5 of The Best Hardsided Luggage For 2022 [Reviews & Buyers Guide]

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There are several reasons why I went for hard-sided luggage. One, I love their sleek looks plus the packing configuration.

They are also easier to clean compared to fabric bags, and they are better at keeping water/liquids from reaching the interiors.

Again, I love how hard side luggage keep their shape because they fit easily into an overhead bin.

Below I have reviewed the best hardside luggage, and I picked them based on user reviews, price, durability, value and overall functionality.

Hardside LuggageSizeMaterialWheels 
Delsey29”100% polycarbonate8
Kenneth Cole20”, 24” and 28”

Steve Madden21”, 25”, 30”
Samsonite20”, 24”, 28”
100% polycarbonate


Best Hardside Luggage For 2022

1. Delsey Luggage, 29-Inch, Expandable, Helium Aero

This is a classy hard-side suitcase. It is very lightweight but durable and has sturdy and comfortable handle system. The double spinner wheels offer great maneuverability, and the front compartment is a great bonus. I also loved the fully lined interior.


This luggage is made of 100% Polycarbonate and a nylon lining. As such, it is very durable yet lightweight. This means that you will have your valuables protected and won’t worry about exceeding the weight, especially when going to the airport.

I also love this luggage’s aesthetic qualities. It has a metallic glossy design that makes it look stunning.


This is a 29-inches suitcase, but it’s expandable by two more inches. This means that you get more than 29-inches of room to store your stuff.

It also has a divider and straps to keep your items well organized and in place throughout the transit.

Front compartment

The luggage features an easy to access front compartment meant to be used to store anything that you will need without necessarily opening the main compartment.

In here you have a padded sleeve to store your laptop. You also get two mesh pockets to keep small stuff such as toiletry items or chargers.



The Delsey 29” luggage features double spinner wheels that enable you to travel with relaxed arms because they roll smoothly and easily.

Comfort grip handle

This luggage has a comfortable and sturdy side and top grip handles. It’s made of aluminum thus very durable. It is easily adjustable for better maneuverability.

Lock system

The Delsey’s Helium Aero features a 3 dial TSA approved combination lock. It is easy to use and super convenient for frequent travelers. The zippers are of high-quality and are self-repairing.

2. Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 3 Piece

This is a great hardside luggage set, and it gives value for the money. It is easy to maneuver, and it’s built for durability. The coil zipper is self-repairing thus durable.

They have no locks, but zippers have round hooks that locks can go through.


This is a durable hardside luggage as it’s made of durable ABS and has a fully lined interior. It is designed to have molded corner guard reinforcements that absorb and deflect shock thus offering maximum impact resistance.

It features a lightweight construction which makes it ideal for international travels because you cannot exceed the set airline weight restrictions.


Being a 3-piece set, this luggage ensures that you have the right size bag for various trips. The smallest is a 20-inch case that you can use for short trips then 24-inch and 28-inch suitcases that you can use when traveling for several days.

All three pieces are made using the same material and the same design. I have used them all for various trips, and I have no complaints.

The suitcases are expandable; they have a stretchy line where the zipper runs, and have garment restraints and side zipper pockets.


The wheels

This luggage set features 4-wheel rollers that allow for a smooth 360-degree rotation. I like it because I can pull the suitcases behind me, push it in front of me or on the sides.

This is so convenient for a frequent traveler. Again, passing through the carpeted areas of the airports is not a problem.


Lifting the suitcases is easy as they all have top and side handles. The handles are also flexible, and they feel comfortable in my hands.


This set comes nested, one inside the other, and as such it’s ideal for international shipment. Again, storing it is easy as the bags only take the space of the large one.

3. Steve Madden Luggage 3PC Hard Case Suitcase with Spinner Wheels

This is a stylish luggage set ideal for people who love traveling in style. The design is perfect for any travels and the material used is lightweight and durable.

With easy maneuverability and perfect protection of my items, this set is certainly worth my money.

I have always loved Steve Madden’s stylish shoes then I recently come across their line of luggage, and I could not be more impressed! I bought the three-piece set because I needed a hardside suitcase and I loved the stylish prints.


This set features a lightweight construction thanks to the polycarbonate shell. I have used it for international travels, and I have not had issues with weight. The ABS+PC material is very durable and lightweight.

Each of the cases’ interior is fully lined, and you also get organizational pockets to help keep your items tidy throughout the trip.

The set is available in various colors and prints, and each stands out in a good way. You will be able to locate your luggage instantly, and the unique prints give the luggage an elegant look.


Wheel system

The other thing I loved about this set is its wheel system. It features 8 spinner wheels for easy gliding, and you get to enjoy optimal maneuverability.

Passing through various floor types is not an issue. Most suitcases have four wheels, so this has a bonus when it comes to stability and ease of maneuverability.

Handle system

It also features top and side handles for easy lifting. Again, the handles system features a telescopic push button that ensures you are not struggling to push or pull your luggage.

The handles are made of aircraft grade aluminum thus very lightweight but durable and do a great job with shock absorption.

Storage capacity and weight

The carry-on

This suitcase has a 29 liters internal storage capacity and weighs approximately 7.1 pounds.

The medium

This suitcase has a 60 liters internal storage capacity and weighs approximately 8.2 pounds.

The large

This suitcase has an 84 liters internal storage capacity and weighs approximately 9.1 pounds.

Zippers and locks

The suitcases have high-quality zippers but no locks. However, the zippers have holes that perfectly fit TSA locks so you can get your preferred TSA locks.

4. Samsonite Omni PC Hardside 3 Piece Set

This is a great hardside luggage side, and if need be I’ll still purchase the same. It’s easy to maneuver with no flimsy parts.

This is an excellent suitcase set for extended travels. I have been using it on back-to-back flights, and I love it so far.

It is very spacious, easily maneuverable, strong for tough travels, and well balanced. It has this sleek and modern look.


This luggage set is available in nine different colors. It is made of 100% polycarbonate thus making it super durable and lightweight.

This is really advantageous for frequent international travelers as you won’t worry about exceeding the airlines’ weight limit or the luggage handlers messing with your bags. Again, the interior is fully lined with nylon and has zipper closures.

Scratch resistance feature

It is not entirely possible to avoid scratches on your luggage especially for frequent travelers, but you can minimize them by ensuring your bag has a scratch resistance construction. The Samsonite’s 3-piece luggage set features both polycarbonate and micro-diamond textures thus scratch resistance.

Ease of organizing items

Most people find it challenging to keep their items organized when traveling but thanks to this set, this is now doable.

The cases have cross straps plus full dividers on the inside to help you keep your items intact even when in transit. Again, all the three suitcases are expandable.

Zippers and locks

This luggage set features heavy-duty zippers, and they all have side-mounted TSA locks. The TSA locks are safer than most ordinary locks so this is a plus.

The zippers open and close smoothly, and I have not had any issues with any.


Each of the three suitcases has four spinner wheels. They are multi-directional thus helping you move your bags easily and effortlessly.

I have moved my suitcases on the airport carpets with ease, and I haven’t noticed any difficulties moving them on any surfaces.

The telescoping handles and sturdy and comfortable, and they are strategically placed to keep your luggage balanced. Again, the suitcases are nesting so moving them or storing them away won’t be a problem.

5. Travelpro Maxlite 4 29-Inch Hardside Spinner

I love my Maxlite 4 because it meets my travel needs like a pro. It is a high-quality hardside luggage that I have taken to many trips without any issues.

I also love how it changes color, and I can easily locate it amidst other bags.

This luggage features a chromashift hard shell that’s super lightweight, expandable, very durable, and scratch resistant. It also has a color changing aesthetic, and it stands out effortlessly.

I bought it because I needed one big suitcase for when I have longer travels, and it serves my travel needs very well.

Wheel system

The 29” Travelpro Maxlite 4 suitcase features 8-wheel spinners, 360-degrees, that roll easily in any direction.

I like how I move my luggage effortlessly, and it remains well-balanced whether fully packed or not.

Handle system

Another thing that you will love about this luggage is its telescoping handle system. It is made of airline-grade aluminum thus lightweight and sturdy.

The handle allows two-stage adjustment, 38” and 42.5” so you can have a comfortable roll based on your height. It is very comfortable to use as it is specifically designed for spinner luggage with a rubberized touch point to give you an ergonomic grip.

The luggage also has a side handle that’s very useful when lifting it.


This luggage has two full, roomy compartments that fit everything I need when traveling for several days. It is also expandable by 2-inches thus maximizing packing flexibility.

Again, on the inside, it has zippered divider panels that help in keeping your items organized and separated accordingly. It also has several accessory pockets to store smaller items.

The lock system

The luggage features high-quality zippers and zipper pull. It also has a built-in TSA lock at the top that you can easily personalize for added security.

Hardside Luggage Buyers Guide – Factors to Consider Before Buying


Most hard-shell/hardsided luggage are made using high-tech plastics such as polycarbonate and ABS. The two materials are durable and lightweight. But, ABS is lighter while polycarbonate is more durable.

Scratch resistance

Some hardside luggage has scratch resistant material, and this means that they will not get scratched easily.

Wheel system

Most hardside luggage will have four or eight spinning wheels. Mostly, those with eight wheels are more stable, easier to maneuver and more durable.

However, the important thing is to ensure that the wheels are of high-quality despite the number.

The handles

The handles play a big role in the maneuverability of your luggage. They should be sturdy and comfortable. Also, look out for a side handle because it is very helpful for lifting your luggage.


The sizes of most luggage lines include a carryon/small (19”-22”) that accommodates enough clothes for four days. The other size is the medium (24”-26”).

It must be checked and handles up to 7 days clothes. The last size is large (27”-28”). It should be checked too and holds up to 10+ day’s clothes.


Weight of the luggage should be great for every traveler especially frequent travelers and those who travel mostly by air. Airlines have set weight restrictions, so you have to ensure that your bag is not a contributing factor to exceeding it.

Storage Capacity

Hard-sided luggage does not have external pockets. As such, you have to ensure that the interior space is enough and well divided to organize your items.

Be on the lookout for dividers and zippered pockets. Also, if you will be carrying your laptop or anything fragile, ensure that the luggage has a padded pocket.


There is so much to love about hardside luggage. However, getting the best hardside luggage might need a little bit of research, and you should pay attention to what people have noted in their reviews.

The five above are my favorite so far, but I’ll update the list if anything changes.