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A Las Vegas Guide for all Trekity’s Sin Sisters!

Las Vegas Guide Air Nation Show

You seem like the kind of women that prefer their vodka straight up, so why not hear the best picks of Vegas from someone who’s spent almost twenty years there?

My name is Hilary Billings and my city is Las Vegas, Nevada.

My city is best described by these five words: allure, abandonment, entertainment, neon, and of course, lust.

What’s the most famous thing about my city? Well, what’s in a name? The Strip? The showgirls? The roulette tables or its Rat Pack & mafia studded history? I guess it just depends on what matters to you.

The best way to explore my city is on foot. Wear good walking shoes. Read more about why.

When my girlfriends come for a visit, I always take them to Firefly  first for delicious afternoon sangria and tapas. There’s no better food for catching up with friends than tapas.

The best place to take a guy on a date is Sambalatte. It’s a fun atmosphere and they have rad drinks and live music most days. It’s casual and a great place to get to know someone.

When I want to get my social dance on, I always go to The Aruba downtown on Friday nights. They have at least four solid hours of jazz and swing music for people to dance to.

The most random thing about my city is that even though it has been dubbed the city of sin, it was originally settled by Mormon missionaries.


Stay Sleepless; Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada the true city that never sleeps, caters to anyone and everyone looking for the ultimate splurge get-away.

From high-end shopping to world class concerts and performances, Las Vegas has developed into a destination for more than just sinning and gambling. Continue