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Hiking the Appalachian Trail with Jennifer Pharr Davis

Hiking the Appalachian Trail with Jennifer Pharr Davis

Jennifer Pharr Davis is a record breaker.

Not only has she hiked the Appalachian Trail multiple times, but she’s also the first woman to be the overall record holder – hiking 2,181 miles in 46 days, 11 hours and 20 minutes!

She’s hiked thousands of miles all over the world including Mount Kilimanjaro, the Inca Trail in Peru and the Bibbulmun Track in Australia… just to name a few.

But her love of the Appalachian Trail is undeniable and expressed in her hiking memoir Becoming Odyssa.

Listen as Jennifer shares her personal journey hiking the Appalachian Trail in record time in this exclusive interview…


Low Country Drive; South Carolina & Georgia

It’s one of those classic American road trips. A drive with a distinct regional flavor, unusual smells, beatific sights, and more historical attractions than you could shake a finger at. It’s not long – just over 200 miles (322km), but what it lacks in length, it makes up in breadth.

Isolated islands, antebellum towns, old plantations, ancient forests, swampy marshlands, flourishing estuaries, and lazy rivers are just the start. It’s a delight for the senses but only if taken slow. To grasp the Southern ethos one can never rush.Continue

Walking Tour; Charleston, South Carolina

Welcome to the South. A land of antebellum mansions, carriage rides, cobblestone streets, formal gardens and an air of good manners as thick as the humidity which surrounds Charleston, South Carolina.

Folks are friendly here. Really friendly.

So much so it was named the U.S.’s “most well-mannered city” 11 times by Marjabelle Young Stewart, an expert on etiquette who taught manners to Lyndon B. Johnson, Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon.

Well… two outta three ain’t bad.

Charleston is a heart-achingly beautiful and romantic city. And the best way to explore it is by foot. Continue

How to Hike the Appalachians Without Falling Over

The great mountain range of eastern North America, the Appalachian Mountains are also one of the oldest – and best – long distance hikes in the world.

It’s also the longest. The Appalachian Trail draws thousands each year, though only a few hundred successfully complete this 2,157 mile (3,473 km) hike. It begins in Springer Mountain, Georgia and crosses 14 states – not to mention eight national forests and two national parks – before ending up in Mount Katahdin, Maine. Continue