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Weekend at the Greenbrier Resort; West Virginia

It’s a resort fit for kings. For over 230 years the fabled Greenbrier has been “America’s Resort” and the ideal weekend getaway for high society. 26 presidents have vacationed at this exclusive domain situated in the picturesque Allegheny Mountains.

World class spas, championship golf courses, superb cuisine and a terrific casino is just the beginning.

After two centuries, the Greenbrier still sets the standard for resort and spa excellence.Continue

Bridge Day; West Virginia

It’s one of the world’s most unique festivals. Dedicated to a sport so extreme, it makes sky diving look like a walk in the park.

Can’t afford to charter a plane? No problem, as long as there is a tall cliff, skyscraper, or bridge, there is a place for BASE jumping – a sport that people engage in when jumping out of a plane is just not exciting enough.

And there is no better place to watch, or participate in high flying adventures than at the Bridge Day Festival.