The Best Business Backpacks On The Market in 2022 [Reviews and Buyer’s Guide]

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Shopping for the best business backpack can be challenging especially because they are too many on the market and the price range does little to help.

I have used several professional/business backpacks, and it’s easier for me to pick the best based on how I liked the experience.

I always have a backpack with me, whether going to the office or traveling to various destinations because the nature of my job requires me to have a laptop all the time.

Also, I always carry my tablet, a camera, and other small stuff that I use here and there, and a good backpack should make it easy for me to travel with all this.

Professional BackpacksWeightDimensionsFits laptops up toColor (s)Checkpoint friendly DesignCheckpoint friendly Design 
eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack4 Pounds8.5”x18”x12.8”17.5”Solid black, Heathered Graphite, Brushed IndigoWater resistantYes
Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack 4.42 Pounds
15”x8.3”x21.3”18.4”BlackComes with a water-resistant cover
Ogio Renegade RSS 3.56 Pounds
Black Pindot,
Water resistantNo
Laptop/Tablet Backpack
Dark Static
Everki Atlas3.79 Pounds
13”-17.3”BlackWater resistantYes
Kenneth Cole Reaction Back-Stage Access3.5 Pounds12.5”x4.5”x16.3”
Black, Brown, Reg Black, Reg BrownWater resistantYes

Best Business Backpacks Reviews

1. eBags Professional Slim Laptop Backpack


  • Water-repelling material
  • Pass-thru panels
  • Easily converts to a briefcase
  • Water bottle pocket
  • Crush-proof AC adapter garage


  • It has detachable shoulder straps that can easily catch on any hanging cables

Design and Features

This bag comes in three main colors: Dark blue/Brushed Indigo, Solid Black, and Gray/Heathered Graphite. The interior, for all the three versions, is bright safety orange.

The backpack feels sturdy, and it features a woven fabric with Teflon coating to repel water effectively.


The bag features wide, padded, detachable shoulder straps. As such, you can use it as a backpack or convert it to a briefcase.

It also features an adjustable sternum strap for security.


  • Laptop sleeve: It has a padded laptop sleeve that’s meant to accommodate a 15-17 inch laptop. This sleeve has an L-shaped zipper that allows easy access to the laptop, whether you are using your bag as a backpack or briefcase.
  • Zippered section: Next, the bag has a zippered section for incidentals like binders and papers, which is separate, then an integrated pouch that can hold magazines or papers securely.
  • Tablet compartment: It also has a vertical tablet compartment made of a microfiber fleece material to help keep the tablet’s screen smudge-free. What’s more, all the three compartments have zipper pulls with loops to enable you to secure them together with a single luggage lock.
  • Extras’ compartment: The bag also has a compartment with several slots for business cards, pens, portable Wi-Fi hotspot, hand sanitizer bottle, and anything else that can fit in there. Importantly, this compartment’s zipper pulls are also lockable.

Vertical and horizontal slits

This backpack has one remarkable feature that makes it worth the cost. It features four slits at the back where two are parallel horizontal and two parallel vertical.

The slits enable you to slip the handle of the wheelie bag when you need to relieve the pressure on your back.

Bottom line: this is a great professional laptop backpack with thoughtful details that make it a configurable, secure and spacious bag for both cross-country travelers and daily commuters.

2. Ogio Renegade RSS Laptop/Tablet Backpack


  • Very tough stitching
  • Sunglasses compartment: with crush proof Tech Vault
  • Easily slides under plane seats
  • Heavily padded laptop compartment


  • The laptop compartment’s zipper doesn’t open fully. However, slipping your laptop in and out won’t be a problem but cramming any additional items feels awkward.
  • Again, when going through security, you have to take the laptop out since the zipper won’t open fully.

Design and Construction

This bag has proved to be a mobile road warrior champ for me. It has many compartments to carry various items, and it’s definitely designed for a frequent traveler.

Material and size

It’s made of 600D Pindot Polyester, and it measures 19.5”x14”10” and weighs just 3.5 pounds when empty.


  • The laptop compartment: The backpack features a padded laptop compartment at the furthest back and fits 17-inch notebooks with ease. This compartment is lined with a screen friendly-material with a light foam padding. It also features the suspension system hence protecting your laptop by absorbing shock in case one drops their bag accidentally.
  • Tablet Compartment: This backpack has a well-protected spot for your tablet. The tablet receives the same protection as your laptop.
  • Convenient Pockets: The backpack features a crush-proof pocket that you can keep fragile items in, e.g., sunglasses. It also features a padded pocket ideal for your digital camera or mouse and two zippered side pockets, accessory slot, a water bottle pocket, an organizer panel and expanded mobile phone pocket.

Checkpoint ready design: With a separate laptop pocket, you will be able to easily take out your laptop at checkpoints without interfering with the other items in the bag.

Shoulder Straps: The backpack features dual/double yoke-style adjustable shoulder straps that feature zippered nylon pocket that’s expandable and you can use it for mobile phones. It also has an adjustable sternum strap to offer extra or needed support.

Ogio’s RSS Technology

One thing to like about this bag is its extremely solid base because it features the Ogio’s RSS Technology. As such, your laptop can never come into contact with the ground, and this made it comfortable to leave the laptop in the bag.

Back panel

The backpack features a solid back panel and lower and upper back padding thus keeping things comfortable while also enabling airflow.

Conclusion: This is a nice looking bag that you can confidently take to any professional setting. It sure serves the purpose of a laptop backpack.

3. Everki Atlas Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack


  • Tough stitching
  • Checkpoint friendly
  • Super comfortable


  • Might not be the best for small people because it’s quite heavy


The Everki Atlas laptop backpack features a compact and streamlined construction with a black exterior and a high-contrast orange interior. It weighs 3.79 pounds when empty and measures 13.4”x 9.1”x18.18” and falls under the category of business/professional laptop backpacks.


The backpack features high-quality stitching throughout.


All the zippers in this backpack are heavy-duty and easily slide in both directions. Again, the zippers have great zipper pulls, and they feel very solid so ripping them off won’t be easy.

Carry handle

The Atlas backpack has a strong and well-designed carry handle that’s easy to grab, and it is solidly stitched to the pack’s exterior. It also features belt-and-suspenders attachment that makes it easy to load with other heavy gear.


The Atlas laptop backpack has enough compartments for you to carry as much as you will need.

  • Outside open pocket: This is one non-zipper pocket that’s on the outside of the bag. It makes a great open quick-access newspaper/magazine pocket.
  • Front pocket: This is a compartment with a mesh pocket inside, and you can use it to organize items.
  • Front organizer pocket: Here you get enough room to organize most of the small items that would be hard to find if just dropped in the bag.
  • Main compartment: Here you get a wide open area that holds quite some stuff. Within this compartment, you also find dividers, for magazines or notebooks. You can fit all the items that you would need for an overnight.
  • Top quick-access pocket: This pocket is between the laptop compartment and the main compartment. It is a zippered pocket with a soft fleece lining thus making it ideal for small items that you would want to protect from scratching such as phones or sunglasses.
  • Laptop compartment: This is not just an average laptop compartment. It is actually the real gem in the entire construction. The compartment opens completely thus making it checkpoint-friendly. It also features a soft fleece material lining that protects your laptop from scratches. Again, this compartment has an adaptable/easy to adjust laptop sleeve that will hold snug any laptop from 13” to 17.3” in size.
  • Tablet compartment: The tablet compartment is inside the laptop compartment. It is large and well-padded and has an elastic strap to secure the tablet.

Shoulder Straps

The straps are wide, adjustable and well-padded. They’re designed to promote even weight distribution.

They feature the sternum strap plus the bottom shoulder strap. The straps also have a lumbar pad covered with a mesh material that adds extra cushion as well as ventilation.

Back Panel

Just like under the bag’s straps, the back panel features a wide lumbar pad that’s covered with mesh material for comfort, especially when heavily loaded and ventilation.

Verdict: This backpack features a slim, compact and streamlined profile thus giving it a professional/business look. Its organizational features make it a great companion for day to day use as well as when traveling.

4. Kenneth Cole Reaction Back-Stage Access


  • Cushioned compartments
  • Checkpoint friendly
  • Polished leather finish
  • Available in four colors
  • Compact size and lightweight (3 lbs.)


  • Its box-like shape makes it take space even when not filled up
  • Not waterproof/resistant
  • One side of the bag is not leather

Design and Features

The Kenneth Cole Reaction Back-Stage Access comes in four colors: Black, reg black, reg brown, and brown. It is made of full grain cowhide leather for durability and measures 4.5×16.3×12.5 inches.

It is a professional backpack with a streamlined shape. It perfectly suits professionals and businessmen with a well-thought pocket system to meet their travel and business needs.


The backpack has several compartments:

  • Rear Laptop Compartment: This backpack features a separate, fully padded laptop compartment that can accommodate up to a 15” laptop.
  • Padded Tablet/iPad Compartment: Again, aside from the secure laptop compartment, this bag also has a secure tablet slot.
  • Other compartments: I also love that the bag has other smaller compartments that I find useful when I need to carry a book, magazine, business cards, etc. And, all the compartments are zippered.


The bag has wide, padded, and adjustable straps for comfort. It also features a top grab carry handle to enable you to carry it as a suitcase. Again, it has a rear luggage strap with a meshed fabric for ventilation which is great to use when traveling in hot weather.

Strap for trolley

For a consolidated travel and more mobility, this bag is designed to allow you slip it into the trolley handle.

Checkpoint friendly design

The bag is all about convenience, and it features a checkpoint-friendly design. It saves me time at security checkpoints.


The bag features strong stitches that support its weather-proof qualities.

Overview: this backpack passes not only as a professional/business backpack but also as an everyday partner at work, business trips, and a carryon bag. It features a simple yet striking design and a compact size with a polished leather finish. And, it is checkpoint friendly.

5. Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack

No products found.


  • Completely airplane checkpoint friendly
  • Big carry capacity
  • A raincoat that works


  • Might be too big for people with smaller body frames
  • It’s expensive but worth it


This bag features all high-quality materials and super tough stitching. It also has oversized zipper pulls and accommodates a lot. Again, the straps are well-padded and adjustable for comfort.


This bag feels super comfortable on my back thanks to the balanced 5-point harness system.


  • Front Pouch: The backpack has a front pouch that you can easily convert into a mobile office especially when on the go. It also has business card holders, pen holders, plus a nice mesh pouch.

Also, the bag has decently deep pouches, and you can use them for writing tablets or books.

  • Second compartment: This compartment features three mesh pouches, all zippered and on one side, plus a felt lined kindle/tablet holder. The other side of this compartment has four pouches where three are elastic and one zippered.
  • Laptop pouch: This part of the bag is well-padded on the bottom such that you can comfortably leave your laptop in it. Again, the walls of this particular pouch are lined with felt and have oversized zippers for easy lock attachment.
  • Sleek polypropylene pouch: This bags comes with a super sleek pouch to enable you to carry your smaller items in style and access them easily.
  • Small top pouch: The small felt-lined pouch on the top that can be used to carry small media devices such as phones or mp3 players.
  • Port for headphones: This is so convenient. No more searching for your earphones from one pouch to another.
  • Small hip pouches on either side: If you have a PS Vita, these are just the right size for it.
  • Rain cover: I loved the fact that I finally got a laptop backpack with a raincoat that actually works. And, it is big enough to cover the whole bag easily and super durable.

Verdict: The Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Backpack makes a perfect professional backpack. It is solidly constructed with a stylish design and has enough carry capacity for a lot of stuff.

The Business Backpacks Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Right Professional Backpack

What factors should you consider when buying a professional backpack?

Carrying capacity

Depending on how much you take with you to work or professional settings, you will want a backpack with enough carrying capacity. The first thing to check is the laptop compartment.

Is it enough for your laptop (s) and how well is it designed to protect it? Is it padded and does it have a sleeve? Will you feel safe leaving your laptop in it?

Back panel

A padded and well ventilated back panel adds to the overall comfort of any backpack. The pack should feel comfortable on your back and should not leave you all sweaty.


The best straps for a professional backpack should be wide, easily adjustable, well-padded and with a ventilating material.

Extra compartments

The main concern for most people when it comes to professional/business backpacks is the laptop pocket, and other compartments are just as important. Basically, ensure that the pack has enough room for everything that you need for work or business trips.

Water-resistant fabric/rain cover

To ensure that your devices are protected from the weather, ensure that the pack is made of water-resistant fabric or it comes with a rain cover. Ensure that the rain cover fits well and that it really works.

Checkpoint friendly

If you don’t want to take out your laptop when at the security checkpoints, go for a checkpoint friendly backpack.

Ease of organizing stuff

We always take small stuff like pens, mouse, USB cables, small notebooks, etc. with us and it might take you a while to locate them if not well organized. Ensure that your backpack has enough small pockets, zippered or not that will help you organize your stuff.

Type of zippers & zipper pulls

Heavy-duty zippers last longer, and they are easy to open and close.


Check how the stitching is done because this determines how much beating the pack can take.

Bottom area padding

This area is important especially if you at times place your pack on the floor. To keep your valuables protected, ensure that the bottom area of the pack is well cushioned.

Trolley Handle Pass-through

This is important especially if you travel with many bags. It enables you to slip your backpack onto your luggage’s handle then wheel through.


Does size matter?

Size of the backpack as well as your body size matters. However, it is the torso length that matters most and not your height. Very big backpacks might feel uncomfortable for people with a smaller body frame.

Heavy-duty or lightweight backpack?

This depends on how you plan on using the backpack. Some people use their packs frequently, but they always carry light gear and will thus do well with a lightweight pack. However, some people always have too much to carry, and even though they might only use the pack once in a while, a lightweight pack will not be a good choice.

What’s the average cost of a good professional backpack?

The concept “good professional backpack” is subjective because everything comes down to preference and needs. Someone will go for a certain backpack because of the type of materials it’s made of while someone else will overlook everything else and pick one based on the number and capacity of the compartments. Thus, it’s not possible to point out the price range for a good professional backpack, but in most cases, the price will determine the quality of what you get.

Are all backpacks water-resistant?

Some backpacks are not water resistant. Thus, make sure to confirm this before purchasing


I have reviewed the five best business backpacks on the market, and I hope that you’ll have an easy time shopping for one.

The important part is to prioritize the features that you cannot do without in a backpack and of Corse ensure that you are getting it at the best price.