Best Family Hotels In Venice, Italy

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In this article, we review 8 fantastic hotels in Venice, suitable for families and groups.

1. Hotel Sant’Antonin


Located in the heart of the city, Hotel Sant’Antonin’s central location guarantees that you’ll be right where the action is – though it’s easy to forget the tourist crowds once you’re inside, thanks to its charming terraces and tranquil settings.

The palazzo has belonged to the same lineage since 1889, though it wasn’t until 2014 that the family decided to open it up to the world for all to enjoy. The rooms are of a decent size for Venice, considering just how space-starved the city is – but you’ll likely be spending too much time on its beautiful garden verandas to notice.

The hotel’s brass-door entrance is surprisingly hard to find, considering its vicinity to San Marco – as is its private dock. But the hunt is worth it, as you find yourself welcomed by antique charm and family-run hospitality. With beamed ceilings, wrought iron railings, and carpeted staircases remind visitors that this is still a historical palazzo, one that embraces its antique charms with Murano glass chandeliers and stone lion friezes. It’s a great way to soak up on the rich history of Venice in a comfortable accommodation spot.

Wandering around the property will hint at all sorts of gazebos and terraces, discoverable should you follow the manicured pathways. When you’re done admiring the balustrades, statues, and outdoor antiques, consider checking out all the nooks and crannies of the hotel’s grounds.

There are plenty of winding garden paths and chic terraces hidden in every corner, promising adventures of exploration for children and private, and quiet moments for couples. If you don’t fancy climbing up all those stairs, the hotel does feature an elevator – though sadly, it doesn’t reach the top floor.

Cozy and homey, each room sports a high ceiling and old-fashioned bedspreads. Most feature a pale-green color palette, though some will have varying color palettes that are equally as graceful. As with most boutique hotels, the rooms are all unique and individually decorated.

The heavy, antique wooden furniture varies from room to room and is often paired with wall hangings, hand-painted armoires, standing mirrors, and wrought-iron coat racks. The hotel offers rooms from Economy Doubles to Suites – though families with small children ought to bear in mind that the entry-level rooms are too small for cribs.

While the upgraded upper rooms have balconies or furnished terraces of their own, the ground-level ones have direct garden access, giving them a wonderful country-house feel. No modern amenities have been sacrificed for that old-school charm – all the rooms have modern tiled bathrooms, equipped with walk-in showers and a selection of toiletries, including towels and slippers.

If you’re willing to splurge, Suites have their own living areas, while Family Rooms have two bedrooms with a bathroom each. For the most part, most rooms have a lovely view of either the city or the garden – though if you’re not a fan of overlooking buildings, do ask about the view in advance.

All rooms have the basic selection of hotel amenities, including minibars, desks, safes, hairdryers, telephones, and air-conditioning. Folks who want to make themselves some coffee or tea will have to request for a kettle.

The Wi-Fi is free and available across the property but can be sometimes weak depending on your location. Breakfast is served buffet-style in either the garden or the breakfast room and offers a generous spread, but you’ll have to find your other meals and drinks elsewhere.

The reception is open 24 hours and can hold on to your luggage after checkout – perfect for some traveling. It’s access to one of the smaller canals gives you a way to sights such as the Bridge of Sighs, San Marco Square, and the Ducale Palace.

5 minutes away is Venice’s historic shipyards, though there’s plenty more eateries and museums in the surrounding area if a 5-minute walk seems like too much trouble. The hotel is located about an hour away from the airport.

2. Carnival Palace Hotel


Tired of all the usual tourist traps? Carnival Palace Hotel may be just the place you’re looking for. Once a palace in and of itself, this converted boutique hotel is tucked away from the tourist hustle-and-bustle of Venice’s city center. This northern hotel is a great pick for tourists that want an opportunity for some peace and quiet, and also a chance to see how the locals truly live.

After all, Venice is not a city that is stuck in its past – it still lives and breathes, and the locals who travel through the streets of history are very much alive and present, and their haunts and stories are still worth knowing.

Despite its distance from typical tourist attractions, this hotel still boasts a multilingual staff to attend to your every need. This is a welcome surprise, especially since its distance from the city center will make tourists a little less common. Its distance also shows in its decoration – in contrast to the more traditionally-decorated establishments, this hotel embraces its namesake in a modern fashion.

Black felt walls contrast and accentuate some fun uses of color throughout the building, giving the subtle carnival theme with a modern twist – a welcome change from all the gothic decorations commonly seen in hotels that appeal to tourists and visitors to the city.

Just because it’s modern doesn’t mean it has to take on the cookie-cutter room designs you expect from most modern hotels. Each and every single one of Carnival Palace Hotel’s 67 rooms is individually designed, which will certainly be fun for the children of larger families that have booked multiple rooms.

The designs and decorations of some rooms dig into the idea of how a carnival should be like, with bold colors and patterns, while others are more understated and muted in comparison. Despite the modern feel, there is a touch of Old-World glamor throughout the building, thanks to the gilded mirrors and the Murano light fixtures decorating the walls and ceilings.

Each room is equipped with all the usual hotel facilities that is expected at this price point – free Wi-Fi, wall-mounted TVs, and spacious Carrara marble bathrooms. For those who need to enjoy the scenery, be aware that the room views are split between the quieter interior garden and the more picturesque Cannaregio Canal outside. So if you have a preference, make sure to ask about the room first.

Oddly enough for a more modern building, there’s no way to control the temperature from within the room itself – you will have to contact the front desk directly to have it adjusted, which can be incredibly frustrating to those who are temperature-sensitive, though the multilingual staff makes communicating temperature changes a non-issue. There are also no coffee or tea-making facilities within the rooms themselves either, so you’ll have to head on out to one of the nearby cafes to get your fix.

The hotel, however, does make up for these slight faults with a small bar that is very well stocked –  perfect for socializing and having a few drinks. A beautiful interior garden provides a welcome space full of greenery and sunshine within the confines of the hotel. For those that need to have some work done, computers are available to guests. Would-be explorers will find that the staff is efficient and helpful in providing guidance and resources on how to explore and move around the city.

While still a significant walk from the main attractions of Venice, it’s still easy to move around – there is a train station nearby, and public transport here is dependable. Plus, there’s plenty of local restaurants and back streets to explore, which is perfect for who want a taste of what Venice truly is like outside of the typical crafted tourist experience.

3. Hotel Antiche Figure


Looking for something elegant and traditional? Look no further than Hotel Antiche Figure, a three-and-a-half pearl hotel. It has an incredible view of Scalzi Bridge, the gondola station, and Santa Lucia Station – all thanks to its location, which overlooks the Grand Canal in the Santa Croce district. Intimate and cozy, this boutique hotel is perfect for a night amidst history.

That said, it’s probably a good idea to come during the summer months – things can get a bit more snug in winter when eating breakfast alfresco in the small square outside is no longer the best option.

Formerly a 15th-century palazzo, the boutique hotel’s biggest draw is the view it commands of the Grand Canal – though its own appearance does not disappoint either. Located adjacent to a gondola station, it is historical furnishings include the likes of decorative lead clad windows and luscious plants spilling out from their pots. Take a picture and send it as a postcard – that’s how picture-perfect it is.

But if that is somehow not enough to catch your interest, perhaps its decorations will. With its traditional Venetian floor tiles, dark leather chairs, overgrown potted plants, and decorated windows, the hotel draws you into with Old-World charm, greeting you with low wooden beams crisscrossing the ceiling and a wood-paneled reception.

There’s not a lot of bright colors to be found among the heavy drapes and floor tiles, but there’s an attention to detail that can be seen in the crispness of the tablecloths. It’s not actually that gloomy though – especially once you head upstairs, where the yellow-gold and vintage accents break up the apparent monotony.

Here, each of the hotel’s 22 rooms is decidedly Venetian. Damask prints can be found everywhere, where it’s often accentuated with gold leaf detailing. The floors are lined with cream carpet, all lit up by glass chandeliers that hang from the ceiling.

But worry not about missing modern technologies while residing in such Venetian history – free Wi-Fi can be found everywhere, alongside the usual smattering of hotel offerings like minibars, air-conditioning, flat-screen TVs, safes, and telephones. The bathroom is also what you expect of a standard hotel room, with either a shower/tub combination or a walk-in shower equipped with toiletries and hair dryers.

If you pick up the Residence Suite, however, things get more decadent. These suites include a canopy bedroom and a separate living room, all equipped with dining tables and chairs, a fridge, and facilities for making coffee and tea.

The decadence extends to the bathroom as well – marble spaces with hydro-massage showers. If you also want to experience a slice of that astounding canal view, make sure to check for the right rooms in advance as well.

Unfortunately, a side effect of being a historical palazzo is that space is at a premium. If you don’t mind how small the spaces are, the bar and breakfast room feels cozy and intimate. A cold breakfast buffet is served alongside unlimited hot drinks, which you can take outside for alfresco dining during the warmer months. The hotel also runs boat trips to Murano, where visitors can visit glass factories – all for free!

Located on one of the main Venician thoroughfares makes moving through the city fairly easy – be it by foot, train, gondola, or water taxi, all which are accessible via a 5-minute walk. Tourist attractions such as the Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari church – and the various historical art pieces it holds within – is only 10 minutes away on foot.

Rialto Bridge is a longer 18-minute walk, but it’s a trip worth taking. If none of these options catch your fancy, this hotel also serves as a great spot to grab some scenic water taxi rides – there’s one that even stops right at the hotel, though it’s a 20-minute trip.

The hotel is about 30 minutes away from the airport, should you travel there via a shuttle bus from Piazzale Roma bus terminal.

4. Hotel Moresco


In need of a charming boutique hotel? Hotel Moresco may be just right up your alley. This 23-room hotel is spacious and bright and embraces fun names for each of its guest rooms – a potential source of great fun for families with young children. That said, this hotel isn’t as close as the others are to the typical tourist attractions in the area, though it makes up for it with an amazing view of the canal and attention to detail.

Warm and welcoming, stepping into it feels like stepping into an Old English club. Guests are invited to enjoy the free fruits and snacks amidst bookshelves and a blazing fireplace. If you’re looking for fresh air, just step out onto the outdoor terrace to drink al fresco in the evening.

Young children may find this little detail fun – all the rooms here all individualized with whimsical names, such as The Town Crier, The Gondolier, and The Poet. This extends the rooms themselves – each one is different in the details most would miss, such as the patterned wallpaper and the intricate bathroom mosaic. While not all rooms will have balconies or views that overlook the canal, all do share one thing – they all get amazing natural light. If you have one of the beautiful suites, you may be able to enjoy the sunlight highlighting the vaulted ceiling from one of the soaking tubs.

If you’re a techie, this hotel may not be quite your speed – aside from the bare basics such as air conditioning, Hotel Moresco doesn’t have much in the way of technology. Instead, it encourages you to lounge and enjoy its public spaces with all-day free snacks and fruits, or have one of its affordable drinks on the patio. Just sit down at a table surrounded by old walls, and enjoy the serenity of the sunset over a glass of wine.

Despite the old-school feel of the hotel itself, Hotel Moresco’s neighborhood is decidedly more modern – though if you’re interested in avoiding tourist traps and truly live like a local, this may be what you want. If you still want to check out the usual attractions, however, there’s a convenient bus terminal that will take you to all the main spots.

5.  Hotel Bisanzio


Venice is a city full of history, and Hotel Bisanzio is no exception to that rule. With antique touches and classic 18th-century Venetian decor, this 16th-century palace might come across as dated if you can’t quite appreciate the history built into its foundations.

Still owned by the Busetti family, this palazzo has had many of its classic details retained and cared for – from the exposed ceiling beams above the circular front desk to the two parlors with walnut wainscoting and handsome furniture. Despite its central location, this historical property has a very quiet ambiance, and the centuries ooze from every single corner of this hotel’s guest rooms.

All are decorated with heavy antique furniture and hardwood floors, though each room is unique in its details. Some have more exposed wood-beam ceilings, while others on the top floor have slanted ceilings that put one in the mind of a quaint, attic room.

The views differ as well – depending on your room choice and location, you have a chance of looking over streets, rooftops, or courtyards. Some of the bigger rooms have small terraces with flowers as well, where you can sit and enjoy the landscape before you.

If a typical hotel room isn’t to your liking, consider one of the suites or apartments. The former has a selection of bunk beds, lofted bedrooms, and living rooms, while the latter comes complete with kitchenettes that are equipped with dining tables and dishwashers. The private bathrooms are tiled, and feature amenities like bidets, heated towel racks, hairdryers, and often a shower/tub combination.

The main draw of this hotel is its ambiance amidst the bustle of Venice, one that you can enjoy from either its sitting parlors or its modern bar. A computer corner with a printer is available, and Wi-Fi is provided throughout the hotel. A complimentary breakfast is available in buffet form, which can be enjoyed in the hotel’s dining room.

Located just outside the San Marco neighborhood, this quiet hotel is still within easy reach of all of Venice’s prime tourist destinations. Piazza San Marco and it’s Basilica are within 5 minutes on foot, and The Bridge of Sighs is visible from the waterfront should you choose to walk down it. A free boat is available from the hotel to Burano Island, though you should check the timings in advance. All of this is just an hour away from the airport by ferry.

6. Hotel Antico Doge


You might think that being a mid-range hotel would mean that Hotel Antico Doge lacks that incredible Venetian atmosphere and history – and you would be sorely mistaken. Located within Palazzo del Doge Marin Falier, this 18th-century Gothic palazzo is a piece of history in and of itself. It’s stellar location also means it is within an easy walking distance of major tourist attractions such as the Rialto Bridge – though by extension, this means that crowds are impossible to steer clear of.

Formerly home to a Venetian Doge, this palazzo never stops reminding you of the history in its walls. Great care has been taken to embrace its origin – once you cross footbridge connecting both sides of the canal outside, you are brought back to a time where opulence was the name of the game.

Gilded mirrors hang alongside oil paintings, Murano glass chandeliers hang from frescoed ceilings, and the breakfast room has been decorated with rich brocade that puts you in mind of an 18th-century salon. There’s also an elegant bar where you can socialize, read the papers, or watch the gondoliers pass by. Sit back and marvel at how the hotel itself feels timeless and elaborate, a tourist attraction in and of itself.

This extends into each of the hotel’s 20 rooms as well. Spacious and elaborate, each room embraces its extravagant history with canopy beds, antique furniture, silks, and damasks. Living in history does not mean a lack of modern conveniences, however – the hotel contains the usual selection of amenities you would expect, such as air-conditioning, safes, minibars, and flat-screen TVs.

Toiletries are provided in its modern bathrooms; large spaces carved out of marble with deep tubs. Some even have jets! Each room has a view of the hubbub of the world outside as well – though with how the shutters and soundproofing works, you may have to choose between enjoying the sights and having some peace and quiet.

A complimentary buffet breakfast is offered in the hotel’s breakfast room. Wi-Fi is available in all the rooms and most common spaces, which include a cozy bar and a lounge room.

Located in the heart of a tourist destination, this hotel is within 10 minutes of some popular sights. When you’re done trawling shops and restaurants outside, head on over to Rialto Bridge or Piazza San Marco.

A water taxi stop can take you to even more sights if you wish. The hotel is about an hour away from the airport and can be accessed by all available public transport.

7. The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel


Ever wanted to try living in a hotel fit for a king? This hotel is for you. Built in the late 15th century, The Gritti Palace initially started out as the home of the Gritti family, one of the aristocrats of Venice before it was converted into a hotel in the late 1800s. Spending a night here means following the footsteps of the rich, the influential, the powerful, and the famous.

Opulent and resplendent, stepping into this luxurious property will bring you immediately into the folds of its rich Venetian history and culture. You’re first welcomed by the reception area upon entry, a grand space of carved marble and wooden columns that establishes the tone for the rest of the hotel. This is certainly a place for families with older children, who can appreciate the serene, quiet atmosphere and the abundance of art.

Despite its furnishings and decorations being steeped in the history of Venice’s nobility, all of The Gritti Palace’s 82 rooms are equipped with modern facilities. You’ll never have to choose between historical luxuries such as hand-painted ceilings and technological offerings such as 40-inch flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi.

The hotel doesn’t skimp in other places either – minibars include sparkling water, and each marble bathroom is equipped with both a walk-in shower and a separate bathtub. Attend to yourself with toiletries from the premium brand Aqua di Parma, and then take a moment to enjoy the stunning views of the city each room has to offer.

It doesn’t stop there. This pet-friendly hotel has a luxurious, modern spa that it’s famous for and gyms with top-end Technogym equipment. Food is no object either – home to the Gritti Epicurean School, this hotel is happy to teach its guests how to cook local cuisines. For guests who would rather be pampered, the hotel has several high-end restaurants all located in the midst of stunning views and elegant, decadent settings, so you’ll always feel as if you’re dining like a king.

While you may never want to leave its expensive comforts, this hotel isn’t wanting for access either. Overlooking the Grand Canal itself, all the major tourist destinations Venice has to offer are within a comfortable 10-minute walk of the hotel, with even more options across the water. Art galleries are just minutes away on foot, nestled alongside shops that sell all manners of antiques and luxuries. You’ll need a combination of boat and bus (or taxi) to reach this hotel, but the trip can be easily completed within an hour.

8. Hotel Montecarlo


Need comfort on a budget? The Hotel Montecarlo might just be your thing. With 48 cozy rooms located on Calle Specchieri near Piazza San Marco, this hotel boasts modern creature comforts with the aesthetic of a bygone era.

You’ll be first greeted by the double wooden-framed glass doors at the hotel’s entrance. The hotel leaves a solid impression of hominess with its multicolored Murano lights and plush velvet seats. Some families might find the common rooms more cramped than they would like, thanks to how close the wooden tables are to each other.

The old-fashioned style of the hotel carries into the bedrooms, with ornate, faux-antique furniture and Murano lights. This may be a dealbreaker for some folks, as the rooms can feel quite dated. Some will also be very small, though you won’t be left in want – every single room is fully furnished. All of them are equipped with writing desks, minibars, and safes, though you’ll have to put in a request for kettles and irons.

Air-conditioning and free Wi-Fi is standard, as are clean, standard bathrooms that have bidets. Whether you’ll get a shower/tub combination or a walk-in shower will depend on your room, but you’ll be guaranteed to have bathrobes and slippers. Some rooms will even have a little balcony with a street view.

As is expected with budget hotels, amenities at Hotel Montecarlo are a little limited – but there is still plenty to work with. Cozy reading rooms and computers are available for your use. A flat-screen TV is available in the common lounge, should you wish to take a break from your room. There’s a bar that’s stocked with a free breakfast buffet as well.

Finding an eatery shouldn’t be too hard – the street outside has all sorts of restaurants, bars, and boutiques to explore. In fact, you have the Antico Pignolo Restaurant right next door – an establishment that dates back to the 1200s.

The central location of this hotel is amazing for sightseeing, with major locations within a 10-minute radius. When you’re done with lunch, it’s a quick 2-minute jaunt to Saint Mark’s Square to see its renowned Basilica. 4 minutes of walking from the hotel takes you to The Doge’s Palace, and the water taxi can take you to Vallaresso San Marco if you’re not too keen on walking for 6 minutes on foot.

Within that same distance is the Rialto Bridge, and 7 minutes nets you a trip straight to the La Fenice Opera House. Arriving from the airport? The hotel is just a little over an hour away by water taxi.