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Overland Bike; Moorea, French Polynesia

After arriving at a resort via plane and taxi, there is little desire to hop right back in a car to travel. Giving up fresh air for a stuffy car isn’t exactly an enticing prospect. Unfortunately, while distances to destinations may be short, they could prove a little too far for walking. In such cases, consider renting a bike.

On the seat of a bicycle, you’ll not only get where you want to go, you’ll also do it at your own pace. You can soak up your environment while putting in a moderate physical effort. This is especially applicable in MooreaContinue

Drift Dive; Rangiroa, French Polynesia

Adventure, explorations, and challenge are a few of the words you could use to describe scuba diving. However, few would identify the activity as a ride. As serene as the dive is, for the most part, divers are responsible for propelling themselves among the waters.

Such is not the case with drift diving. Divers control only their direction and speed as they are carried along with the current. To follow these natural flows, make your way to Rangiroa.


At the northeastern end of French Polynesia, Rangiroa represents the second largest atoll on Earth. With hundreds of islands dotted along the region’s circumference, the area’s lagoon covers 558 square kilometers (1146km2).

In an isolated section of the South Pacific, Rangiroa can be reached by a number of French Polynesian destinations. Though the region is set up to entertain resort-seekers and deep sea fishermen, most people visit for the scuba diving.


Romantic Society Islands; French Polynesia

Honeymoon destinations aren’t chosen at random.  Lovers destinations are bound to be picturesque.  The beaches are going to be soft.  The accommodations are going to be top-notch.

Follow the tide of young love and you may just wind up in French Polynesia’s Society IslandsContinue