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A Woman’s No-Nonsense Guide to Chicago…

Chicago Skyline

My name is Reena Ganga and my city is Chicago.

I have lived in my city Chicago for a bit over three years.

My city is best described by these five words: friendly, green, vibrant, clean, and cold!

The most famous thing about my city is the architecture.

The best way to explore my city is on a segway tour. It’s a walking tour without the hard work!

When my girlfriends come for a visit, I always take them to the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the John Hancock building first, because the views are stunning and the cocktails are strong!


St. Patrick’s Day Celebration; Chicago, Illinois

A green-dyed river, waves of green-clad revelers drinking beer for breakfast, and the sound of bagpipes filling the air?

It must be St. Patrick’s Day in Chicago.

It is hard to find a place outside of Ireland where the celebration of this day is more prominent or spirited. So dust off your shamrock-shaped sunglasses, throw on some green threads and head to the Windy City for a St Paddy’s Day you will never forget. Continue

Chicago Festivals….from Blues to Food; Illinois

So you say you’re a fan of the Blues? If you are religious about it, there is only one place to go on a musical pilgrimage. A spot that will have you striking that inner chord of melancholy for three straight humid days and nights – The one and only Chicago Blues Festival.

Chicago is the Blues capital of the world, and the famous Blues Festival is the harbinger of grief and sorrow, with music that comes straight from the broken and lonely heart.


Museums In Chicago, Illinois

Are you a culture vulture? Art junkie? Museum hawk?

There are a few cities in the United States where you can go to get your fix.

Where a wealth of history, knowledge and intrigue is waiting to be seen, heard and felt. No one leaves Chicago with the feeling that something was missing, mainly because the Windy City has something that appeals to everyone’s exceptional variety.Continue

Kicks On Route 66

It may be the most celebrated highway in the world. Emblematic of a newly motorized country discovering it was free to go wherever it pleased, Route 66 quickly became immortalized in song, literature, theater and legend. Route 66 is not just a road, it’s “The Main Street of America,” a highway of history and adventure.

Almost 90 years after it was established, a journey along this iconic thoroughfare is still considered the ultimate American road trip.Continue