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Chloe Hartley about meWelcome to Trekity, my little corner of the web where I document my travel experiences and adventures so that other travelers can learn from where I’ve been, what to do and more importantly what not to do.

I’ve visited over 49 countries since setting off on my traveling journey some 8-years ago. It was never planned to be this way.

I decided to take a gap year after college, take some time to experience a few countries I’d always wanted to visit (Bali, Thailand, India) before I settled down into a career as a photographer, something I had wanted to do for many years.

I took 12-months ‘off’, visiting the places I’d only dreamed about or saw on the TV and in magazines. Those 12-months turned into 2-years, and then three.

Before I know it I had rid myself of all of my ‘stuff’ back home and was more comfortable living out of a backpack than I eve was in my rented apartment.

As it turns out, I had chosen one of the best professions to make this transition as easy as possible, doing anything freelance or entrepreneurial and digitally is where it’s at if you want to travel the work and be able to earn money to fund those travels.

Today I’m making my way from country to country, visiting the most amazing places and meeting interesting people each and every day. I understand that long term travel and backpacking isn’t for everyone, heck even I didn’t plan it, there is something here on this blog for everyone.

Let me take some time to explain a little more about the blog.

About Trekity

Founded in 2012, Trekity.com is a website and newsletter for those who love travel and adventure. Our mission is to inspire people to gte off the beaten track, discover new places and travel more with less. Less money, belongings, baggage and stress.

So what kind of things does this travel blog cover? I’m glad you asked.

Since my experiences are varied and often unplanned, I love nothing more than to get them down in digital journal form, which makes for quite a varied topic list, all centered around getting more from your travel.

  • Places to stay and go – Hostels, Hotels, Cities, Hidden Gems
  • The local cuisine – Delicious treats to try
  • Travel tips, hacks, and lessons
  • Travel gear, product reviews/recommendations
  • Solo/Couples Travel
  • Digital Nomad & Entrepreneur Business

Those are just a few of the topics that I cover, I publish only when I have something important, exciting or interesting to share – so each time you visit you can be sure there will be something new and hopefully informative yet inspiring to read.

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From time to time I team up with fellow travel writers to bring you guest contributions as a way for them to share their experiences and knowledge with Trekity followers.

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