The Best Hostels in Dublin Ireland – The Top Places To Stay in This Idyllic Place

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If you’re a traveler who enjoys off-the-beaten-path lodging-destinations, then Dublin is a treasure waiting to be unearthed.

Known for its endless pubs, thick Irish culture, art, and architecture, this centuries-old city (Dublin) is one for the history books.

Beautiful landscape, tasty food, and friendly Irish locals are just a few of the unique aspects of Dublin that make it such a one-of-a-kind tourist destination.

That said, avoiding overcrowded (and over-rated) hotels and opting for the best hostel in Dublin makes this trip one to remember for the rest of your life.

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Why Visit Dublin, Ireland?

While the first imagery your brain may conjure up, in regards to Dublin, is more than likely rowdy Celtic pubs, strong mead, and traditional Irish folk music playing somewhere in the distance, there is much more to Dublin than these worn-out cliches.

Centuries-old, including the oldest university in all of Ireland (Trinity College, founded in 1592) and St. Patrick’s cathedral, live entertainment venues, picturesque old city parks and more are a few of the most interesting attractions this magical city offers.

Furthermore, for those who genuinely appreciate history, Dublin has a trove of hidden gems to discover. Aside from a four and a quarter-century old university, the city houses some of the rarest manuscripts and musical instruments in the world.

These include the 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic, the Brian Boru harp, and one of four illustrated gospel manuscripts believed to have been created by monks during the ninth-century.

A second cathedral, Christ Church Cathedral, is also a centerpiece of Dublin’s architectural delights to behold. For an even more elevated view of the city of Dublin, take a trek along the Howth Cliff Walk.

Or, if you’re a water-lover, spend days exploring the nearby shores of Lambay, Ireland’s Eye, and Dun Laoghaire islands.

The 6 Best Hostels in Dublin, Ireland

Whatever your reason for visiting Ireland, the best hostel in Dublin will without a doubt make your stay more enjoyable (as well as more memorable).

That said, to make your search for the best hostel in Dublin a smoother process, we’ve researched, sorted, and compiled a list of the top contenders for the best hostel in Dublin.

Here’s what we found:

1. Gardiner House


One of the most highly acclaimed lodging options in Dublin and a number one contender for the title of the best hostel in Dublin is none other than the Gardiner House.

Located approximately a half-mile from the city center, on Gardiner Upper Street, the Gardiner House is one of the most impressive hostels around. It’s also within walking distance to Mount Joy Square and Dorset Street, so there is more than an eyeful to see just around the lodging itself. There is also a hospital just a few minutes away (accidents happen!).

The Gardiner House is easy to book with, has a three-day cancellation policy, offers free city maps, has a 24-hour reception desk, and 24-hour security as well. The hostel also offers board games, a book exchange, breakfast, a common room (and cafe), cable TV, DVDs, telephones, dishwashers, dryers, free internet and so much more.

For a hostel, the Gardiner House offers more amenities than many three and four-star hotels. Everything from housekeeping to laundry facilities, airport transfers, international power adapters, late check-out, smoking areas, pool table and more.

2. Kinlay House Dublin


Another top contender for the best hostel in Dublin title is the Kinlay House. The Kinlay House Dublin is located in the famous Temple Bar neighborhood of Dublin. If you’re looking for a lively lodging setting for your trip to Dublin, the Kinlay House may be the place for you.

This popular hostel is anything but lacking in extra-options. In comparison to the average run-of-the-mill hostel, the Kinlay House Dublin puts them to shame.

Kinlay House Dublin offers everything from 10-bedroom mixed dorm rooms to private twin and quad rooms. The front desk is manned by helpful and friendly staff around the clock and the hostel also has 24-hour security. The hostel also has late check-out, that way you don’t feel rushed and you can stay relaxed and enjoy your staff to the maximum.

Meals are available, as well as housekeeping options, hair driers, laundry facilities, and even postal services. Even more, Cable TV, PlayStation, international adapters, board games, books, free WiFi, and more come included with each dorm or private room at the Kinlay House. So, you never have to spend a dull moment with nothing to do even if you’re unlucky enough to encounter rainy weather during your stay.

3. Abbey Court


The third hostel to make our list of the best hostel in Dublin contenders is Abbey Court. Situated along Bachelors Walk, the hostel is roughly a quarter-mile from the center of the city. Getting around the heart of Dublin doesn’t get any easier than with this excellent lodging option.

The facility offers airport transfers, security 24-hours a day, a reception desk that’s open around the clock, an ATM, security lockers, shuttle buses and more. Each room comes with free WiFi, fresh linens, showers, private bathrooms, utensils, TV, safe deposit boxes, and coffee makers.

The hostel is both accommodating and staffed by polite professionals. There’s an outdoor terrace for enjoying the fresh air (or smoking), a common room, meeting rooms, billiards, tourist information, breakfast, games, and much more.

Abbey Court has a 1-day cancellation policy, failure to cancel in time will result in an automatic one-night charge.

4. Four Courts Hostel

The Four Courts Hostel is another traveler favorite when it comes to Dublin lodging options. The hostel is located slightly over half a mile from the center of the city and is known to stay quite packed (so make sure you book well in advance!).

Four Courts Hostel is close in proximity to such attractions as the University, Cathedrals, boutique novelty shops, restaurants, and some of the most well-known and frequented pubs in town. Most everything you want to see (or do) in Dublin is no more than a hop-skip-and-a-jump away.

The facility itself is reported as quaint and comfortable. Each room comes with modern amenities including free WiFi, security lockers, TV, telephone, fresh linens and more. Breakfast is included in your stay as well.

There’s a terrace for smokers, a laundry room, vending machines, foosball tables (and full game room), common room, and even a book exchange. Furthermore, the hostel has security around the clock and there is no curfew, so you can come and go as you please with no worries.

5. The Times Hostel – College Street


When it comes to top-notch hostels in Dublin, College Street’s The Times Hostel is unquestionably one of the best. Highly acclaimed for cleanliness, comfort, and location, this preferred hostel sets less than half a mile from Dublin’s city center.

Booking a room at the Times Hostel puts you squarely at the heart of all that is Dublin. Even more, it has cutting-edge facilities and all modern amenities. Rooms include free WiFi, fridge and freezer combos, TVs, DVDs, universal power adapters, hair dries and everything else you find at hotels.

The hostel itself has a posh common room, vending machines, coffee and tea makers, travel/tour information kiosk, laundry facilities and more. The location of the hostel couldn’t be better either. Within a 10 to 15-minute walk there’s everything from cafes and pubs to museums, cathedrals, plenty of Irish culture, and much more.

If you plan on stopping off in Dublin more than once during your travels, make sure you keep in mind that the Times Hostel has a 14-day stay policy (within a three-month period). Also, the Times Hostel has a 48-hour cancelation policy.

6. Jacobs Inn


A final contender for the title of the best hostel in Dublin is another lodging facility nearby the above-mentioned Times Hostel. A shade over a quarter-mile from the center of the city, this Dublin hostel is one of the most frequented by travelers abroad. At the Jacobs Inn, you’re closer than ever to a genuine Dublin experience.

This stylish hostel has a 24-hour help desk (as well as security), offers shuttles to popular areas of Dublin (and the Airport), is wheelchair friendly, and is altogether rather inviting to foreigners. There’s a comfortable common room, an outdoor terrace for smoking and sipping coffee or tea, an elevator, city maps and more.

The facility also offers postal services and housekeeping as well. As far as the rooms go, linens, hair driers, security lockers, Cable TV, adapters, TV, and free WiFi are also included with each booking.

It is important to note that this hostel has a 3-day cancelation policy, if you don’t cancel in time you’ll be charged for your entire booking. Furthermore, families with children under the age of 16 are required to rent private rooms for their stay (no dorm-style options allowed for/with minors).

The Top-Rated Hostels in Dublin: A Final Word

Ireland is one of the most mysterious and magical tourist destinations in all of the world (especially for those looking for the pot o’ gold at the end of the rainbow!). With such a rich cultural history and romantic landscape, it’s no wonder millions of travelers visit the “island” each year.

As far as the best hostel in Dublin? Our list of the best hostels in Dublin should help you narrow down your selection and make your choice.

However, in the end, only you can decide which hostel take the title of the best hostel in Dublin.

Have you visited Dublin lately, or plan to in the near future? If so, which facility do you believe is the best hostel in Dublin? We’d love to hear your answer in the comments section below!