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Sizzling Secrets to Celebrate Carnaval in Rio Like a Pro…

I’m Katy from San Diego, California.

Before I turned the BIG 30, I was in search for something… anything that was different from the mundane life and job I had at home.

I hit a subtle wall… but a wall nevertheless.

Having worked in odd jobs here and there, I wanted to make a major change.

So I quit my jobs and headed to South America!

Brazil had always been on my radar and I am so incredibly thankful that I chose her as my first stop.  Brazil opened me up, made me vulnerable and taught me the life lessons I needed to learn along my journey.

And some of the best lessons and fun came from my time at Carnaval in Rio…


Dirty Dancing & High Art; Recife, Brazil

In a country known for music and dance, Recife is revered among Brazilians as one of the best places for both.

Its city center – surrounded by water on all sides – is a hard-edged collection of Afro-Brazilian dance clubs, while the more affluent suburb of Boa Viagem combines excellent nightlife with a long stretch of gold sand beach.

Party on.


Sex and the City in Manaus Brazil

Shopping and the Opera in one day!

What more could a girl want?

Manaus is know as the ‘Heart of the Amazon and City of the Forest‘ and is one of the largest cities in Brazil.

While most people visit Manaus as a starting point for an Amazon tour, they’re missing a great city including shopping at one of the largest markets in South America and the world-famous Amazon Theater.

So save the jungle trek for another day…

Treat yourself to a day in the city of Manaus, Brazil!


Historic Coastal Gem; Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Salvador de Bahia was Brazil’s first colonial capitol and is renowned for it’s historic Portuguese architecture, historic monuments, and noninvasive urban development.

The city blends the perfect balance of old and new.

Lively music, authentic cuisine, colonial architecture, and the overall pulse of the city attracts visitors from around the world to celebrate Salvador de Bahia.Continue

Birthplace of the Amazon; Manaus, Brazil

It’s the gateway to the largest, most biodiverse rainforest on earth. And while Manaus may not be the most charming of cities it’s a welcome respite after days in the jungle.

Speaking of jungles, let’s set some expectations.

Many first-time visitors expect something out of Raiders of the Lost Ark: hacking their way through dense jungle in search of ancient ruins, narrowly escaping leopards, pumas and giant anacondas before diving into piranha infested waters and narrowly escaping death by climbing into a high speed jet boat.