7 of The Best Hostels in Florence, Italy – Find Your Ideal Place To Stay

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Taking a vacation is a very rewarding experience, especially when traveling abroad. You get to see new sights, meet new people, and experience the ordinary in a brand new way every time.

With this in mind, have you ever thought about visiting the city of Florence, Italy? If not, you really should. It’s for good reason this gem of a city receives millions of tourists each year.

Quick Answer:

Visiting Florence

With a population of around 383,000 people, Florence is a very popular city for travelers to visit. The Arno river running through the city lending serene beauty to the already picturesque views.

An average of about 16 million people visit Florence every year, a vast majority of people visiting the city between the months of April and September.

In Florence, there’s a little bit for everyone to enjoy, no matter where you come from. Take a walk through the Florence cathedral, where the inspiration for the domed cathedral was the history of the Roman pantheon.

Or stroll along the Ponte Vecchio, a bridge rebuilt in 1345 after the original bridge flooded, lined with shops the Ponte Vecchio is a very popular place for visitors to Florence.

While there are many popular options for things to do in Florence some visitors opt to visit the local hangouts rather than the mainstream tourist attractions.

This can lead to a very unique way of experiencing the city in all of its splendor. Catching brunch with the locals and hanging around cafes also makes an already exciting experience even more incredible.

Experiencing local cuisines and interacting with the general public could lead to the trip of a lifetime.

A great hostel makes all the difference in the world. And that is why we’ve put together a list of the best hostels in Florence for our audience.

The Best Hostels In Florence

During their stay in Florence, many visitors choose to stay in a hostel, a resting place for travelers and so much more. Hostels provide a variety of helpful services to travelers such as lower lodging and food costs, as well as close proximity to the best local attractions.

Here are some of the best hostels in Florence, Italy: 

1. Hostel Gallo d’Oro


A short 10-minute walk from the Duomo the Hostel Gallo d’Oro is a highly rated lodging center. Your stay includes a free buffet along with free towels and internet access.

Dorms and private rooms sleep up to 6 people at any given time. There is even a travel tour desk available for you to check out.

Rated 9.1 out of 10 on HostelWorld, reviewers had many positive things to say. One reviewer even labeled it as ‘The most amazing hostel I have ever stayed in’.

Claiming that the cleanliness of the hostel was above expectation, and the friendliness of the staff was on par with some of the best hotels. The Hostel d’Oro is very highly rated and recommended for your stay.

If you find yourself staying at the Hostel Gallo d’Oro consider visiting nearby attractions such as the Accademia Gallery a 5-minute walk from the hostel.

Or taking a train to a neighboring city to view even more attractions. With the train station, only a 20 minute walk away from a very feasible option. No matter what your reason for visiting, you will find that you enjoy the atmosphere at the Hostel d’Oro.

2. Academy Hostel


Located right outside of the Duomo and the Galleria dell’ Academia the Academy Hostel is in the center of Florence. Enjoy your stay at this popular hostel with breakfast included.

The Academy Hostel is an optimal place for visitors who would like a calm place to relax and meet other travelers. The Academy Hostel supplies both dormitories and rooms, each dormitory bed comes with its own locker to keep personal belongings.

The Academy Hostel provides free wifi in public areas, as well as a microwave and a book exchange in communal areas. With a rating of 8.8 out of 10 on HostelWorld, this hostel is a fabulous place to stay during your travels.

With 24 hour reception, there is no curfew at this place of business. While there is no limit on how late you can stay out, there is a limit on how long you can stay there, 14 days is the maximum stay length at this Hostel.

If your stay extends beyond 14 days check out some of the other hostels on this list.

Your payment must be provided in cash or through a credit card or debit card upon arrival. However, if something comes up and you are unable to stay at this hostel there is a 72-hour cancellation policy.

You are expected to be checked in anywhere from 3-11 pm and checked out by 11 am on your predetermined day.

3. Bassetto Guesthouse


Formerly the home of a convent of Benedictine monks who welcomed traveling pilgrims, the Bassetto Guesthouse opened in 1998 by a family with the same hospitality ideals as the monks.

To offer a place to rest for travelers.

Located in Certaldo, Tuscany a region as beautiful as it is memorable with local vineyards, olive groves, and medieval towns. The Bassetto Guesthouse is perfect if you need a break from the busy city life during your stay in Florence.

Boasting activities such as a fresh pasta cooking class taught by local chefs, this hostel has both dorms and rooms available for check out. The dorms and rooms are separate each with its own kitchen and common area.

A 1-hour train trip to Florence the Bassetto Guesthouse provides free drop-offs and pickups from the Certaldo train station ( subject to availability ).

With a 2-day cancellation policy, this hostel is primarily English speaking and child-friendly. While there is no curfew the reception desk is only open from 8:30 am through 11 am, and 5 pm to 8 pm.

You are expected to check-in between 5 and 8 pm, and check out by 10 am.

4. Hostel Santa Monica


As one of the oldest hostels in Florence, the Hostel Santa Monica boasts an 8.3 out of 10 on HostelWorld. Running for 40+ years this location is an ex-convent of the 15th century.

With lots of unique history, there are music events hosted in the annexed church that you might just get lucky enough to attend. Most of the city’s museums and monuments are within walking distance of the Hostel Santa Monica, as well as the train station, making travel to and from other cities easier.

The Hostel Santa Monica offers many services and amenities such as air conditioning and free internet access, as well as free bed linens, city maps, towels, and padlocks.

There is an on-site full guest kitchen available for use, as well as an outdoor terrace. If you are worried about security, worry no more as there are security guards on staff overnight.

You can check-in anytime from 6 am to 2 am and check out is expected by 10:30 am on your expected date. Credit cards are accepted at this place of business.

At this hostel there is a curfew from 3 am through 6 am, as well as a 48-hour cancellation policy. Feel free to utilize all the amenities and have fun.

5. PLUS Florence


PLUS Florence located in Via Santa Catarina D’Allesandria 15 is a luxury hostel with many extra amenities for those staying in their female-only rooms.

In the center of Florence, PLUS Florence is a cozy homely environment that you are sure to enjoy.

With a PLUS Tours travel desk PLUS Florence scored an impressive 8.5 out of 10 on HostelWorld. Feel free to spend time in the on-site swimming pool, or if swimming isn’t really your thing, there is an on-site bar, restaurant, and panoramic terrace.

Not sure you wanna go out today? There are flat-screen televisions in every room, as well as free wifi. Their spacious rooms provide the comfort of home with a private reading lamp, bed linens, fleece blankets, pillows, and a storage locker coming with every bed.

The mixed and shared dorms can host up to 8 people at any given time, and all rooms have a shower.

If you are a girl traveling alone or in a group of other girls the PLUS Florence is the perfect place for you with their PLUS Female only rooms.

Sleeping up to 8 people at once, the PLUS Florence female-only rooms have larger bathrooms, contain a vanity table with a mirror, large fluffy towels, hairdryers, and as a bonus the bed comes with a complimentary welcome cosmetic pack.

Hopefully, you will enjoy your stay at the PLUS Florence just as much as one reviewer who said his stay at the hostel was excellent with a great ambiance.

He claimed that the staff was very knowledgeable and kind and that the bathrooms were always clean (if you’ve ever been at a hostel before you know this is not always the case).

6. My Friends


Located in Via Faenza 66, Florence, Italy, My Friends boasts a calm non-party environment for travelers who want to experience Florence but not the all-night scene.

A very homey hostel where you can go to relax and relieve the stress and pressures of the day, perfect for those who are out all day and want to get a good night’s sleep every night of their stay. With a 24-hour cancellation policy that is 1-2 days less than most hostels require.

You can check-in from 2 pm to 7 pm but after 7 pm your room may have been given away. Checkout is anytime at or before 10:30 am.

Before attempting to check-in, make sure you have the cost in cash, My Friends takes credit cards but has a preference for cash payments. My Friends is a non-smoking hostel with no curfew and free wifi throughout the building, and free all day luggage storage.

My Friends hostel is perfect for those travelers who plan to be out all day exploring the nearby cities and seeing the sights.

Those who plan to come back to the hostel long enough to sleep and take a shower with minimal downtime in their itineraries. Earning a 9.3 out of 10 on HostelWorld it is obvious to us that this hostel is a very good place for all travelers.

7. Ostello Del Bigallo – Bigallo Hostel


The Bigallo Hostel was formerly a monastery dating back to the 13th century once called Antico Spedale del Bigallo.

Rated 9.2 out of 10 on HostelWorld this hostel is very homey with multiple different types of rooming options. Check-in is from 4 pm through 10 pm, and checkout is at or before 10:30 pm.

Stay in the dormitories if you have a group of people. With 2 different dormitories, one sleeping 5, the other sleeping 8 there are plenty of places to sleep.

Each bed in a dormitory offers its own storage space with locks available upon request at check-in. Each dormitory contains a shared bathroom with a shower, however, towels are not included in your rate.

Try an alcove. Sleep like the monks, alcoves are offered with shared bathrooms. There are 20 alcoves, and each alcove has 2 single beds. This is by far one of the most unique features of the Bigallo Hostel.

Request a private room. Private rooms are another option available for sleeping arrangements, with a private bathroom and shower, you have the ability to request 1 or more single beds to be added to the room. Sheets, towels, and a daily cleaning service all are included in the private rooms.

Keep in mind, this is a non-smoking hostel with a 1-day cancellation policy. Also, breakfast is included in your rate and served from 8 am to 10 am every morning.

A Final Word About Hostels In Florence

Florence is not only beautiful and mysterious, but it’s also a once in a lifetime journey that you’re sure to look back on for the rest of your days.

That said, our list of the best hostels in Florence should help you select the best lodging option for your trip to Italy.

Do you have an experience with one of the hostels we included in our list? Or, perhaps you know about an even better one? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments section below!

No matter what you choose to do while visiting Florence, or which of the hostels you choose to stay at, remember above all else to stay safe and enjoy your trip!