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Denali Star Railroad; Alaska

It’s one of the great train journeys on earth. The Denali Star plies its way through the rugged wilderness of Alaska, allowing passengers to witness wild animals, small frontier towns and a constantly changing environment.

It gives you a sense of the past, how it must have been all over the Americas just a few hundred years ago, when nature’s unbounded glory stretched from sea to sea.


Seward Highway Scenic Drive; Alaska

America has some kick-ass drives.

Coast to coast, fans of the open road can find an unrivaled diversity of landscapes and spectacular settings.

Yet the best roads can’t be found in the lower 48…

For the wildest road trip one must go to last frontier of Alaska, a place hardly touched by man and full of nature’s eye candy. Continue

Explore Denali National Park; Alaska

9,375 square miles of sub-Arctic tundra, alpine meadows and pine forest make up Denali National Park.

Denali – whose name means “Great One” in the Athabascan language – lives up to its name. During summertime, wildflowers and berry bushes burst into bloom, while in August the rolling hills are lit up by red, amber, orange and yellow flowers.

But the highlight for many is the 20,320 ft Mt. McKinley, which – on clear days – provides visitors with a neck-straining view of over three vertical miles. Even on cloudy days (which are frequent), McKinley’s dominance over the landscape cannot be denied.


Cruise Glacier Bay National Park; Anchorage, Alaska

You’ve got to see this place while it’s still possible.

Massive walls of glistening ice meeting the cobalt blue sea while sharp, snow-covered mountains create a surrealistic backdrop.

On a calm day all the beauty is mirrored on the surface of the bay. It’s an unforgettable setting that has to be seen to be believed.

Welcome to Glacier Bay National Park

Glacier Bay is the world’s biggest UNESCO protected heritage site with more than 24 million acres (9.7 million ha) of land and sea. It ‘s located in the southeastern part of the state in the Gulf of Alaska. It’s just 60 miles (96km) from the state’s capital Juneau, although they are not connected by roads.

If you want to see this huge bay with its diverse land and seascapes, then you will need to come by boat or plane. While planes are great, nothing compares to the slow glide and lasting impressions left by an ocean cruiser.


The Last Great Race; Iditarod, Alaska

Mushers and their dog teams set out into the sparsely populated wilderness of Alaska along the historic Iditarod Trail, braving blizzards, whiteouts and temperatures that have been known to reach minus -100°F (-73°C).

Frostbite, wild animals and extremely poor visibility can plague the racers as they cross 1,000 miles (1,600km) of tundra, mountain passes, forests and rivers. It is the ultimate test of endurance, skill and teamwork for both man and dog. Many teams will never make it to the finish line, while most will struggle to complete it in under two weeks. Even the winner will suffer nine days of the harsh elements.

There is no other race like it. Continue