10 of The Best Hostels in Malaga, Spain [UPDATED 2022]

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Planning a trip to Malaga? If you’re like most people who’ve never been to Spain and don’t know where to stay, you’ve landed on the right page!

Are you looking for affordable and safe lodging in this exotic coastal city? If so, we’ve got you covered with a list of all the best hostels in Malaga, Spain.

Malaga Spain: an Underestimated Tourist Destination

One of the most beautiful cities in the world, Malaga is located on Spain’s southern Costa del Sol, meaning Coast of the Sun. It’s known for its beautiful beaches, modern skyline, and, oh yeah, it’s the birthplace of Pablo Piccaso.

Home of the famous Museo Piccaso (Picasso Museum), Malaga has tons of cultural history to offer. There’s La Alcazaba, the 8th-century fortress with architecture heavily influenced by its Arab roots, The Roman Theatre, also created during the Moorish period, and the famous Malaga Cathedral.

Aside from its historical value, the city also offers a plethora of other activities including shopping, great food, and beautiful views. So, if you’re looking to learn more about Spain’s rich history as well as get a taste of local culture, look no further than Malaga!

The Best Hostels in Malaga, Spain

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After a long day out in Malaga, you’re going to be looking to sleep in a nice warm bed to prepare for your next day’s adventures (and a safe place to store your goods when you’re gone all day). Below are the best hostels in Malaga Spain.

1. The Urban Jungle Rooftop Hostel


Location: Calle Niño de Guevara 8,   Malaga, Spain

Best known for its rooftop terrace and historic location, The Urban Jungle Rooftop Hostel. Mere minutes away from the Picasso Museum and La Alcazaba, this hostel is the perfect place for someone looking for a green oasis in a town of stone and sand.

Aside from the greenery, this hostel offers free WiFi, a private bedroom upon request, full kitchen access, and a number of activities that will take you around the city.

They also provide a free hair drier and straight iron (I’m talking to you, ladies!) to keep you looking good on your Spanish vacation, as well as free weekly concerts and free coffee all day. Finally, they offer a free themed dinner every night, and always have a vegan option.

Check-in starts at 2:00 pm (14:00), check-out is at 11:00 am, and they accept cash, credit, and debit, with a maximum stay of 5 days. With a 9.3 rating, this hostel is definitely a top choice for anyone looking to stay in Malaga on a budget.

2. The Lights Hostel


Location: Calle Torregorda 3, Malaga, Malaga, Spain

Another highly rated hostel, The Lights Hostel is located in central Malaga and only a few minutes from La Alcazaba and the Malagueta beach, this hostel is the place to stay if you’re looking to meet new people.

Guests have plenty of opportunities to socialize every morning over a nice, cheap breakfast, and every evening over free Sangria. Or, if you’re looking to explore the town with some new friends, look to the staff for some of the best things to do in the city.

This hostel has a lot of great amenities, including air conditioning, free linens, special pricing on bike and scooter rentals, a hairdryer and flat iron upon request, WiFi in every room, and showers with two types of showerheads. Furthermore, every bedroom includes a bed light, a curtain, and a power supply.

Check-in starts at 2:30 pm (14:30), check-out is until 11:30 am, and they accept credit cards and cash. Another great choice in Malaga, and the only property with balconies over the Semana Santa and Feria Festivals, The Lights Hostel and its 9.0 rating are sure to please.

3. Alcazaba Premium Hostel


Location: Calle Alcazabilla, 12, 29015 Málaga, Spain

Third on our list, we have the Alcazaba Premium Hostel. Another choice in the center of Malaga, this hostel is minutes from the Picasso Museum, the Malaga Cathedral, La Malagueta beach, and only 7mi (12km) from the   Moreover, it’s located a mere two minutes from a variety of shops, pubs, and restaurants and bars.

Best known for its boutique nature, the Alcazaba Premium Hostel has modern styled rooms with beautiful views of the Alcazaba fortress. Its amenities include private bathrooms with each bedroom, as well as free linens and luggage storage for guests.

Check-in is from 2:00 pm-11:00 pm (14:00-23:00), check-out is until 12:00 am, and they accept cash, credit, and debit card payments.  With a rating of 8.9, and views that are sure to please, if you’re looking for a hostel surrounded by historical landmarks, shops, and great food, look no further than Alcazaba Premium Hostel.

4. Conviven: Albergue y Espacio Ecocultural


Location: Urbanización Villas del Lago 65 29712, Viñuela, Malaga, Spain

Highly rated for its staff, cleanliness, and location, this hostel your best option for reducing your carbon footprint on the world (or just saving the environment in any way possible) today.

While not the most inclusive option (breakfast, sheets, and towels not included), Conviven is determined to help its guests become more involved with the world around them. It’s an environmentally aware space with activities that include school visits, conscious eating, organic farming, and environmental education.

Check-in is from 4:00pm-10:00pm (16:00-22:00), check-out is before 3:00pm (15:00), and accept cash payments. This environmentally friendly hostel has a rating of 8.9 and is surely the best way to go if you’re looking to save the world a little bit today, or even just want to learn what it’s like to live a cleaner life.

5. The Lights Garden


Location: Calle Molinillo del Aceite 5, Malaga, Spain

If you’re looking for an authentic Andalusian experience, The Lights Garden is the place for you. The hostel is an over 100-year-old home with the goal of creating a beautiful and memorable experience in Malaga.

Located in the city center, this is another hostel where you just need to walk a few steps to experience something new and exciting. It’s a short walk to Museo Picasso, Museo Thyssen, Calle Larios, La Malagueta beach, La Alcazaba, the Malaga Cathedral, and is seconds from a large number of restaurants, theaters, and bars.

Amenities include free WiFi, laundry service, heaters, fans, and beach towel, car, and scooter rental. Further, there’s access to a full kitchen if you’re in the mood to cook with your new friends.

Check-in is from 2:00 pm- 10:00 pm (14:00-22:00), check-out is until 12:00 pm. With a rating of 8.9, The Lights Garden is a great place to save your wallet and gain an authentic living experience in Malaga, Spain.

6. Malaga Beach and Center Backpackers


Location: Paseo Salvador Rueda 9, Malaga, Spain

Do quiet waves and sandy beaches sound like the best vacation to you? If so, you’ve just found your new go-to hostel in Malaga! Located a breath away from the beach, the Malaga Beach and Center Backpackers hostel is nestled in a residential area, away from all the tourist hustle and bustle. The city center is very easy to reach, so you get the best of both worlds during your vacation.

Aside from its quiet atmosphere, this hostel gets big points on its beautiful sea views free WiFi, free maps to the city, as well as included linens. They host book exchanges, BBQs, and have laundry facilities on the property. Not to mention the outdoor terrace or hot showers.

Check-in is from 3:00 pm- 11:00 pm (15:00-23:00), check-out is until 11:00 am, and they accept credit card, cash, and debit payments. If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxed hostel, with an 8.7 rating, and without the noise and mess a party hostel can bring, Malaga Beach and Center Backpackers is the best choice for you.

7. Oasis Backpackers’ Hostel Malaga


Location: Calle San Telmo 14, Malaga, Spain

One of the better party hostels, the Oasis Backpackers’ Hostel Malaga is a surefire way to have some fun the Malaga. Only ten minutes from the Málaga Cathedral, Parque de Málaga, La Alcazaba and CAC Málaga (a popular art museum in the city) and fifteen minutes from the beach, this hostel is a cultural and social center.

Oasis Backpackers’ Hostel Malaga offers free breakfast, under bed lockers, as well as two bars (one of which has a rooftop terrace location.) It also features free coffee, free walking tours, pub crawls, and more. In addition, the staff has an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to the city’s history, cultural influences, social, and music scenes.

Check-in is from 2:00 pm- 11:00 pm (14:00-23:00), check-out is until 11:30 am, and they accept credit card, cash, and debit payments. With a rating of 8.5, the Oasis Backpackers’ Hostel Malaga is a great place to foster your inner historian and please your social self.

8. Casa Babylon Backpackers


Location:  Calle Pedro de Quejana, 3, Malaga, Spain

Another hostel to consider if you’re looking to make a friend or two, Casa Babylon Backpackers is a cozy hostel located just a few minutes from the castle of Gibralfaro.

Like the other hostels, it features an outdoor terrace and, unlike the other hostels, is located in the district of Victoria. Because of its location, the hostel has better access to places like Plaza de la Merced, Cervantes Theater, Picasso’s house, and a numerous amount of bars, shops, and restaurants.

Amenities include free Wifi, free linens, hot showers, a fridge/ freezer, 24hr reception, airport transportation, and more. There’s also a bar and a cafe.

Check-in and check-out are available 24 hrs a day,  and they accept credit card, cash, and debit payments. With a rating of 8.5, the Casa Babylon Backpackers is a great place to if you’re looking for the greener parts of Malaga.

9. Chinitas Urban Hostel


Location: Pasaje de Chinitas, 3, Malaga, Spain

Located near a large number of shops and restaurants, Chinitas Urban Hostel is the way to go if you’re looking for less history and more shopping. The hostel is mere minutes from the famed Marques de Larios Street, as well as the Alameda Principal, the hub for all Malaga busses.

Amenities for the Chinitas Urban Hostel include a terrace tea-coffee bar (with a breathtaking view of the Malaga Cathedral), as well as air conditioning, hot showers, storage lockers, and an elevator. There’s also free WiFi, 24hr reception, and transport to the airport. Best of all for all you partygoers? This hostel has a nightclub.

Check-in is from 12:00 pm- 11:00 pm (12:00-23:00), check-out is until 12:00 pm, and they accept credit card, cash, and debit payments. With a rating of 8.5, Chinitas Urban Hostel is a great place to go if you’re looking for some good nights out (and in).

10. Feels Hostel Soho Malaga


Location: Calle Vendeja, n 25. , Malaga, Spain

Centrally located, the Feels Hostel Soho Malaga maintains a good balance between the social and historical locations in Malaga. Walking distance from the CAC Malaga, the Parque de Malaga, La Alcazaba, Alameda Principal, and the seaport, to name a few places, Feels Hostel Soho Malaga has it all.

This is another hostel that encourages its guests to meet one another through Paella Nights. In addition, their amenities include free WiFi and linens, a laundry facility (including a dryer), an ironing board and iron, elevator, and bike parking. Finally, the Feels Hostel Soho Malaga’s most unique aspect is its job board, available to all seeking guests.

Check-in is from 3:00 pm- 11:00 pm (15:00-23:00), check-out is until 11:00 am, and they accept credit card, cash, and debit payments. The lowest rated at 8.2, but still held in high regard, the Feels Hostel Soho Malaga

Selecting the Best Hostel in Malaga for You

While not always the first trip that comes to mind, a vacation to Malaga is one you will not regret. And, with so many choices for lodging, it’s important to pick the one that best fits your needs (and your budget).

With all of the great selections, we’ve researched and listed for you in our list of the best hostels, booking your favorite hostel and heading on over to the beautiful city of Malaga, Spain, should be a breeze!

Know about another great hostel in Malaga or if you just feel like sharing highlights about your trip to Malaga, drop us a line in the comments section below!

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