Backpack Security: How to Pack a Theft-Proof Backpack

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Is Packing a Theft-Proof Backpack 100% possible? Well, I wish it was, but we can always get close to it by taking certain measures.

My goal while packing my backpack is to ensure that I am doing everything to avoid being an easy target. I don’t leave room for possibilities, at least not what I can prevent.

So, how do you pack a theft-proof backpack?

1. Buy a Lockable Backpack

The easiest way for a thief to steal from you is if your backpack is not locked. I mean, they will just slide in a pick whatever is within reach. And, do not be convinced by sellers that drawstring closures will offer the same security as lockable zippers. They won’t!

2. Buy Reliable TSA Approved Locks

Sadly, not all lockers will do much to help with casual theft. Thieves have mastered the art of unlocking your locks even when you have your backpack on. To prevent this, go for more dependable lockers. And while on it, ensure that you have the keys with you always and it is digit combinations, let them remain a secret.

I know you’re now thinking “what if they steal the entire bag?” relax, I got you!

In this case, I have two recommendations that have always helped me be at ease.

3. Use a Cable Lock

As much as I would like to trust my fellow backpackers, sometimes I freak out thinking I might walk in to find my entire bag missing, and them or one of them, definitely, missing!

To feel at ease, I have always used a cable lock to secure my bag to my bed, knowing very well that all they need is a knife to cut the straps off, but it would deter those without knives.

4. Store In a Locker Whilst Away

My face glows when I see a locker in my hostel! It’s simple, but it provides the most relief when sharing a room. All you need is a padlock to secure your bag in there and have all the fun knowing that everything is safe.

If your hostel doesn’t have lockers, ask if they have any to rent or other recommendations.

5. Being Smart With Money

The next big thing to worry about when traveling is your money, paper money in particular. I like to go by the saying; “do not keep all your eggs in one basket” basket meaning compartment for me and it has always helped. Again, have just enough money for what you need. As long as there are ATMs, I don’t see the point of having too much cash on me.

6. Credit Cards

We all have several credit cards, but when traveling, one is enough. You don’t want to be calling five credit card companies in case of a mug. You should also take one debit card with you.

7. Secure Your Important Documents

I learned this the hard way, but now I always have copies of every important document. Also, keep them separate from the original copies and you can also have soft copies if need be.

8. Finally, carry only what you NEED!

You might be used to having all your gadgets with you but do you really need them for the trip? If not, leave them at home because they are most safe there.

Again, do you really need 2-3 bags?

If you can fit all the items in one bag, the safer you are because you will be more at ease and in control of what’s happening around you.