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The 7 Best National Parks in the United States…

Almost 280 million people visit National Parks in the U.S. each year.

And it’s no surprise.

The U.S. is home to a whopping 59 National Parks across 27 states.

But of those 59, just seven rise above the rest for their stunning scenery and unique natural elements.

Find out which national park made the cut and why…


A Girlfriend’s Guide to Tucson, Arizona

My name is Sara and my city is Tucson.

I have lived in my city Tucson for 25 years—yup, born and raised!

My city is best described by these five words: sprawling, kind, community, adobe, and hot!

The most famous thing about my city is its natural landscape.

The best way to explore my city is by bike—Tucson has hundreds of miles of bike lanes!

When my girlfriends come for a visit, I always take them to El Charro because they have amazing margaritas and some of the best Mexican food in town. In fact, they invented the chimichanga!


Slot Canyon Exploration; Antelope Valley, Arizona

You’ve been to the Grand Canyon.

You’ve hiked to the top of Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park and trekked along the rim of Bryce Canyon.

You’ve even camped in Monument Valley and placed a body part in each state at the Four Corners Monument.

Yet, you haven’t done it all. Not even close.

There are many breathtaking places in the American Southwest, yet there is one unique and sacred spot that seems to mesmerize visitors more than any other.

A dangerous place where you can’t stay long, because the threat of death is just too great. Continue

Monumental Camping; Monument Valley, Arizona

You’ll recognize it immediately. The two-lane road with a broken yellow stripe down the middle is straight as an arrow. It disappears on the horizon as if it has been swallowed by the crested buttes rising in the distance. You swear you have seen this surreal scenery before, but where?

It’s only later you realize it’s one of the world’s most photographed places, an iconic image of the American Southwest  that is haunting and spellbinding. A place that draws you into its vast desert space to speak to your soul.Continue

Getting Sacred in Sedona, Arizona

It’s impossible to put your finger on.

You can feel it, even breathe it in, yet you can’t touch it or explain what it is. As you climb the rock formations you begin to feel light and uplifted, while all your worries slip away. Your breathing becomes deep, your skin has a slight tingle and a smile forms on your lips.

When you reach the top to look over the strikingly beautiful landscape it hits you. You can’t remember ever feeling so relaxed, at peace and joyful.Continue