Rainy Day Museum Tour; New York, New York

Rainy day in New York with nothing to do?  Impossible.

New York has some of most prestigious and famous art collections in the world.  What better way to spend a day than on a museum tour of the Big Apple?

Indeed. Continue

Happy Holidays; New York City

Population studies have shown that if everyone lived as densely as New Yorkers, the whole world – yes, all seven billion of us – could fit within Texas.

Yes, New York is crowded.  So it’s a special time of year when you can get its inhabitants to agree on something…even something as simple as the holiday spirit. But in the weeks leading up to the New Year, a special energy surges through the city, making it a perfect winter destination.

Best of all, in a metropolis already full of world-class sights, there are some that only spring up once a year, begging to be enjoyed with a hot cup of cocoa.  Take advantage of them while you can.Continue

Get Soaked at Niagara Falls; Canada & U.S.

Visitors to Niagara Falls should plan their trip with two caveats.

Firstly, Niagara Falls straddles both the United States and Canada; the Canadian side is much, much more interesting, so be sure to bring your passport/visa if necessary. The Canadian town of Niagara Falls, just two miles (3 km) north of the falls, has plenty of nightlife, casinos, and cafes.

Still too busy for your tastes? Then consider the (relatively) smaller Niagara-on-the-Lake, located 16 miles (26 km) downstream.  But there’s a problem: lots of people flock there during the busy summer months. So no matter where you go, expect crowds. Lots of them.

Secondly, take note: while Niagara Falls is impressive, the view grows old quickly. Aim to spend one night here, book a tour of on the Maid of the Mist (a boat tour of the falls), then head out to the Finger Lakes region for a few days.

So is Niagara Falls really worth it? Like many other “must-see” sights – e.g. the Statue of Liberty, Grand Canyon, Big Ben, etc. – it’s just that: a sight. And sights – no matter how impressive – tend to wear thin sooner than experiences. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them for awhile!Continue

Drive The Hamptons; Long Island, New York

It’s time to polish your fine jewelery and pack your best attire because a scenic drive through The Hamptons is just what the doctor ordered.

Along the eastern portion eastern portion of Long Island, New York are a collection of towns, villages, and hamlets.  The area is divided into two parts by the Great Peconic Bay.  To the north, you have the aptly named North Fork area which offers a quieter and more relaxed feel.  To the south you have, The Hamptons which draws a younger, more lively and famous crowd.

With Long Island spanning no more than 118 miles (190 km) wide, it’s an ideal place to rent a convertible and hit the road to see it all.


How to Hike the Appalachians Without Falling Over

The great mountain range of eastern North America, the Appalachian Mountains are also one of the oldest – and best – long distance hikes in the world.

It’s also the longest. The Appalachian Trail draws thousands each year, though only a few hundred successfully complete this 2,157 mile (3,473 km) hike. It begins in Springer Mountain, Georgia and crosses 14 states – not to mention eight national forests and two national parks – before ending up in Mount Katahdin, Maine. Continue