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Catch a Wave; Upolu, Samoa

Floating calmly across the water, the Samoan coastline provides an image that postcards could only dream of reproducing.

Rocky shores give way to lush landscapes in an area untainted by crowds and development. But something compels you to look the other way.

Coming up quick, a massive swell, a distinctive crest. You paddle furiously before hopping to your feet. Let the fun begin.


Located in the South Pacific, Samoa is often overlooked as a travel destination, replaced by higher profile islands in Indonesia and Hawaii. But where Indonesia might be crowded and Hawaii might be pricey, a trip to Samoa can be a rewarding experience.

Along the coasts of the nation’s two islands, are opportunities to swim, scuba dive, snorkel, and surf. And inland, the dense vegetation allows for exploration along trails, through parks, and into reserves.


Sleep on the Beach; Savai’i, Samoa

No matter where you may travel, the quality of accommodations can make or break a trip. Agreeable service, ammenities, and staffing will have visitors starting and ending each day with a smile on their face. However, should these features be lacking, returning to the hotel could prove a burden.

In Savai’i, you’ll have an abundance of options when it comes to lodging. With a wise choice, your trip will be a rewarding experience.Continue