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How to Experience Minneapolis Like a Local…

My name is Shanna and my city is Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I have lived in my city Minneapolis/St. Paul for 31 years (I actually grew up in a suburb of Minneapolis and now live on the outer edges of the sprawling metropolis).

My city is best described by these five words: foodie-heaven, artsy, unexpected, Minnesota-nice, and not-always-cold.

The most famous thing about my city is the fact that Mary Tyler Moore lived here, and many of the shots of the opening sequence were filmed in downtown Minneapolis (for old TV buffs reading this, there is a statue on Nicollet Mall of her in her iconic “hat throwing” pose). It is also the home town of Peanuts cartoon creator Charles Schulz.

The best way to explore my city is on foot or by using the well developed skyway system. Also, check out the light rail train to connecting downtown to the airport and Mall of America! It is a really easy way to see many sights throughout the city.


Boundary Waters Canoe Area; Minnesota

As you propel forward along the pine tree lined waters, you hear gentile lapping of waves against the canoe and loons off in the distance.

Boundary Water Canoe Area is a slice of heaven for anyone wanting to forget modern day technology and head into the vast wilderness.


Dog Sledding; Ely, Minnesota

There is no greater journey, than one with man’s best friend into the arctic wilderness.

What was once used as a method of transportation, dog sledding has changed dramatically over the last hundred years.

World famous races such as the Alaskan Iditarod and week long sledding vacations are creating a new name for dog sledding.

But before we get into dog sledding vacations, let’s take a look at a little dog sled history….