Delsey Luggage Review and Guide For 2022 – [The Top Models]

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Anytime I am planning a trip; my worry is not what to carry and what not to carry. My biggest concern is how to carry what I need to bring along.

I am concerned about the security of my belongings and the convenience of moving them along.

You will agree with me that it is useless to pack well and end up losing your luggage because either the case couldn’t hold the weight or it doesn’t have strong zipping.

You might not always be the one handling your luggage; sometimes at the taxi bay or bus terminals, the handlers might not take enough care of the luggage while handling it.

The last thing you want is to have your luggage break especially if you have invested much in buying it.

Why Choose Desley Luggage?

With a history of producing stylish and quality luggage products since 1946, Delsey has continued to improve customer satisfaction.

In my course of interaction with a few customers, I realized that they not only like the products but have a lot of trust in the mother company.

Some of the outstanding features of Delsey luggage

Comfortable wheels

the wheels of all Delsey luggage are designed to roll for over 30kms comfortably.

Durable zipping and overweight indicators

The zippers for this luggage are ultra-durable. They, therefore withstand the content pressure even for long distant wheeling. The cases have an inbuilt weight indicator which informs you when your luggage is overweight.


The cases are fitted with web tracking codes to allow you to track your luggage should it get lost. The person who gets them can conveniently be able to contact you.

Transport security administration combination locks

These allow the security officers to search or pen your luggage using a unique key without necessarily breaking the lock.

High-quality Materials

the polyester, polycarbonate and other improved material help to make hard shells for the casing. They are widely durable while maintaining stylish looks and designs.

After reviewing the different types available, I was able to compile a comparison table for the best Delsey Luggage reviews as below:

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The Best Delsey Luggage Reviews 2022

1. Delsey Luggage Chatelet, Hardside Luggage, 4 Wheel Spinner, 28-Inch

Despite it being on the heavy side, Delsey Luggage Chatelet 28” is well worth your money. It has held together very well, and a cleaning doesn’t require much.

I use it when I don’t need to worry about exceeding weight limits or when I am not taking too much with me, and it has worked great so far. With it, shifting of items during travel is the least of my worry.

Very spacious

With 29 inches of spaces, Delsey Luggage Chatelet, 28-Inch, is with no doubt one of the largest luggage. It’s also hard-sided thus giving better protection to its content while also looking very classy.

I realized that at times I would require large luggage for various events and this has been really helpful.

For a situation like long holidays and overseas vacation, packing might be a bit big and therefore needing bigger cases for carrying along.


This luggage case is fitted with strong double spinner roller wheels to allow wheeling it even when fully loaded. You will be able to maneuver comfortably with your luggage.

I noticed that it has a special form of a braking system which is usually activated with a button causing the two front wheels to stop.


The interior is made of soft deluxe material. The soft material allows easy packing and arranging of your items inside it.

On many occasions, I have packed my items in suitcases and ended up appearing like I just bungled them inside. However, the Delsey luggage Chatel,28”, has two cells aligning for organized and easy packing.

It also means that our items won’t keep on shifting in the course of travel.

Overall design

At times some events will require one to be fancy. The suitcase is designed in a classy way with soft trims of leather and attractive, clean curves.

What to like about this luggage:

  • Stylish design
  • Large capacity
  • Easy maneuverability

2. Delsey Luggage Chatelet, 21 Ihcn, Softside luggage, 4 Wheel Spinner

I would recommend this suitcase for anyone looking for elegant and sophisticated luggage with French design.

Despite its inability to carry rough solid content, I found its multiple interior pockets well cushioned with deluxe interiors to provide anti-shift grip to the content.

With a combination of easily maneuverable silent running wheels and lightweight material, I would judge it to fit the bill for all travel plans.

Weight & durable

There is a significant difference between heavy luggage and a durable one. Being heavy doesn’t necessarily give an assurance of durability.

This is to mean that a lightweight suitcase can last longer depending on the material used to make it. Delsey Luggage Chatelet 21” is made of pure polyester which is both lightweight and durable.

It is a soft-sided luggage but the material is hard enough to take keep all your items safe while also being very durable.


If you are like me, you might be concerned about the security of your luggage and its content. It would be heartbreaking to pack your items properly only to lose them because the luggage wasn’t secure enough.

If you lost a package or a portion of your belongings at the airport, you might be aware of the kind of pain this can put you through.

Delsey Luggage Chatelet 21” is fitted with a perfect zipper closer thus keeping the luggage content intact while also being easy to open and close.

The TSA combination lock keeps your luggage safe from theft, mugging and pickpocketing incidences.


Unlike the Delsey Luggage Chatel 21” which has two roller wheels, this luggage has four double silent running wheels capable of carrying heavy loads.

3. Delsey Luggage Cruise Lite Spinner Softside Trolley Garment Bag

I am a person who is always after convenience. Anything that doesn’t serve me conveniently is a lousy deal. But I found this suitcase very convenient in different aspects.

For example, the huge exterior pocket with zipper makes it possible to pack some stuff needed ere end trip without having to unpack everything.

You, just like myself, might be concerned with how long the luggage can serve you.

Assuredly, I found the Dura-Ballistic Nylon material used to make the luggage widely durable with the fabric linings give it a classy and attractive appearance.

It is largely an excellent travel case save for the wheels which may not withstand rough surfaces.

If you need to minimize cloth wrinkles when traveling then this is the luggage you need.


Delsey Luggage Cruise Lite has an exterior section with a huge zipper pocket to pack stuff that will need quick access.

I have witnessed some humiliating instances at airport checkpoints with people trying to access their travel documents from the luggage and end up unpacking everything including the private wears.

This might be quite embarrassing. You can imagine unpacking to the bottom of the luggage to get a jumper due to change of weather or access a scarf.

Maneuverability and convenience to carry

Other than having the running wheel for maneuvering, it has a rubber covered trolley handle to allow comfortable wheeling of the luggage.

At times it is not convenient to keep pulling the luggage and may require you to carry it instead. This case is added a recessed handle to allow you to carry it conveniently.


The most interesting thing I found in this luggage is the way it opens at the interior just like a book. For easier and secure packing of items in it, it has some additional feature like two compartments with zippers and straps to prevent shifting during travel.

Wardrobe support features

Amazingly, you can virtually pack your whole wardrobe in this luggage. This is because it has unique additions of folding bars, shoe pockets, hooks, and corner pockets.

This makes it comfortable to hang and pack stuff like ties, long clothes like dresses, suits, belts, shoes, etc.

What to like about this bag

  • The overweight indicator
  • Very lightweight yet durable
  • Smart organization features
  • Easy access to items

4. Delsey Luggage Comete, Three-Piece Set

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With fully anti-scratch plastic material, I find it classy. I am much attracted to its well-designed compartments with the straps and zippers ensuring the items are neatly packed without fear of them shifting due to travel impacts.

One only need to be careful not to expose the plastic to disproportionate impact to prevent breaking.

I used to be worried that since it’s made of plastic, there would be a lot of vapor and sweating on packed items.

But with the assurance of electric mesh pockets at the interior which are waterproof I can comfortably recommend it for different types of weather travel.

This is another hardside luggage designed for convenient packing. It is a set of three-piece luggage with 21 inch and 24 inches stuffed in a bigger 28 inches luggage.

All these are comfortable and secure cases made of plastic giving you a variety of cases to pick on depending on the number of items you need to carry along.


The grain texture material used to make them is extremely durable with anti-scratch technology application.


Unlike most of the cases and luggage whose roller wheels are unidirectional, Delsey Luggage Comete has four spinner wheels which have a multi-directional rotation and movement ability.

This multidirectional movement of the spinner wheels topped with the comfortable trolley handle makes you feel zero weight when maneuvering with the luggage.


The interior of the cases is well lined with compartments to allow decent and organized packing of items. The primary compartment is expandable such that it expands creating more space for packing.

The compartments have zippers and straps to prevent shifting during travel. The mesh linings are made of waterproof material to prevent moisture destroying the packed items.

5. Delsey Luggage Helium Sky, 3-piece luggage set, Softside, Spinner

Given that it comes in a three-piece set, I find it a good suitcase for different occasions. Different occasions will require a different number of items to carry along.

I personally would not want to carry a 29 inches suitcase fully loaded for a single night trip. Should I have so little to pack in bigger luggage, at least am certain, they won’t keep on shifting in the course of travel thanks to the interior straps and zippers.

With additional features like being a lightweight, vapor insulating and durable, I would rate it as a good suitcase to consider when making Travel plans.

My only concern is that spinning wheels can fallout if pulled excessively hard on rough surfaces.

Water and vapor repellent

I realized that Delsey Luggage Helium Sky is made of a micro-ballistic material which is not only lightweight but also durable. It is also made with vapor barriers which enable it to keep its content from any form of moisture.

This is very helpful because, during travel, the biggest threat to our luggage might not always be the physical hazards of falling, theft, etc.

Environment and the prevailing weather conditions are. Imagine you just touched down and it’s raining heavily. With your luggage being rained on, how insulated are your clothes and other items from the rain moisture?

In case of excessive temperature, how free are your belongings from vapor and sweat?

Wardrobe support features

The essence of a vacation is creating another home away from home. It, therefore, means carrying along most of clothing and others stuff. Just like moving with a fraction of your wardrobe.

This luggage allows you to pack different types of clothes and items to wear. It has a suit clip, wet pockets, zip pockets, and straps.

These allow neat and anti-shift packing of items in the well-designed compartments at the interiors.


Just like most of the Delsey luggage, this one too has very silent spinning wheels and a trolley handle for perfect maneuvering.

Three-piece luggage set

It also comes in a set of three cases of different sizes. I.e., 21 inches, 25 inches, and 29 inches suitcases.

6. Delsey Luggage Chatillon, 28-Inch, Trolley Duffel

Delsey Luggage Chatillon is worth your money. It is among the suitcases I found to be of great utility. It is very durable while at the same time water and vapor repellent.

I also found it to be convenient to pack formal clothes since its inner compartments have features like folding bar, straps and zippers to allow decent fold packing while preventing clothes from wrinkling.

Water and vapor repellent

This is one of the convenient travel luggage from Delsey. It’s made of water and vapor repellent material thus ensuring that its content is free from any form of moisture.

The general construction design is that of a lightweight luggage form the Dura-Tec polyester which is very durable.


The front pockets with zippers are in a way that they can be readily accessed. This makes it possible to carry along electronic accessories like the laptop, laptop chargers, headphones, etc.


The interior is well partitioned with compartments with hangers and straps for easy packing. The compartments are fitted with folding bars to prevent clothes from wrinkling especially if they are formal clothes.

Maximum packing level

With an expandable interior compartment, it is possible to overpack leading to overweight. However, this case has elastic tie-down straps which expand as you pack up to the maximum level. It is also fitted with an overweight indicator to ensure that you don’t carry beyond the check-in weight.


Just like most of Delsey luggage, it has two silent spinning wheels. But these have an addition of a trolley base which provides the durability of the wheels and a resting base for the luggage when not in motion.

The trolley handle has a piece of soft rubber at the grip arrear to allow easier navigating the wheels. It has two strap handles for carrying with the hand.

As a music lover, no travel doesn’t involve carrying either a laptop or a music player. I, therefore, would be well served by this suitcase as the external front pockets with zippers are easily accessible and hence convenient for carrying electronic and other minor things like earphones, chargers, etc.

Some Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Luggage


One needs to get full returns for investment. Luggage that serves you longer would be a better deal.


some events and occasions will require fancy appearances, the last thing you would want is appearing in a high-level meeting in an old school-hunters suitcase.


Packing isn’t a problem like it is to get what you have packed to your destination. A good suitcase should be easily maneuverable.


A good case should keep it content secure from loss, moisture or even damage. It is therefore important to consider the safety features of the luggage before investing your hard earned cash on them.


Delsey luggage has continuously provided utility to travelers since inception. I have developed some interest in their products since my encounter with their product.

The Desley luggage review is drawn from my experience, extensive research on other customers’ feedback, and the manufacturer’s features and specs disclosure.

I believe whether you are doing a long distance or a short distance trip, long duration or short duration vacation, there is no reason to fail to carry all the item you need.

In this article, I have outlined some key features in different luggage and their favorability to a different environment, trips, and individuals. I hope you find it useful.