The Best Hostels in Granada, Spain [MUST READ]

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Europe is known as one home to some of the top tourist destinations on the planet. Travelers from around the globe are continually visiting for its grandeur, ancient architecture, and rich historical background.

Despite its wild popularity with people all over the world, there are still numerous places in Europe which are less known to many of the tourists. One of these hidden gems is the rich-cultured city of Granada, Spain.

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Planning a Trip to Granada Spain?

Granada, a city if Andalusia, is a home for numerous preserved Islamic architecture situated at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Today, it is famous for its ancient infrastructures, old tapa restaurants, colorful street arts, and of course for its iconic cave houses.

Considering the weather, the best months to visit Granada are May, June, September, and October wherein the temperature is around 72 to 86 Fahrenheit, allowing travelers to wander the streets without frozen hands or sweat.

Aside from that, travelers can have the chance to participate in some of Granada’s most important cultural events during May and June.

If you are planning to visit Granada anytime soon, make sure to explore its most iconic sights which include the Alhambra, Bañuelo (traditional Arab baths), Generalife, and of course the Sierra Nevada mountains!

The Best Hostels in Granada Spain

Finding the right lodging accommodations, which cater to all of your needs and preferences, can be quite the hassle. But, to help you out, we’ve put together a list of several hostels in Granada that offer exceptional amenities and services:

1. Oasis Backpackers Hostel Granada


Just at the base of the Albayzin, near the Gran Via and Calle de la Alcaiceria, is the Oasis Backpackers Hostel Granada—a few minutes travel to some famous sights like Alhambra and the Moorish Palace.

This hostel is ideal for travelers or tourist who wants to maximize their time and freedom in exploring the districts of Granada. Found in the middle of the city center, this allows hostel guests to wander within the busy and radiant streets of Granada’s enchanting Arabic quarter.

This hostel offers unlimited free and fast Wi-Fi and phone cards to its guests. They also have satellite TV and DVDs, comfy bunk beds that have storages underneath, fully-equipped kitchen, high-pressure showers, and laundry service.

And if that’s not yet convincing, this hostel has a relaxing patio with BBQ, rooftop terrace, and cocktail bar where you can socialize with your co-guests. You can also choose to experience the nightlife bursting with bars, café, and clubs outside the hostel. Worry not because they don’t have curfews!

This hostel didn’t claim themselves as a ‘social hostel’ for no reason. They encourage their guests to explore the best-unexplored spots in Granada by offering them a morning and evening caves tours, tapas tours, and nature tours all for free!

To prove that, the 2010 Hoscars acknowledged them as one of the Top 10 Small Hostels Worldwide that serve tours to its guests.

2. Makuto Backpackers Hostel


Housed in an eighteenth-century building between cobblestone alleys and old streets of Albayzin is the Makuto Backpackers Hotel. This hostel is nearby the Faral Horra Palace, and the Bañuelo.

Travelers love this hostel not only because it is accessible to almost all of Granada’s famous sights, but also for its friendly and laid-back environment.

This place believes that a hostel’s principal purpose is to offer an accommodating and warm environment to its guests. That is why they designed this hostel with highly-engaging lounge areas.

Guests can share travel experiences with other guests at its treehouse, or outside lounges with Mexican hammocks, bar, BBQ and guitars! On top of that, guests are offered to join their free daily sunset walking tours through the Albaicin and Sacromonte neighborhoods.

Guests can wander the historic streets of Granada even past midnight since it doesn’t have curfews, although children under sixteen are not allowed at the hostel.

This is the best place for independent travelers looking for a place that has almost anything on it (for free)! This unique, small hostel offers unlimited free Wi-Fi connection, breakfast, coffee, and tea throughout your stay. Furthermore, they allow guests to use their shower, internet, and kitchen even after check-out, and still for free!

3. Apartamentos Muralla Ziri 


Apartamentos Muralla Ziri is recommended for families traveling to Albayzin. This boutique apartment is in lower Albayzin, and just a two-minute walk to Plaza Nueva and the Cathedral.

Moreover, this is highly-accessible to various Arab-style tearoom, bars, restaurants, and to the bus stop going to the airport and Alhambra.

Enjoy the double-bed bedroom, lounge, kitchenette, and private bathroom with your family at your rented apartment. Additionally, each unit has its flat-screen TV, hot and cold air-conditioning, utensils, and appliances. Not only that, but you can also experience a fantastic morning as the stunning view of the Alhambra Palace will greet you from the apartment terrace.

This hostel offers grand deals and services. Access code, directions, and parking suggestions are provided when you booked ahead of time. And if you’re lucky, you might even get a discount!

Their reception hours are from 9:00 to 13:00, but with your access code, you can arrive at the hostel even before or after the reception hours. On top of all those great deals, this hostel accommodates children under 24 months for free, not to mention, in a travel baby cot.

4. Fundalucia


If you want to get away from the busy streets of Granada and simply want to have a comfortable and peaceful stay, then Fundalucia is the best place for you. Located in a 1000 inhabitants village 13 km from the city center, it is a 20-minute bus ride to Granada’s nightlife.

Instead of bars and monuments, you will get to enjoy a magnificent mountain view, a walk around the Sierra Nevada, and a swim at the nearby lake. Everyone is welcome and ideal for English, German, Spanish, and French speakers since hostel staffs can speak the said languages.

Ideal for independent travelers, families, or groups, you can rent a private or shared room or even a little independent house with its own kitchen, bathroom, wood stove, and air conditioner.

Aside from that, it has a garden area where guests can relax and enjoy the nature view. It also offers a swimming pool, free linen, 24-hour internet access, fully-equipped kitchen, hot showers, TV with an extensive selection of movies, tourist information, and kayak rentals.

Fundalacia is all about a relaxed and severe travel experience. Moreover, it values privacy and a good-night sleep and asks guests to be extremely quiet after 11 p.m. with respect to other guests.

5. Oh! My Hostel


A vibrant-looking and comfortable Oh! My Hostel is found in the heart of Granada. It is just a few meters away from the well-known tourist spots like Calle Navas, the Town Hall and the Cathedral, and around 1.2 km from Alhambra. This place is ideal for short-time travelers who enjoy exploring tourist sights, and only need a place to stay at night.

This hostel is designed to make the guests feel relaxed after a long day of experiencing the streets of Granada. Each light-colored room has particular names such as peace, calm, sea, river, and sun.

Did I mention that the sheets and comforter in each bed cater to four seasons to suit your temperature? They do, and it’s free! Additionally, the hostel also has spacious and aesthetically-designed common areas and a lovely terrace overlooking the rich-cultured streets of Granada.

Hotel guests also get a free breakfast, and a passcode for the room and the front door. There is no curfew, although children under 12 years old and pets are not allowed.

Aside from that, short-time guests are only allowed to carry one large or similar suitcase per person. Nonetheless, they give you a pleasant and comfortable stay at the hostel.

6. Eco Hostel


Inside the amazing historic building in the main avenue of Granada is the Eco Hostel. This hostel is highly-recommended for travelers who want to explore the nearby attractions and landmarks such as the Plaza De La Trinidad, Mirador Ojo de Granada, and the Jardines Del Triunfo.

Besides, guests can also enjoy privacy and a great atmosphere at the retro Eco’s cafeteria on the ground-level floor.

This hotel caters to independent travelers, families, and groups. On top of that, this is a child and wheelchair-friendly and has 24-hour security and reception services.

Also, keep in mind that smoking and pets are not allowed on the premises. This hostel is named as Eco Hostel simply because of its nature and recycling-related interior design. In fact, the rooms are Scandinavian Industrial-designed which gives a clean, organized, and clutter-free atmosphere.

This hostel offers various activities for guests to enjoy like Arab baths, diving, paragliding, flamenco, trekking, cycling, horse riding, and a lot more.

Just ask the reception staff, and have an unforgettable experience all-throughout the day (because there is no curfew!) Eco Hostel loves to welcome as many travelers as possible, so they only allow a maximum period of stay of fourteen days. Worry not because they will serve you at their best and will assist you on your tours.

7. Hostel Nut


You can find Hostel Nut at the center of Granada, at Calle San Jose Baja, and it the Albaicin Cathedral and the Granada Science Park. Aside from that, around 23 km away is the Federico Garcia Lorca Granada-Jaen airport.

If you are arriving from this airport, the hostel management can arrange a paid airport shuttle service for you.

This hostel is ideal for travelers who prefer a tranquil space where they can relax and have time for themselves. Each room has a private bathroom, air-conditioning and heating system, and code access.

Additionally, they provide reading light, outlet, and a blackout curtain to each guest. Yes, this hostel honors privacy, but it also has common areas where they can socialize with other guests.

The interiors of the hostels offer a calm atmosphere with its pastel-colored fixtures and accents, indoor plants, white walls, and well-thought pixel-designed art wall. Did I mention that there is no curfew and it is wheelchair-friendly? Yes, it is!

8. Hostel Lolamento


One hundred meters from the Albayzin Cathedral is the Hostel Lolamento. Located in the old town of Granada, this hostel is highly-accessible by foot from the famous tourist sights of Granada.

Additionally, this hostel has its own vending machines, cafe, and a la carte restaurant where guests can taste innovative cuisines and refreshing cocktails with other travelers and even locals.

This hostel has three floors, and on the ground-floor is its bar. The rooms can accommodate a minimum of two and a maximum of ten people with a private bathroom.

Hostel Lolamento honors its guests by creating a livable space. Rooms are spacious and well-lit. Besides, each room also has its own Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and heating system, lockers, and other services.

Guests are allowed to rent for a maximum of fourteen days, and payments are made upon arrival. Each booking also entitles guests to free breakfast. Moreover, it also has no curfews to give guests the freedom to explore Granada.

9. 4U Hostel 


4U Hostel is a newly-opened tourist hostel, just this year (2019), located in a historical area of Alhambra. This multicultural hostel is just a few walks to various tourist sights where guests can taste local cuisines, experience Granada culture, and of course nightlife!

Its architecture design was inspired by the sixteenth-century old courtyard houses. Also, its interiors have a  Scandinavian and Rustic accent. Walls are mostly white in most areas, and you can spot an indoor plant in almost every corner.

Guests can book either a private or shared room which caters to a minimum of four to a maximum of eight persons per room. Worry not because each room has its offers a calming atmosphere and has a private bathroom.

On top of that, each bed has a built-in curtain to provide additional privacy, especially for shared rooms. Although it priorities privacy, the hostel does not implement curfews. Guests can go in and out of the hostel as long as they do not create a disturbance.

10. Atenas


One of the hostels located in the center of the city that offers hotel-like rooms is the Atenas. It is precisely next to the Cathedral of Granada and adjacent to Albaicin shopping district and restaurants.

It is also a 15-minute walk trip going to Alhambra and Generalife. Additionally, this hostel collaborates with the cafeterias and restaurants within the area to serve their guests well.

As mentioned, this Spanish hostel offers modern furnished and spacious hotel-like rooms. Moreover, each room has a private bathroom, air conditioning and heating system, television, and free Wi-Fi. Also, each guest is entitled to private parking. In contrast to its interiors’ modern look, the building’s exterior blends well with the iconic historical architectural design of Granada.

As a family-run business, Atenas wants each of their guests to have a unique, memorable, and comfortable experience in Granada, and so they put out their best effort to serve each guests’ needs.

Choosing the Best Hostel in Granada for You

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a place to stay when traveling including its location, price, accessibility, amenities, rules & regulations, and sometimes whether they have good or bad reviews online.

As a traveler, it is crucial to choose a place that you trust and respect. Doing so will allow you to enjoy exploring the city worry-free and with all the confidence in the world.

Time is ticking, and you are not getting any younger. As early as you can, you should explore and experience the underrated beauty of the world. Moreover, everyone deserves a reward for every small victory that they earn. So, hurry up and see the best in the world!

Do you know of a great hostel or tourist attraction in Granada that you’d like to share with our audience? If so, leave a comment in the section below!

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