6 Awesome Getaway Ideas for 2022

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There’s no shame in admitting it; everyone needs a getaway at least once a year (in my case I rarely venture ‘home’!).

We all need a bit of time to reflect now and again. I’ve been to over 40 countries and I can safely say that there is a destination for every single one of us out there.

Here are a few of my favorite getaways.

1. Bangkok

Grand Palace Bangkok 2

One of the most amazing places I visited on my world tour.

When you arrive, my first tip is, DO NOT get a taxi, or any transport for that matter! It took me almost 2 hours to get five hundred yards. The traffic is horrendous. Aside from traffic, you’re going to want to be careful of tuk-tuks aka death traps that will take you for a ride in every sense of the phrase.

Now you know that, what is there to do?

From massage parlors, stunning buildings, to bars, this is the life we all need when getting away from the stress of working life.

The drink and food are cheap, the people are beautiful, and the city is alive.

The Sheraton Beer Vault at Four Points is on the must-visit list. Open from 11.00 to 01.00 with great draft beers.

Cloud 47, Rooftop Bar. This looks like an expensive bar, however, for around 150 Thai Baht ($4.5) you get an ice cold beer.

2. The Grand Canyon

Although it may not seem the ideal getaway at first glance, the Grand Canyon is spectacular.

At one mile deep and 277 miles long, carved out by the Colorado river check out the remote West Rim’s Skywalk, a glass-bottomed bridge built in 2007 that extends out over the canyon, if you dare. I warn those who do not like heights, it can be scary.

You can also go white water rafting on the Colorado river, around five million people a year flock here, they can’t all be wrong.

3. The Himalayas


This is for the more adventurous among us. I spent a few weeks trekking in Nepal in various parts.

There are many trekking routes such as those through the Annapurna region, near picturesque Pokhara.

It takes around three days of walking from the road to reach Chomrong, at 2,000m high it gives excellent viewing for not one but three peaks, with forests, rivers and rope bridges. A typical trek is going to last between 10-14 days.

If you like an active getaway, this is a fun one to share with all your friends who wouldn’t dare take on such a challenge!

4. Rio De Janeiro

Let us start on Copacabana beach, having a cool glass of chopp (draught beer) on the beach from one of the many open-air bars that line the beach.

Sit back and enjoy watching the games of volleyball, or join in, always worth a challenge after a drink or two.

Once you head off the beach why not go up and see JC (Jesus Christ) himself, at the top of the Corcovado Hill, the views from the top are spectacular, make sure you go on a clear day, so you won’t be disappointed.

As for nightlife, the bars are too numerous to mention and a new one seems to open as another closes.

5. Amsterdam

Okay, the travel brochures will mention the red light district, but I bet they have not walked the streets!

Yes, I admit it I have. I promise that you have to see it to believe it. It’s not a seedy as I expected and it was quite an experience seeing all of these ladies in their refinery.

So was it better than the brochure? Yes a must have experience for all travelers.

There is, of course, all the weed café’s, why not have a special cake and coffee, (their words not mine).

As for the bars, you will not be able to try them all, but there was one (I cannot remember the name, sorry) an English owner would buy you the first shot as you walked in, and promptly hurled the glass in your direction!

But by the grace of God it hit the wall and not you, I think the weed and drink may have finally got to him.

With that said, it’s a charming city to walk or cycle around (bike are EVERYWHERE!) and the people are quite friendly.

6. Australia

BridgeClimb Sydney Flags Morning

I just have time to add Australia as I have just been there. I am not putting one specific place as I think you should visit as many places in Australia as you can.

Personally, I went to Darwin, Cairns, Perth, Sydney and Alice Springs. The weather is great, there are beaches at just about every corner, the Australian guys love a drinking competition.

So jump on a plane, start at Alice Springs. Hire a car and head in whichever direction you fancy, better still, get some fellow travelers together, hire a Winnebago and have what could possibly the best holiday ever!