It is a compact unit which comes in the size that meets guidelines for most airlines around the world.  With construction from robust polycarbonate, it is sure to take you on all business trips without losing or misplacing a single item.

Smart Technology

This is one of the unique suitcases you can take on your next trip. It comes with a battery where you can charge your phone over six times if you are taking extended hours trips.

And not only that, you can weigh this case as you pack since it comes with a built-in scale on the handles. You just have to monitor the weight through the smartphone app.

Complete Security

If you fear losing your staple items as you travel, restore that confidence with this carry-on luggage bag. It has a digital lock where you use your phone to secure via Bluetooth.

Even when you are out of range, your suitcase receives a proximity alert, and it locks immediately. And what if you lose it? Through the GPS +3G capabilities of the phone, you can locate this suitcase from anywhere in the world.

Convenient Capacity

If you plan on taking a short 3-day trip, this is the carry-on luggage for you. The packing cubes are in the size that fits clothing items without folding to small articles.

You can also pack your laptop in the specialized compartment for such gadgets. You can reach out to your computer without struggling to open other pockets. These aspects make the BlueSmart On the best international Carry On Luggage.

With BlueSmart One you know you are getting a high-quality product. From the durable construction to the digital capabilities, it is not only convenient, but it’s also stylish.

It has helpful features, unlike plain suitcases which you can’t track or even lock from a remote location. The only drawback is that you have to deal with little space such that you can’t take clothes to take you on long vacations.

2. Travelpro 22Inch Maxlite3 Luggage Expandable Rollaboard


  • Wheels have an anti-crash guard
  • Deep front pocket can store travel essentials
  • Rollaboard wheels offer smooth maneuvering
  • It has expandable pockets


  • It may not glide well on gravel
  • Tends to tilt after using the expandable pockets
  • It’s smaller than other brands in its line

Travelpro Maxlite3 is a sleek and attractive carry-on luggage. It combines essential aspects with external convenience to make sure every trip is as memorable as the last. First, it has a rugged polycarbonate frame which lasts long such that you can use it repeatedly over the years and it still maintains the smart look.

Flexible Wheels

Thanks to the rollaboard wheels, this suitcase meets guidelines on the size. They fit comfortably on storage compartments without squeezing the items you have in it.

You’ll like that it comes with these wheels glide on just about any surface. Interestingly, they can handle stair just as smooth as walking on airport aisles. This way, traveling will never feel like a chore ever again.

Ergonomically Designed

The Maxlite3 comes with telescoping handles to ease the pulling. You don’t have to reach down for them since they can work with all heights. The handles save you from bending your back, eliminating fatigue if you have to carry it for some distance you’ll still have the energy to lift it.

And, owing to the side handles it feels light when placing it on top storage chambers. The EVA foam in the interior makes this case exceptionally light since it helps distribute the weight evenly.

Sturdy and Robust

Looking closely, you’ll like that it has a tapered 2-inch expansion. It keeps the luggage steady when dragging it behind you. The zippers are high-tensile. They allow self-repair thus they close consistently when you have filled the case to the brim.

The beauty of this case is in the roomy pocket, as you have all the space you want when taking a long trip. Not forgetting, it is water and stain resistant thanks to the polyester finish.

This carry-on luggage is a distinctively good pick. It meets international traveling standards, lightweight and is very sturdy. It maintains its sleek condition since the frame has a smooth finish that resists moisture and repels dirt. However, if you lose this suitcase, you’ll not have a way of tracking it since it does not have a mobile app.

3. Travelers Choice Siena Hard-Shell 2-in-1 Wheeled Carry On

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  • It has smooth, rubber wheels
  • Built to absorb shock and impact during heavy pressure
  • It has two extra pockets at the front
  • Interior is fully lined with soft material


  • Concerns about the quality of the zipper
  • The external strap-on bag carrier cannot handle large bags
  • The color affects the price; some colors have high price tags than others

The most versatile of all carry-on luggage bags is finally here. The Travelers Choice Siena has a construction from sturdy polycarbonate ABS shell plus 1680 ballistic fabric.

This combination gives it maximum rigidity to withstand high pressure when you fill it with bulky items. It can maintain great form because of the ABS shell and resist tearing owing to the strong denier fabric.

Innovative two-compartment bag

This is the type of suitcase for a trip around the world. It works like a garment bag where you can pack all the outfits you want for a long holiday.

In the large cube, you’ll find the cloth hook plus for two items and a full garment sleeve.

When you iron your business suits before travel, you’ll find them still freshly-pressed. Along with these chambers are two detachable pouches. You can choose to take them on or just leave them out when you need that extra space.

The front pocket is conveniently furnished with two tie-down straps. It comes in handy when you want to input last minute items. It is useful for sweaters, travel papers, newspapers and the like.

The straps secure everything into position such that with it, you can expect every article to be in the same good condition like when you packed it.

Considerate Handling System

This carry-on luggage comes with retractable handles. When you find your proper height, it locks that position so that it won’t pull you down when you bump on something.

It also comes with side handles for when you need to lift it onto your car’s trunk or storage areas. With the built-in external strap, you’ll be able to add on another bag and drag it along with this suitcase. What a thoughtful feature!

If you travel a lot, this bag offers just the right balance between the price, durability, and space. It is flexible in its usages as the compartments are designed to meet different preferences for many people.

Only that you’ll not have the means to charge your phone or Mac book like with the BlueSmart On, but this inconvenience comes with the ample space.

4. Delsey Helium Aero Expandable Carry On


  • The zippers self-repair for consistent closure
  • It has a soft side with the smaller front pockets
  • Large storage compartment
  • Affordable carry on among hard shell designs


  • It is priced according to the color
  • It is only in reserved colors
  • Self-repairing does not work always

The Delsey Helium Aero carry-on case comes with expandable interiors so it can pack even those items you’ll rarely use just because you have a feeling you’ll need them.

It is quite roomy seeing that the main pocket is vast and deep at the same time. It has a silky lining without extra stuffing that just takes up space.

Key Features

This suitcase has a zippered front pocket. You can store all the essentials in this pocket including your laptop.

It is firm in that the zippers do not give to pressure when you have it full. Besides, it has a TSA-approved lock so you can rest easy when going through the many airport checkpoints. As a hard shell case, it is pleasing to see that this does not add to the weight.

And, you don’t need to wonder about how you are going to pull it down the airport isles. With the spinner wheels, you’ll be the envy of other travelers since it rolls smoothly across all types of surfaces.

It uses a four-wheel system which adds to the stability you see even after setting it on a slippery surface.

Experience Total Control

With the telescoping handles, the luggage works for you since you just set it to your height and the rest is just effortless gliding. You’ll feel comfortable as your hands are saved from fatigue.

It also has side and top handles for when you need to lift. And, you get to travel with a sleek case since the exterior is all glam.

Although hard shell carry-on luggage cases are not the first option for International travel, you must make an exception for this one. It is not only lightweight, but it also has well-built compartments.

The wheels and handles all work together to ease the stress of long trips. Only, it may feel heavy if you want it for taking two to three-day visits.


Are the wheels durable?

Yes, these travel cases have excellent construction from rubber and other robust materials on the wheels. They have been tested for durability, and we must say they have come out on top.

Is the bag expandable?

The TravelPro and Delsey are the only expandable bags on this list. The BlueSmart One and the Travelers Choice retain their dimensions which is not a bad thing since they can keep your clothes wrinkle-free

Does the product have a compartment for laptops?

Yes, every model has a pocket for a laptop. These pockets are usually at the front and are zippered for extra safety.