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Shipwreck Scuba Dive; Chuuk, Micronesia

Would popular attractions be more interesting if they were submerged in water?  Would you visit an underwater art gallery?  How about at underwater restaurant? Or an underwater museum?

While this author has yet to find evidence of the first two suggestions, the idea of a museum on the sea floor isn’t all that far-fetched.  It could certainly be argued that shipwrecks are historic displays.  And what of a collection of wrecks in a proximal vicinity?

If ever there were an underwater museum it would be in ChuukContinue

Dive Site Diversity; Yap, Micronesia

Claims are cheap.

It’s easy to say that your destination possesses the best of a certain something. This tactic may even serve to draw in hordes of tourists, filling up resorts and restaurants.

But that’s just as well for the understated regions. Let people go to their big name hotels and visit their well-documented attractions. All the more space for those of us who seek the real gems.

And as scuba diving is concerned, Yap is certainly an underrated treasure.