Fort Collins Brewery Tour; Colorado

Fort Collins is the ultimate beer lovers destination – brewing beer that rivals German lagers, Belgium ales, and Irish stouts.

Situated in the Rocky Mountains at almost 5,000 feet, this quaint college town is maturing into one of the top beer producer around the world.

So sit back, relax and try a flight of beers from some amazing breweries.Continue

Drive Trail Ridge Road; The Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Dizziness, nausea, headache, shortness of breath, and rapid heart rate are just some of the symptoms the Trail Ridge Road causes as you drive 48 miles (77.2km) from Estes Park to an staggering elevation of 12,183 feet (3,713m) above sea level.

So why do thousands of visitors drive this scenic road every year?

The rewards are far greater than the symptoms, of course!


Denver Day; Colorado

Why visit Denver? Not an easy question to answer.

It’s unique, with a diverse culture, artistic bent and full of celebrations throughout the year.

Nevertheless, other than its mile-high altitude, it lacks a defining feature. What it does have is a large collection attractive qualities, good-natured people, a pioneering past and a cosmopolitan present that make it a delight to visit.


Walking the Garden of the Gods in the City of Colorado Springs…

One of the most impressive geologic formations in the U.S. can be found at the Garden of the Gods. This giant rock garden stretches over 1,300 acres in central Colorado and includes white sandstone and limestone formations.

How did it happen?

Sediment layers piled onto each other horizontally, then – as surrounding mountains pushed upward – the layers shifted vertically.

The result is geologic history-turned-sideways for all to see. Evidence of ancient mountains, ancient seas, beaches and sand dunes are all seen in the rocks. Plus, plants, marine life and even dinosaur fossils have been found here.

And that’s just the rocks.

Walking through the Garden of the Gods you’ll see 1,000 year old gnarled junipers, willow trees and the fascinating honey ant, which gorges itself on honey in order to feed the rest of the colony during winter months.

There’s a sheer fault in between the Tower of Babel – one of the area’s most impressive outcrops – and Fountain Formation.Continue

San Juan Skyway Drive; Colorado

No other country is more fascinated by road tripping. America’s motorized culture resulted in the single greatest network of roads in the world and one of its most cherished pastimes is hitting the pavement to explore the country’s infinite beauty.

For those who love scenic byways, you could hardly do better than San Juan Skyway.Continue