The Best Hotels in Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona is a delightful coastal city teeming with history. It is the capital of Catalonia and the “second capital” of Spain, with a delightful mix of cultures from both influences.

Since it is such a popular destination for tourists, there are countless hotels and inns waiting to open their doors to you. This means that it can be difficult to choose the best one for your needs.

To help you out, here’s our list of the best hotels in Barcelona!

Travel Tips for Staying in Barcelona

Traveling to new locations can be exciting, but if you don’t prepare enough for what to expect, you may wind up out of your depth. To help you out, here are some of the best travel tips that will make your stay in Barcelona that much more enjoyable.

Skip Lines With Online Bookings

There are plenty of places in this city that you’ll likely really want to visit, such as the Picasso Museum or the ever-famous Sagrada Familia. The problem is that they tend to get packed pretty quickly, and many of them have full schedules months in advance.

But you can book tickets online in order to get the dates and times you want. Virtually every single attraction you can find in Barcelona sells their tickets online, so take advantage of that. There are even some tours that offer automatic skip-the-line access. If you’re going during peak tourist seasons, you should book even further in advance.

Don’t Get Caught In La Ramblas

La Ramblas is the most famous street in Barcelona, and it has the renowned La Boqueria Market, quaint shops, and charming little dining spots. You may be drawn in by the street’s reputation, its paella, and the other tourists who call it a must-visit, but the truth is that it’s that a street.

Because of its fame, La Ramblas has become a bit of a tourist trap. Vendors sell street food at high prices and at a fraction of the acceptable quality, and everything is much more expensive than it would be elsewhere. Go to some less popular locations instead; you’ll find more affordable souvenirs and snacks.

Eat According To Local Schedules

The usual mealtimes in Spain are not the same as what you may be used to. Most restaurants only open their kitchens during the standard Spanish mealtimes that locals are used to. Lunch offerings go from 1 to 4 pm most of the time, with dinner offerings only opening at 8 pm, though most of the dinner crowd only really shows up from 9 to 10 pm.

What happens if you don’t eat at these times? Well, you likely won’t get the traditional meals you’re aiming for, and cold cuts, tapas, and other snacks will be all you can find – not nearly enough for a hearty meal.

Use Multi-Day Metro Cards

One of the easiest ways to get around Barcelona is through the Metro system, which is connected all around the city with a simple route. If you’ll be in the city for over three days and plan to use the Metro, don’t buy individual tickets. Go for the T-10 multi-trip pass, as this will save you a lot of money – trips can cost €2, but the 10-ride ticket is only €10.

You also have the option of purchasing the Barcelona Hola Travel Card, which is good if you plan to use the Metro a lot. They provide you with the ability to ride buses and Metro trains for an unlimited amount of times over a set number of days.

Beware of Pickpockets

Sadly, pickpockets run the streets of Barcelona easily, often targeting tourists. They’re likely to pick you out as their victim if you’re not careful. Keep your belongings within view at all times and don’t store anything in your back pockets, unless they can be zipped up.

You should be especially careful on busy streets, on the Metro, or in crowds or fairs of any kind. Make sure your bag is well-closed and not easy to lift things out of, don’t put your valuables in front of you on tables while you eat, and make sure you can always see your bags.

Buy Souvenirs At Flea Markets

It’s tempting to buy souvenirs from every flea market you come across, but that’s not something you should be doing. Why? Because tourist spots are always going to overcharge you. They know their target audience. On top of that, they tend to sell the same, typical types of souvenirs.

Flea markets, however, have lower-priced souvenirs as well as more unique items, like clothes, pots, jewelry, paintings, and more. As a rule, the more popular a place with tourists, the less likely it is that you’ll get your money’s worth there. Els Encants Vells flea market is a great spot to visit for this purpose.

Learn Simple Catalan – not Spanish!

Many tourists believe that Barcelona locals speak Spanish primarily, but that’s not true. While Spanish is spoken in the city, Catalan is used more commonly. Yes, Catalonia is a part of Spain, but Catalan is still the preferred local and government language in Barcelona.

As such, if you’re looking to learn some basic phrases to make simple communication easier, you should opt for Catalan phrases, not Spanish ones. Street signs and other such things are in Catalan, too. “Bon dia” for hello, “adéu” for goodbye, and “merci” for thank you are just a few standard phrases you may want to commit to memory.

Understand Tipping

Tipping is not mandatory in most places in Barcelona. Salon staff, taxi drivers, waitstaff, bartenders… none of them are expecting tips at all. If you would like to, you can leave behind some change, or round up the price when paying for taxi services.

You can definitely tip for amazing service, or leave 10% extra at eateries, but you would never hear of a local tipping when they order beers. Don’t feel bad for not tipping; staff are paid a living wage at a minimum and don’t need to rely on tips to survive.

Skip The Sangria

Everyone who thinks of Spain thinks of sangria, but not only do Spanish locals rarely ever drink sangria, it’s also even less common in Barcelona – and it’s a total waste to focus on it in your travels. So, what do people in Barcelona usually order to drink?

Spanish vermouth is a common option, and it’s white wine with cinnamon, caramel, and herbal infusions. It’s locally known as vermút rojo, and it has a lovely red color to it. You should also try cava, which is Catalonia’s staple drink: a sparkling white wine. Gin is also a great option, or you can get creative with colorful cocktails.

Plan Your Trip Around Festival Times

There are always great things to do in Barcelona, but for even more action-packed fun, a visit planned during popular festivals is a fantastic option. Yes, it does mean that it will be crowded, but the grandeur of the festivals is well worth it.

Go in late September to attend Festes de la Mercè, which has concerts, fireworks, dancing, and correfoc, spanning five glorious days. You can also go in August for the Festa Major de Gràcia, which is a competition where locals decorate streets with the most elaborate and intricate decorations that they can, with events and concerts playing alongside them.

The 15 Best Hotels in Barcelona

1. Cotton House Hotel – 1.1 km from La Basilica Galeria


The Cotton House Hotel calls a 19th century building its home, and it was once the Cotton Textile Foundation headquarters. Today, it stands proud with a mix of rich historical design and modern architecture, restored by Lázaro Rosa-Violán himself: the most popular interior designer in Barcelona.

This five-star hotel has seven large suites among its 83 rooms. All its rooms are fitted with comfortable king-sized beds, with most rooms having a mix of bathtub and shower. Towels, bathrobes, and slippers are all provided, and there is free Wi-Fi in all rooms.

In addition, room service is available at the Cotton House Hotel 24/7. Aesthetically speaking, the hotel boasts a stunning terrace, with a patio that occasionally hosts a local marketplace for designers from Barcelona. A bar and restaurant is also available onsite. Most interestingly, there is an in-house atelier that keeps the hotel true to its textile roots.

The Cotton House Hotel has a price range of $240 to $460 per night for two adults.

Tel: +34 934 50 50 45 • View on Map

2. W Barcelona – 12 km from Barcelona Airport


The W Barcelona is often bustling, with a luxurious room style, many of which offer some of the most incredible views of the beach, city, and further beyond than you can imagine. It is a five-star accommodation option that, while not located in the most convenient area for city exploration, makes up for it in terms of sights.

More expensive rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows that showcase some stunning panoramas, while all rooms have clever modern lighting that can change the mood of the entire space. Chaise lounges and large work desks are a common feature, and blinds can be controlled via a switch next to the comfortable beds.

Limited Wi-Fi is free with the rooms, but you can purchase additional high-speed Internet packages. The rooms have minibars often stocked with local gin brands, and bathrooms are supplied with Bliss Spa products. Room service is 24/7 and there is the fancy Bravo24 restaurant onsite, which is run by a chef with Michelin stars. You can also go to the top floor for the Eclipse bar.

The W Barcelona has a price range of $220 to $780 per night for two adults.

Tel: +34 932 95 28 00 • View on Map

3. Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona – 220 m from Casa Batlló


The Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona is a five-star hotel with a lot of history. It is over a century old, but its age doesn’t detract from its beauty. Though its staircases and branded furniture indicate some of its age, it remains surprisingly modern overall.

Many rooms offer beautiful views, some of which overlook the boulevard beneath it. They are tastefully colored in beige and cream color tones, with high ceilings, comfortable beds, and bathrooms overlaid in marble. Rooms have coffee machines, free Wi-Fi, French Atelier Cologne brand products, and more.

There is a spa in the hotel that is great for a relaxing pampering session, and the roof terrace is a great place to hang out for drinks and weekend mixes. You can also eat at the Majestic restaurant, which offers formal evening meals and a three-course prix-fixe lunch. But one of the top selling points is the before-hours access to the Fundació Joan Miró, including exclusive private gallery access, as well as tours to Joan Miró’s childhood home.

The Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona has a price range of $230 to $1650 per night for two adults.

Tel: +34 934 88 17 17 • View on Map

4. Mandarin Oriental – 170 m from Casa Batlló


Yet another five-star offering, the Mandarin Oriental is often considered one of the greatest hotels across the globe. From the moment you walk past the doormen and enter the impressive lobby, there is rarely ever a toe out of line or a hair out of place.

The beautiful hotel has elegant rooms in neutral color schemes, with even the smallest room hosting floor-to-ceiling windows that let in natural light and lovely views. Each bathroom is uniquely designed, with most cheaper ones only having showers. High-speed Wi-Fi is free for a maximum of four devices.

While you’re here, you can access the gym and spa, the roof terrace with a plunge pool, and, of course, the restaurants, both looked over by Chef Carme Ruscalleda. Moments has two Michelin stars, while Restaurant Blanc, which offers less expensive fare, uses fresh produce to make unique twists on dishes from Catalonia. A seasonal tasting menu is available at the latter. There is also Terrat, the rooftop restaurant, which serves Peruvian cuisine and cocktails during the summer.

The Mandarin Oriental has a price range of $510 to $3700 per night for two adults.

Tel: +34 931 51 88 88 • View on Map

5. El Palace Hotel – 13 km from Barcelona Airport


The El Palace Hotel features Baroque design and luxurious opulence, perhaps leftover from the days when its building was the Ritz. Its room keys are old-fashioned, its doormen are dressed in top hats, its furniture and décor are luxurious and lavish – all maintaining a classic charm.

This five-star grande dame hotel has been open since 1919. Many of its rooms offer great views, with elegant and lavish furniture that is both relaxing and rich. They are soundproofed well, with large beds fitted with Egyptian-cotton sheets, Chopard bathroom products, bathrooms designed in a Roman mosaic style, and free unlimited Wi-Fi.

The roof terrace of El Palace Hotel is especially luxurious. In the winter, a garden restaurant resembling a greenhouse opens its doors here. You can also head downstairs to the Bluesman bar, which has original Rolling Stones artwork and good cocktails. If you like, you can also visit the hotel spa, which focuses on Mayan themes and treatments volcanic stone.

The El Palace Hotel has a price range of $290 to $2980 per night for two adults.

Tel: +34 935 10 11 30 • View on Map

 6. Soho House Barcelona – 130 m from Basilica of Our Lady of Mercy


The Soho House Barcelona is a charming little spot with good service and a modern, homey design. In fact, you might just feel very much like you’re in your own home while you’re here – if your home was this well decked-out.

Originally, this house began as a club for creatives, filled with trendy exclusive members, but today it is relaxed, with a range of medium and small rooms available. Beds are king-sized with Egyptian-cotton sheets, bathrooms have rainforest showers are well-stocked with big bottles of products, and most rooms have lovely whimsical views outside.

There is fast, free Wi-Fi that comes with each room, and an in-room cocktail service comes by every evening, too. There is also a private 36-seater movie theater with comfortable chairs, blankets, and footstools, a pool deck, a rooftop, restaurants and bars, and as much candy as you would like.

The Soho House Barcelona has a price range of $240 to $1000 per night for two adults.

Tel: +34 932 20 46 00 • View on Map

7. Hotel Arts Barcelona – 1.3 km from Ciutadella Park


Hotel Arts Barcelona is a designer, luxury five-star hotel. It greets you with large displays of floral arrangements, and its rooms have gorgeous panoramas of the beach, city, and Mediterranean.

Each room has large beds with large pure cotton sheets from an upscale brand, spacious bathrooms with a hydro-shower, bathtub, and bidet, products from Asprey, and a flat-screen television. Wi-Fi is free in common areas but only free in rooms if you join the Rewards program of the Ritz-Carlton.

The hotel boasts many amazing eateries, including the Arola bar for cocktails with an award-winning mixologist and the Enoteca restaurant, which has two Michelin stars. Even more, dining options line the outdoor spaces, which include an outdoor pool. There is also a luxury spa. On top of all that, there are high-end fashion boutiques and a hair salon within hotel grounds!

The Hotel Arts Barcelona has a price range of $230 to $1370 per night for two adults.

Tel: +34 932 21 10 00 • View on Map

8. The Wittmore – 400 m from Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar


The Wittmore looks unassuming from the outside, but its interior shows off its five-star status. Located in the Gothic Quarter, it is an adults-only establishment, and its decorations certainly give off that air – dim lights, red velvet furnishings, and dark rooms. There is also a no-photos policy.

Room sizes range from tiny to extra-extra-large, but none of them will give you the commonly sought-after views of Barcelona. The entire vibe of the Wittmore is like that of a private club, and as such, its secretive air means it is very self-contained. There is, however, a vertical garden and an inner courtyard.

While here, bask in the king-sized beds and the decked-out bathrooms. You can also go to the roof terrace, complete with a plunge pool, to soak up the sun, or opt for the library with a lovely fireplace.

The Wittmore has a price range of $230 to $620 per night for two adults.

Tel: +34 935 50 08 85 • View on Map

9. Casa Camper Barcelona – 400 m from Mercado de La Boqueria


Casa Camper Barcelona is a four-star boutique hotel that was the first ever “hipster” hotel in the city. You can find it in Raval, in a slightly slinkier location, and its lobby will greet you with sultry lighting and a black, white, and red color palette.

Rooms are minimalist in style, maintaining the same color scheme from the lobby. A lot of the available rooms have views of the hotel’s own vertical garden, but some also have street-facing balconies. Rooms have different bed sizes, and some have lounge areas as well. Bathrooms involve walk-in showers and environmentally friendly products, and there is free Wi-Fi.

A snack bar at the hotel’s ground floor has 24/7 complementary offerings, and you can head up to the roof terrace to visit the honesty bar. There is also a Japanese tapas bar on site which is run by a Michelin-starred chef.

The Casa Camper Barcelona has a price range of $120 to $420 per night for two adults.

Tel: +34 933 42 62 80 • View on Map

10. Mercer Hotel Barcelona – 400 m from Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar,


In the Gothic Quarter, the five-star Mercer Hotel Barcelona awaits you at the end of a narrow cobblestone alley. It is a rather unique building due to the fact that it is a part of it is built into the fourth century A.D. Roman wall, remnants from the city’s historic roots.

The hotel has a rather serious atmosphere about it. If you’re lucky, your one-in-28 room will have one of the original Roman walls within it. Either way, all rooms are spacious and have king-sized beds with Egyptian-cotton sheets, Molton Brown bathroom products, free Wi-Fi, and an understated elegance.

The Mercer Hotel Barcelona has no shortage of dining options. The Mercer Restaurant serves fancy dishes while the Le Bouchon tapas bar has more casual foods. You can also go to the rooftop terrace for amazing views.

The Mercer Hotel Barcelona has a price range of $420 to $2240 per night for two adults.

Tel: +34 933 10 74 80 • View on Map

11. Almanac Barcelona – 500 m from Casa Batlló


The Almanac Barcelona is a new five-star boutique hotel that first opened its doors in February 2018, right in the heart of the city’s attractions. True to form, it is very modern and stylish. Rooms feature oversized beds with cotton sheets from a high-end brand, a chaise lounge in the window, good soundproofing, and lots of natural lighting through the big windows.

Rooms are technologically advanced, with a one-touch panel used for all lighting adjustments, a smartphone that is free-to-use and offers unlimited international calls, and fast, free Wi-Fi. The bathroom is decked out in products from Jimmy Boyd, all with two exclusive scents you can only get here.

The Almanac Barcelona has a sauna, steam room, loungers, relaxation room, dipping pool, and rooftop terrace. You can also visit the Azimuth bar or the Línia restaurant, both of which are regularly patronized by locals.

The Almanac Barcelona has a price range of $350 to $1460 per night for two adults.

Tel: +34 930 18 70 00 • View on Map

12. Casa Bonay – 13 km from Barcelona Airport


Casa Bonay is a four-star boutique hotel that is set in a courtyard of cobblestones, within a building that was restored from a modernist mansion built in the 19th century. It first opened as a hotel in 2016 and is located a short distance away from the chaos of Barcelona’s most loved tourist attractions.

The more expensive rooms in Casa Bonay boast private terraces, hammocks, outdoor showers, and natural sunlight, though there isn’t as much privacy on the terrace. All rooms are thoughtfully designed, incorporating sliding doors, hydraulic tiles, and modern comfort. Interestingly, they all come with yoga kits. You can also enjoy woven blankets from a nonprofit, MUBI streaming service access, and free Wi-Fi.

In terms of offerings, you can go to the Libertine cocktail bar for a cozy evening, or head up to the roof terrace. Expect acceptable service, but nothing overly exceptional in terms of waitstaff attention.

The Casa Bonay has a price range of $140 to $310 per night for two adults.

Tel: +34 935 45 80 70 • View on Map

13. Hotel Casa Fuster – 450 m from Casa Milà


The five-star Hotel Casa Fuster is housed in a modernista building with a rich history, with its building dating back to 1908. It was refurbished and renovated in 2004 and now stands a mix of new and old.

Rooms have modern, contemporary furniture and are tastefully decorated, and they come with minibars, dressing gowns, free Wi-Fi, and, in some cases, balconies with lovely sights. Some more expensive suites even have a sauna in them!

On the ground floor, you can stop by Café Vienés for a drink and to enjoy its large windows and colorful furnishings. Or you could head to the Galaxó restaurant, which offers Mediterranean cuisine. Live jazz performances are held at the cafe on Thursdays. Don’t forget to head to the outdoor pool on the rooftop terrace for some great views.

The Hotel Casa Fuster has a price range of $230 to $810 per night for two adults.

Tel: +34 932 55 30 00 • View on Map

14. Ohla Eixample – 600 m from Casa Milà


The Ohla Eixample has unique architecture, especially for Barcelona. It has five-star status, despite its lower price. Its exterior has a geometric design that is eye-catching, and when you check-in, you’ll view multi-colored lighting and industrial-style construction with a free “welcome” glass of cava to usher you in. Unique tortoise sculptures are peppered throughout the interior, too.

This building was originally an office block built in the 1970s that was odd with an unstructured ceiling. The resulting sleek, modern look with soundproofing against the nearby Metro is a wonder to behold. Rooms are often full of cement construction, and some have supersized beds, terraces, or balconies. All rooms have a nifty lighting feature that allows you to choose between four lighting modes and Wi-Fi is free.

If you’re looking for the Ohla Eixample’s dining options, the Xerta is Michelin-starred and served food made from Ebro Delta ingredients, such as oysters, duck, and even eels. Go up to the roof terrace for a cocktail bar, loungers, and a pool.

The Ohla Eixample has a price range of $220 to $330 per night for two adults.

Tel: +34 937 37 79 77 • View on Map

15. Hotel 1898 – 250 m from Mercado de La Boqueria


The Hotel 1898 is an elegant four-star hotel which has a quietness to it that contradicts the noisy streets of La Ramblas where it is situated. It has a luxurious air that is understated, with an old-school charm about it. Staying on such a hectic street is not for everyone, but if you want to be right in the middle of the action, this could be a good place.

Rooms are not especially incredible, but they have a lot of space, good quality furniture, and comfortable bedding. Certain rooms have access to a private terrace, too, and mainly interesting views. Bathrooms are made with marble and use an Italian brand called Etro’s products. Wi-Fi is free.

The standout feature of Hotel 1898 is probably the La Isabela rooftop terrace. Panoramic views stretch from the hills in the distance, Tibidabo and Montjuïc, to the beautiful Port Vell on the opposite end. There is also a spa to pamper yourself in!

The Hotel 1898 has a price range of $170 to $370 per night for two adults.

Tel: +34 935 52 95 52 • View on Map

Our Top Picks for the Best Hotels in Barcelona

It’s difficult to choose just one hotel in Barcelona that is the definitive best. The fact is that there are many different factors and categories that may influence your decision in terms of best accommodation. In that vein, here are our top picks.

When it comes to luxury hotels, we have to take our hats off to El Palace. It really is like a palace, with its opulence, old-fashioned classical roots, lavish furnishings, and more. This grand nature, mixed with the spa and garden restaurant, adds to its draw as a rich and decadent experience.

As far as less expensive options go, we would choose Casa Camper Hotel. Its hipster style adds a certain charm to it that makes its inexpensiveness feel quirky and lovable, and it still has great facilities, decor, furniture, and food offerings.

For families, we recommend Ohla Eixample. Its more modern appearance and facilities are great for kids, and there are connecting and double rooms for bigger groups of people. It’s very kid-friendly and also very close to a lot of different attractions.

Finally, the best romantic location for couples has to be the Mercer Hotel Barcelona. It’s in an intimate location in the gothic quarter, with all the quiet self-containment of a boutique hotel with grand and luxurious amenities. With only 28 rooms, it feels even more intimate. Plus, the fact that it has the original Roman wall in it makes it feel extra mysterious and enticing.