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New Orleans Cuisine, Louisiana

If there were ever a place worth visiting for its food alone, it has to be New Orleans.

Perhaps it is the broad range of influences that make up the creole of tastes – French, Spanish, African, Italian, Native American, Cuban and Chinese, or perhaps the people of Louisiana have a pantry full of magic they sprinkle over their food in large doses.

Either way, most people are too busy lip-smacking and devouring large plates of steaming Louisianan fare to give it too much thought.Continue

Mardi Gras Party; New Orleans, Louisiana

Outlandish costumes of purple, gold and green, a city awash with beads and breasts, booze and  Krewes. This can only mean one thing… Mardi Gras has arrived!

It’s what the city of New Orleans is known for. A celebration of hedonistic proportions which will leave a lasting memory for all those who participate.

At least what remains before you black out…Continue