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How to Hike the Appalachians Without Falling Over

The great mountain range of eastern North America, the Appalachian Mountains are also one of the oldest – and best – long distance hikes in the world.

It’s also the longest. The Appalachian Trail draws thousands each year, though only a few hundred successfully complete this 2,157 mile (3,473 km) hike. It begins in Springer Mountain, Georgia and crosses 14 states – not to mention eight national forests and two national parks – before ending up in Mount Katahdin, Maine. Continue

History & Monuments; Washington D.C.

It’s been described as “America’s Paris”. A lovely, walkable city demarcated by wide avenues and circular rotundas, Washington remains a delight to domestic and foreign visitors alike.

Envisioned by famed architect Pierre-Charles L’Enfant, Washington was intended to be “a [city] plan wholly new”.

And so it has remained. In fact, Washington’s original city plan remains a primary consideration for all modern land use proposals: in other words, if it affects Washington’s focal points, it ain’t gonna happen.

Two main focal points line the horizon. The first is the impressive Capitol Building (which tourists often confuse for the White House); the second is the 555 feet tall Washington Monument.Continue