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Guyanais Space Center; Kourou, French Guiana

An ingenious location and an ingenious partnership for arguably the worlds most active space station – the Guyanais Space Center.

The French began building the Guyanais Space Center in 1964 in Kourou in French Guiana for its strategic location only five degrees from the equator and on the Atlantic Ocean. In 1975 when the European Space Agency (ESA) was developed, France offered to share the Guyanais Space Center. Since the 1980s, the Guyanais Space Center has launched over two-thirds of the worlds commercial satellite into space.

Still with me? 

This means, you might get the opportunity to fulfill your childhood dram of watching a live space launch.Continue

Tropical Prison Ground; Îles du Salut, French Guiana

Which would you chose: brutal prison ground or tropical island paradise?

From 1852, the Iles du Salut (Salvation Islands) were a penal settlement for French prisoners.

Today, the three islands are an ideal tropical island getaway with the eerie remains of prison buildings and a cemetery. Continue

Leatherback Turtles; Plage Les Hattes; French Guiana

Few things are as astonishing as Giant Leatherback Turtles.

They are the ultimate traveler migrating thousands of miles in search of food and returning to their original birthplace to nest. Plage Les Hattes beach is  the world’s most important nesting ground for Giant Leatherback Turtles.  It’s located along the Atlantic Ocean just northwest of the town Mana.Continue

Hmong Refugees; Cocao, French Guiana

The story of the Laotian refugees is not told of tragedy but rather triumph, perseverance and strength.

When the Hmong people were forced to flee Laos in the 1970s some were relocated to Cocao, French Guiana.

Since then they’ve worked hard (VERY HARD) to rebuilt their lives and form a Laotian community in French Guiana.Continue