5 of The Best Hostels in Vienna For Most Travellers

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So you’re headed to Vienna and want to find the right hostel for you? Perhaps you’re backpacking across Europe and want to party and unwind with fellow travelers?

Or maybe you just happen to like the friendly atmosphere hostels can offer. Whatever the case, we’ve compiled a list of the best hostels in Vienna and the pros and cons of each so you can choose which suits your needs the best.

Quick answer: the best hostels in Vienna

  1. Hostel Ruthensteiner
  2. Wombat’s City Hostel
  3. Meininger Vienna
  4. A&T Holiday Hostel
  5. Gartl Apartments and Hostel

5 of The Best Hostels in Vienna

1. Hostel Ruthensteiner

Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna

One of the best hostels in Vienna, Hostel Ruthensteiner is family-owned and run, and has the privilege of offering a communal garden, barbecue, and kitchen.

It’s already hard finding a place with a garden where you can enjoy a drink in the warm afternoon, but one as beautiful as this is near impossible.

Ruthensteiner’s history is much more lengthy than others in the city, boasting of being a top rated hostel since the late sixties.

One of its main (and many) charms are its revolving art exhibits by local artists and in-house music concerts. You can enjoy the Viennese art scene practically in your own room.

Another draw is their beautiful gardens, with handmade furniture and board game areas, including a massive chess set. There are two gardens at the hostel, and they all have inviting tree shades under which to unwind after a long day of walking around Vienna.

They even grow herbs and spices that they use at the bar. Actually, the Ruthensteiner is very committed to sustainability, having added solar panels to power the showers in summer, and buying from a local green energy supplier in winter.

Shared rooms in the hostel are big, with private lockers, linen, free WiFi, free maps, and facilities.

Depending on your preferences, some shared rooms offer shared facilities, some have their own private bathroom, and there’s even a studio apartment with its own kitchenette, bathroom, and eating area.

The rooms have been designed by local artists and members of staff and they are all unique and stylishly decorated in themes that speak of Vienna in a trendy way.


  • All rooms are priced incredibly well.
  • There are also for hire bikes and iPads.
  • And you can use the kitchen, outdoor barbecue, and musical instruments and games.
  • Also offers laundromat and luggage storage.


  • The Ruthensteiner is close to Westbahnoff train station which means the city center isn’t easy to reach on foot.
  • There’s public transport close by, including the main train station, but its location might mean returning earlier than expected from a night out if you prefer walking.

2. Wombat’s City Hostel – The Naschmarkt

Wombats Hostel Vienna

Another top-rated hostel in the capital of Austria, Wombats is now an international chain with two Vienna locations but was started when owners, Austrian backpackers, developed the idea during a trip to Australia (hence the name.)

They wanted to offer the lively and communal partying experience of a hostel while maintaining all the comforts of a hotel.
Rooms at the Naschmarkt are spacious, with their own private bathroom, and exceptionally clean.

The Naschmarkt has been awarded by HostelWorld for its cleanliness twice already. It’s also close to the city center, which you can reach either on foot or by public transport. The Naschmarkt is located next to a market of the same name that’s also a must-see in Vienna.

This place is ideal for those traveling alone who wish to make friends with other travelers from all over the world, or groups of friends who want to hang out and sit back with a couple of beers in a festive atmosphere after sight-seeing around Vienna.


  • The Naschmarkt offers free WiFi, a complimentary welcome drink, free sheets in ready-made beds, free maps and walking tours, 24-hour reception, and paid breakfast and laundromats.
  • Great for socializing, partying and meeting new people.


  • Private rooms for couples are priced closer to a hotel range.
  • If you’re traveling on a budget, you might be better suited elsewhere.

3. Meininger Vienna Downtown Sissi

Meinnger Hostel Vienna

As its name says, this place is inspired by Austro-Hungarian Empress Sissi and you’ll find a royal theme in its decor.

The Meininger Sissi is located near the Karmelitermarkt and the Old Town and is excellent for those who like walking around the city and experiencing the lives of locals.

It’s also walking distance to public transport where you can catch buses, trams, and U-Bahn to reach the city center.

The Meininger is part of an international hotel chain though it was planned, and feels like, a hostel, offering shared rooms, affordable prices, common spaces, and kitchens for guests.

All rooms have free WiFi, bathrooms, television, free maps, linen, and telephone.

In the lounge, you can find a gaming area with foosball tables, a bar, and computers you can use for a small fee. And if you like to travel with your pets, the Sissi allows them to stay over with you for a fee.

Both the reception and the bar sell snacks and drinks 24 hours and there is a paid breakfast service.


  • The Meininger Sissi is slick, modern, and perfect for business travelers on a budget, families with pets and small children, and couples.
  • Laundromat services, lockers, luggage storages, to hire bikes and computers.


  • If you’re a party traveler, your best bet is elsewhere as its atmosphere is more relaxed.
  • Its location is far from the city center and certain sights and not suitable if you prefer walking.
  • Its prices are affordable but higher than would be expected from a hostel, therefore not for solo travelers.

4. A&T Holiday Hostel

A&T Hostel Vienna

A relatively new hostel that opened in 2013, the A&T Holiday Hostel is massive, with room for 300 travelers in 75-rooms spread over six floors.

It was decorated in a very modern style, with bright block colors, and individual identity for each of the rooms. As it’s located in a newly constructed building, all rooms are light and clear, and some of them have views to a beautiful inner courtyard.

All shared rooms have private bathrooms, lockers, and reading lamps, and either four, five, or six beds. Linen is given at reception on arrival.

There are also twin and three-bed private rooms. Everything at A&T is new, as the building was constructed in order to be a hostel, and not repurposed, and located near the city center for easy access both on foot and by public transport.

At common areas, you’ll find vending machines, pool and foosball tables, free WiFi, a lounge area, and a cafe-bar serving snacks and drinks.

A&T encourages its guests to mingle and get to know each other in their lounge area, with comfy couches and plenty of space.


  • If you’re a woman traveling alone, A&T has a whole floor just for women, and those rooms look onto the inner courtyard. Its prices are low and convenient and you make the most for your money.
  • The central location is next to great restaurants, must-see sights, and cafes.


  • There is no WiFi in the rooms, only shared spaces. You have to make your own bed and return the sheets to the reception at check out.
  • No kitchen for guests.

5. Gartl Apartments and Hostel

Gartl Hostel Vienna

Gartl Apartments and Hostel stays true to its name in that all six-bed shared rooms come with their private kitchen, lounge area, and bathroom, giving the feel (and privilege) of privacy and comfort even when sharing with other travelers.

Their private apartments, of course, offer the same amenities and give you privacy and independence in a minimalist, rustic design.

There are more private apartments than shared ones at Gartl, but the prices don’t change that much if you’re traveling as a couple. For a solo traveler, the shared dorm room is their best option.

All rooms shared and private, have free WiFi, linen, towels (a rarity in the hostel world!) and access to the shared inner courtyard where you can sit around and relax on the upcycled furniture, under a tree shade, and enjoy the view of the beautifully curated garden.

For women solo travelers, the Gartl also offers women-only dorm rooms with the added comfort of a private kitchen and lounge.

Gartl is pretty new and family-owned and run. That might be the reason for its quiet charm and homeliness, making it perfect for families traveling with small children or elderly relatives, and women traveling alone or in groups.

It’s located near Langenfeldgasse U-Bahn station, about ten minutes away by car or public transport from the city center.


  • Really affordable prices and great, fully equipped rooms that feel as though you’re renting an apartment for the same cost as a hostel.
  • Clean, quiet, and spacious rooms with closets, hairdryers, and views of the inner courtyard.


  • Its location is not recommended for those who prefer to move around solely on foot, as it’s outside the city center. No in-house restaurant or snack bar and no A/C in the rooms.
  • Not for party travelers, as the shared rooms lounge areas are the only communal spaces and partying isn’t encouraged.