Best Family Hotels In Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Amsterdam is famous for many things, but not many people think of it as a family tourist destination…and that is a huge mistake. Amsterdam has so much going on for kids and adults alike, you’d be seriously missing out if you thought otherwise.

In this guide, we reveal the best family-friendly hotels in Amsterdam.

1. Hotel IX Nine Streets Amsterdam


The Hotel IX Nine Streets Amsterdam is located in the city center of Amsterdam. It is small, intimate, and charming, set in a carefully renovated 17th-century four-story building that was once the home of famous frame-maker Herman Doomer who even worked for the great Rembrandt.

This boutique hotel is situated among simple townhouses and certainly is not a stereotypical hotel, often appearing more like a guest house. Guests receive a security code that they can use to enter the building upon completing their booking, and when they arrive, they make their way through a glass door and enter.

There is no reception, and there are also no common areas. Getting to the upper floors requires using narrow stairs, which can pose a challenge to some and maybe impossible to navigate for those with limited mobility.

There are five guest suites on the property. The suites have parquet floors of an elegant design, and each one has unique features inspired by the neighborhood. Wooden beams for the ceiling, exposed brickwork, and murals make for a historically rich vibe, only slightly offset by the more modern additions that add to the guest experience: contemporary decor, lacquered consoles, platform beds, and kettles and coffee machines are all peppered throughout each suite.

There are additional technological advancements, too, like flat-screen televisions with Apple TV access, wireless Libratone sound systems, free Wi-Fi throughout the property, and even a minibar that is replenished for free daily (and you get a free bottle of wine with your booking, too). Bathrooms are equally modern, with spacious rainfall showers, hairdryers, and good toiletries.

Four of the suites have additional sofa beds, so they can fit two guests plus a couple of additional, making them food for four-person families. One suite has access to a rooftop terrace, though they all offer views of the street, and it can get a little noisy sometimes as noise from the street comes in.

It is worth noting that this hotel is very bare-bones and doesn’t have a lot of extra services. As such, there’s no breakfast service, but the staff can give you good eatery recommendations. Public parking is the only parking option, and there are no additional onsite services available.

With a spot dead-center of Amsterdam in the Negen Straatjes District, there is little doubt of the Hotel IX Nine Streets Amsterdam convenience in terms of location. The closest tourist attraction is the Royal Palace, which is a mere five-minute walk away.

Walk for one more minute to get to the Anne Frank House, two more minutes to get to Dam Square, and three more minutes to arrive at the Jordaan District. A ten-minute walk will lead you to the Flower Market, and the Rembrandt House Museum is just a 15-minute walk away.

If you don’t plan on, there is still a lot that you can do in the area, especially with the Central Station, which offers access to the metro and trains, just a 15-minute walk away. From here, it’s a short ride away to Vondel Park, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Heineken Experience, and a slightly longer journey can also take you to Schiphol Airport.



Hotel TWENTY-EIGHT is a lovely hotel located in Oud Zuid, one of the southern suburban spots of Amsterdam. It has a nice, relaxing, and quiet atmosphere and is built inside a new, modern building, with contemporary decorations.

The hotel is located right across the street from a big stadium – the same one constructed for the Olympic Games of 1928. Tasteful decorations make for a simple home-away-from-home type of feel. It’s calm and feels delightfully homey, done over in soothing but contemporary colors that evoke a serene and pleasant atmosphere.

Large windows let in natural light and all fittings, lighting, and furniture are specially designed to match the design of the rest of the hotel. Fine art books, eccentric art, and 70s-inspired retro items provide a nice, unique touch. The check-in process is quick and simple, done in the lounge.

Rooms are apartment-like, with plenty of space for families if you purchase the right room. The tone of each room is similar to the rest of the hotel – relaxing, soothing, and distinctively domestic. Mattresses are from a popular brand called Auping, and some rooms have a lot of sit-down space, while others will just have one single surface.

Regardless, all rooms are well-equipped with kitchen spaces with a four-plate hob, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, espresso machine, cooking equipment, and dishes. Large apartments have two bathrooms while smaller ones have one. You can also opt to ask for a cot in your room.

Rooms are not given daily service, unlike in most hotels, but are cleaned by staff every four days. If you like, you can visit the gym, which is packed with modern equipment, as well as a roomy sauna room. You can head down to the laundry room to use the coin-operated washing and drying machines if you, too. Parking is available onsite and there is free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

There is, sadly, no hotel on the property of Hotel TWENTY EIGHT. But you can go to the lobby-lounge to take some offerings at the honesty bar, which is open at all hours and is kept decently stocked.

There is also a restaurant that enjoys a mutually beneficial relationship with the hotel, and it can be entered through the lobby directly. It serves local fare and is open for three meals. It also offers room service to the hotel rooms!

Despite not being in the heart of the city’s most bustling parts, Hotel TWENTY EIGHT isn’t too far off from tourist attractions and the city center. Essentially, you only need to walk for about 10 minutes to get to the metro station of Amstelveenseweg, which will bring you to the city’s heart in 20 minutes, tops.

You can also opt to take the metro to the next stop at Station Zuid, which connects to the Schiphol Airport with just a 10-minute journey. There is also Tram 24 outside the hotel directly, which allows for a seven-minute ride to a stop that is a 10-minute walk away from Amsterdam’s best museums.

3. CityHub Amsterdam


CityHub Amsterdam is located in Oud-West and is almost a hostel in design, aside from its high-tech style. It’s a good place for families with kids aged 12 and above; the hotel does not allow children below this age.

It is set inside an old warehouse that was used for industrial purposes, designed by young entrepreneurs for an audience of young, hip travelers on a budget. But it’s still a relatively popular family accommodation option!

An industrial-chic hotel and hostel, designed with a very unique, futuristic style, the structure of the hotel may not be for everyone. Though primarily designed for couples, given the fact that only children aged 12 and above are allowed, it’s not uncommon for families to purchase nights in two or more rooms to fit the whole family. Halls look like something out of a sci-fi movie and you may feel like you’re on a spaceship. It’s a good alternative to a typical hostel, as it offers much more privacy.

There are no rooms at CityHub Amsterdam, only 50 private beds, known as “Hubs”, stacked within a large shared space. Hubs are very small – approximately the size of a closet, with enough room for a double bed and some little bit of standing room.

Every Hub is exceedingly technologically advanced. Wi-Fi is free all over, apps are used in the Hubs and throughout the hotel, and the heavy tech vibe means that the technologically challenged may have some issues navigating the hotel.

Each room allows for the customization of lighting and music thanks to a Bluetooth connection, allowing guests to set the mood for their little space. Entrance to each room typically requires that you kneel or climb, but there is a small amount of standing room in each entryway that has a mirror, shelves, and hangers.

An app is how you control music and lighting. Unfortunately, Hubs do not have windows, but you can flip shutters closed or open that show the hall outside for some lighting. Bathrooms are all shared and have private stalls for toilets, shared shower rooms that have rainfall shows individually, toiletries, and towels.

The hotel doesn’t offer free meals or drinks, but guests can pay for meals, drinks, and snacks with RFID wristbands. There is a lounge bar with communal space, and guests pour their own meals. You can opt to purchase breakfast meals from the hotel, which are mainly offerings from a nearby cafe. If you smoke, there’s a room for that, and your luggage can be safely stored in a dedicated room. The CityHub app that all guests receive comes with a travel guide that is interactive, and the Wi-Fi that comes with it is actually city-wide!

But what about the location? CityHub Amsterdam is in a small neighborhood along Amsterdam city outskirts. It’s close to many eateries and bars, but not any sites. There’s the De Hallen complex right next to the hotel, which is a big location that has a food market popular among locals and tourists. It also houses a library and a theater.

You’d need to walk for around 20 minutes to get to Anne Frank’s House and The Museum Quarter, but public transportation and bike rides can shorten the trip. Tram and bus stops allow you to get to Dam Square within a quarter-hour and Schiphol Airport within half an hour. If the travel is too extensive, you can also just enjoy the architectural style of the area, which is quintessentially Dutch.

4. Hotel Sebastians


Hotel Sebastians is a simple outpost of the Hotel TwentySeven, which we’ll talk about in our next point. With a three-star rating, it has a modest appearance and is basically a canal house. Located in the city center of Amsterdam, it has a semi-luxurious style and is surrounded by pretty views of the city.

Though it isn’t a rich hotel, it does keep the elegance that is distinctively expensive in taste from Hotel TwentySeven’s opulence. Its color scheme is royal and impressive with blue, purple, gold, and red hues, but there’s also something more contemporary about it that attracts young visitors, and it is certainly less overwhelming with fewer ornate touches. This gives it a modern appearance that is also relatively chilled out.

Rooms continue this same theme, with deep and dark colors that are vibrant and lush, matched with more vibrant and lively decor in the form of wall hangings, laminate floors, and very lavish furnishings that offer a regal feeling on a budget. Room sizes differ, and the smallest rooms can be quite tiny but still offer lovely views outside of the window.

Bigger rooms are more spacious. Bathrooms are usually relatively well-sized, even in small rooms, and most have both a shower and a bathtub, outfitted then with products from the Rituals brand. Most rooms will also come equipped with espresso machines.

There isn’t a lot to say about the staff here; many are in training here for transfer to Hotel TwentySeven and are therefore held to very high and impressive standards. Unfortunately, there’s no onsite restaurant, but breakfast is available in the form of a well-priced buffet.

There is a bar, though, and it’s decorated in a stylish and rather funky manner – expect mustard and purple color schemes, chairs and cushions, chandeliers of crystal, and eccentric, artistic photography. Classic cocktails and yummy local and international bar snacks are served all through the day.

Hotel Sebastians is only 10 minutes away from Central Station by foot. A walk of a similar distance can bring you to Noordermarkt’s Farmers’ Market and the Dam. Closer to the hotel are the Jordaan district for shopping and quaint cafes as well as the stunning Brouwersgracht. On a tram, you can take a 20-minute ride to a ton of museums, such as the Stedelijk Museum, Rijksmuseum, Concertgebouw, and Van Gogh Museum.

5. Hotel TwentySeven


Hotel TwentySeven is a hotel situated in the center of the city, and it’s basically the rich big sister of Hotel Sebastians. It lives inside a building dating back to 1916, occupying the third through seventh floors of the structure. There are only suites at Hotel TwentySeven, and it’s known for being a very luxurious accommodation option. Though its atmosphere will likely draw in adults more than families, the hotel provides facilities for families.

Hotel TwentySeven is actually situated right above Amsterdam’s most renowned and distinguished private club. When you first enter, you’ll already be impressed by the reception area, which is backlit through a dark onyx black backdrop, and decorations are incredibly affluent in nature. While Dutch minimalism is a common theme around the neighborhood, this hotel boasts the complete opposite.

There isn’t a single surface that isn’t decadently decorated and made shiny with all sorts of silks, damasks, and decor from a wide range of different countries.

However, despite the bold opulence and all the sculpted fixtures, there’s a surprisingly non-overwhelming feeling to them, and it isn’t so overdone that it becomes vulgar. There also remain some of the features from the period that the building was created that remain, or have been restored or redone in some way, from tiling to stained glass.

There are only 16 sweets in this rich hotel, each one spacious and packed with intricate and sumptuous decor. Still, there is a nice, homey feel to them, due in part to the huge expanse of space. Service is attentive but understated, which makes it feel a little like a home away from home.

Suites are all big, but some are even larger, all equally luxurious and regal, though each room has some minor mood alterations and color palette swaps that make them unique and individual. If you’re lucky, you may get a good view of the Royal Palace, or you go for a more expensive quite that provides access to a heated terrace overlooking to Rokin, so you can people-watch.

All suites are very well-soundproofed thanks to quadruple glazing. You will hear virtually nothing from the Dam beneath, so it feels like a serene world on its own. Each room has a minibar with many spirits and wines, an espresso machine, and mood-lighting controllable via tablet.

There is also artwork that decorates each interior, often swapped out for new works, and though they can be a little eccentric, they certainly add to the atmosphere. Bathrooms, meanwhile, have whirlpool baths, twin showers that can also be used as a steam room, white marble surfaces, and luxury bathroom products.

Hotel TwentySeven offers personal service with an individually assigned butler, one for each suite. There’s a restaurant and bar on site that is one of the best located in all of Amsterdam. Cocktails are fantastically innovative, the restaurant’s chef is starred, and the dining experience is comfortable and peppered with floral decor.

Breakfast is served in the dining establishment in the form of a small buffet with eggs and high-quality produce. Though anyone can eat at the restaurant or partake of cocktails at the bar, guests have access to a special VIP lounge. If you’re in need of fitness equipment, there’s no gym, but this equipment can be supplied to you.

Since it is in the center of the city, Hotel TwentySeven is right on the Dam and is next to the popular tourist draw of the Royal Palace. If you’re planning to head to museums, you can take a tram for 15 minutes to get to the main ones or walk for 25 minutes if you’re itching for some exercise. The Central Station tram-stop is just 10 minutes away, as are a number of canals steeped in history.

6. Hotel V Fizeaustraat


Hotel V Fizeaustraat is housed on what was once an office block. Its setting is friendly and perfect for families, with a suburban atmosphere, good style, and a relaxing design that can make for a cozy holiday. It is found in Oost, which is a spot just along Amsterdam’s historic region’s outskirts.

If you grew up in the 70s, you may notice that Hotel V Fizeaustraat takes inspiration from the retro style of that time, mixing it seamlessly with more modern comfort and calmness.

A mix of brown and green colors, peppered with raw concrete areas leftover from when this was a mere office, are punctuated by cozy wicker, leather, and cushioned seating as well as quirky decorative additions like a huge bicycle-chain chandelier, tinted windows that allow in natural light in moderation. You’ll find people of all ages choosing this hotel.

Rooms come in a number of types, but all of them have the same retro theme reminiscent of the 1970s. Even the most basic rooms are spacious, and they only get bigger the more you’re willing to spend on better rooms. Depending on the wing your room is in, you may have views of a park, a canal, some skyscrapers in the city, or even homes around the suburbia.

All rooms are well-soundproofed thanks to double-glazing, which allows for good insulation. Rooms come equipped with espresso machines, kettles, and minibars. Bathrooms are surprisingly large for the area, overlaid in black and white, providing custom products and perfumes and delightful walk-in showers.

Staff are naturally helpful and are all young locals, so they know the city pretty well. Onsite parking, a quiet terrace to lounge in, free Wi-Fi, and room service all add to the experience. There is also a function room that has its own private bar, a meeting room that is big and has its own fireplace, and more!

There is a restaurant in Hotel V Fizeaustraat that is high-quality without being painfully expensive, which is helpful given the hotel’s less-than-ideal location that isn’t too close to a lot of eateries. It’s called The Lobby restaurant and serves breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. There is no buffet breakfast, but there’s a huge menu to choose from. There’s also the lounge bar, which shares the terrace with the dining establishment if the weather is good!

Hotel V Fizeaustraat is just an eight-minute walk away from Amstel Station, the second station in Amsterdam. From there, a ride on the metro will take you to many places. Seven minutes and you’ll get to the Central Station, and you can easily hope off at Nieuwmarkt for a non-child-friendly trip through the Red Light District or Waterlooplein to visit the old Jewish quarter or check out the flea market. There is also the option of taking the tram. From Amstel Station, take Tram 12 to head to a ton of historical museums within a quarter-hour!

7. citizenM Amstel Amsterdam 


The citizenM Amstel Amsterdam is located in the city center and is relatively easy to spot with its delightful Dutch design. It calls a building dating back to the 1920s its home, and the structure was actually once a bank. It’s lively and classic all in one.

When you first enter the citizenM Amstel Amsterdam, you’ll be greeted by a spacious lounge area that doubles as a workspace, dining area, and even a cafe and bar. You check-in via a computer on the side and can then sit down and rest in the communal sofas or at a table in the lounge.

If you’re feeling like making friends, sit in an armchair among the groups of them packed together, backed by modern and unusual artwork. The central point of this main area is a bar. Where people sit to eat, chat and work.

Rooms offer huge beds, and citizenM is most known for prioritizing supreme bed comfort, so you can expect a good sleep here. Though the rooms here at the hotel can be a bit on the small side, they’re a good option for those who just want a place to crash comfortably and don’t plan to spend a lot of time inside. You can enjoy a good amount of storage for short breaks, with a small rack to hang things and drawers beneath the bed. If you really need to work, you can do so at the table.

The bathroom of each room has a half-open-plan, and the shower space is nice and big with rainforest and handheld heads. You can request extra items for free, such as a shaving kit, slippers, bathrobes, and even toothbrushes. Other facilities inside the rooms are mood lighting controlled by a tablet, a film channel for free, and a small fridge in some of the units. Do note that these rooms are very simple and even basic, but they get the job done. They’re also triple-glazed for soundproofing.

The most important thing you need to know about citizenM Amstel Amsterdam is that, though families love it, you won’t be able to fit more than three people in one room. Four of the rooms in the hotel have a communal hallway linking them to single rooms with its own private entrance door, which allows families to buy stays at two rooms if there are four or more people traveling. A single child below the age of 10 can stay with their parents in one room, but it may get a bit cramped in the bed!

Facilities are convenient, with a city guide that is provided when you first check-in. You can use public computers, all equipped with printers, and you can even get bicycles to use for free if you manage to nab one before everyone else. There is a breakfast buffet served that is modest but yummy, and there’s a bar for local wines, beer, gin, and cocktails. The canteen is open 24/7 that offers interesting dishes for a reasonable price.

The citizenM Amstel Amsterdam hotel sits on a very busy street – though it does have the benefit of good soundproofing – and its central location is very convenient for tourists and visitors. It’s just a few minutes away on foot to the Amstel River.

Walk further for about 10 minutes to arrive at the Canal Belt (or, in the other direction, the opera house, Jewish quarter, and flea market). You can take a tram to the Museum Quarter for just 10 minutes, or opt to walk for twice that time. There’s also a metro stop that you can get to three stops away from the Central Station.

8. Mr. Jordaan


Mr. Jordaan is yet another hotel in the center of Amsterdam. It is located, as its name suggests, in the Jordaan quarter. It is made up of two canal houses that are joined together in a charming, hip structure that is both modest and fashionable.

This hotel is akin to a boutique hotel in some ways, and it feels homey, warm, and inviting. Furnishings are clearly inspired by the retro style of the 60s and 70s, mixed with modern lighting and traditional walls of exposed brick. The color palette is warm and soft at once, creating a vibe that is definitely happy but also tranquil. Someone, the hotel feels unique, and it harbors an individualistic air while still promoting communal spaces and bonding.

Rooms are modestly sized, varying depending on price and with different sorts of shapes due to the old, uneven structure that many canal houses in Amsterdam have. Though they aren’t huge, they’re spacious enough for a comfortable sleep, with a small table and some cozy poufs to rest on.

Depending on the room, you may look out over the roofs of nearby buildings, face the interior of the hotel to see old-fashioned attic beams, and the lucky ones will get to see the canal from their windows.

Rooms feel comfortable and have the same soothing color palette with a few pops of color and a few more vibrant and interesting touches of decoration. You can hang items on the open rack, make drinks with the kettle, and use local toiletries in the small but reasonable bathroom.

The hotel does serve a continental breakfast that serves local and international cuisine, and some healthy foods, most of which are locally sourced from small businesses and suppliers. Staff is all young and happy to aid guests in finding their way around Amsterdam. There is no restaurant or bar here, but free coffee is offered all day.

Mr. Jordaan sits in an artsy part of Amsterdam, so it’s slightly removed from the busier bustle of the main city, even though it’s technically in the convenient heart of it. You can see the Anne Frank House from the hotel and need only walk 15 minutes to get to the Dam. Take a tram for 15 minutes to Central station (or walk for 20 minutes), or get to the main museum area by tram with a 20-minute ride (or a 25-minute walk).