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The Emerald City’s Water and Parks; Seattle, Washington

It’s like taking a vacation in England. Chances are it’s going to be gray, damp and possibly a little morose, but it’s also going to be stunningly beautiful. Seattle is a garden full of lush parks and surrounded by thick forests, lakes, rivers and the Pacific Ocean.

It may be cloudy most of the time, but it if you happen to visit when the sun is shining, it is glorious.Continue

Seattle’s Space Needle, Pike’s Place and Underground City; Washington

The birthplace of Jimmy Hendrix and the hometown of the first Starbucks, Seattle has many claims to fame, and has an equal number of great sights to see.

Admittedly, you’re as likely to be squinting at the city through its near perpetual rain, but the colors manage to shine through making Seattle one of the great stops on the US northwest coast.Continue