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The 7 Best National Parks in the United States…

Almost 280 million people visit National Parks in the U.S. each year.

And it’s no surprise.

The U.S. is home to a whopping 59 National Parks across 27 states.

But of those 59, just seven rise above the rest for their stunning scenery and unique natural elements.

Find out which national park made the cut and why…


Yellowstone National Park Volcano; Idaho, Wyoming, Montana

Each year, millions of people willingly visit an active volcano for the scenic beauty, wildlife and geothermal activity.

Yellowstone, the mother of all National Parks, stretches for 3,468.4 square miles (8,983 sq km) and features lakes, canyons, rivers and mountains that were formed by the activity of a supervolcano (also called a Caldera) over the past 17 million years.  Today, Yellowstone is a dynamic ecosystem situated on an active volcano, fueled by half of the world’s entire geothermal activity.

Yellowstone was recognized as the first National Park in the world in 1872 after many explorers and artists helped the area gain exposure.

People from across the globe flock to the park for a number of fun activities for people of all ages and physical abilities.

Be sure to give yourself ample time to see and explore all of the parks wonders that span into three of the United States including Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Continue