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Fish the South Pacific; Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Taking a glance into the sea, the limited visibility offers but a hint of the marine life below.  Hundreds of species, big and small, existing beyond the realm of our observance.  But is their value to humanity? Food or game?

Take to the waters surrounding Aitutaki to explore the relationship between man and fish.  The relationship involving a line and hook.  Or a spear.Continue

How to Hack Aitutaki Beaches

There seems to be a move towards active vacations.  Whether involving hiking, scuba diving, or fishing, it simply doesn’t seem to be enough to relax on the beach.  But how about a push towards a lazy trip?  Towards sunbathing on the beach and wading into the water.  How about visiting a spectacular landscape and just enjoying it?

Spend some time in the Cook Islands’ Aitutaki region.  Spend some time just hanging out.Continue

Cross-Island Track; Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Small islands can provide an excellent opportunity for solitude.  They can be an ideal location to sit on the beach or to base scuba and snorkeling trips.  However, they’re not so handy for land dwellers.  You’ll likely see and do every on-land activity in a matter of hours.

In the Cook Islands, there isn’t a whole hell of a lot of land.

Fortunately, there is Rarotonga.

Rarotonga Cook Islands

Standing as the most populous of all the Cook Islands, Rarotonga serve’s as the region’s epicenter.  With an abundance of activities, hotels, and restaurants, it’s unsurprising that the island is a favorite among Pacific travelers.

As the small handful of Rarotonga’s towns are located along the perimeter of the island, the center is open to venturing and exploration.  A collection of hiking trails are highlighted by the ever-popular Cross-Island Track.