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Celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8th) at We Move Forward…

What are you doing on March 8th?

Hopefully you’ll be with the important women in your life, proudly displaying a purple ribbon to let the global community know that all women deserve respect, kindness, and opportunity.

March 8th is International Women’s Day – a day of celebration and women’s empowerment.

And what better way to celebrate  International Women’s Day than at We Move Forward?

For nearly three years, We Move Forward founder Janeen Halliwell has welcomed hundreds of women to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, to engage in their work and passions with other women.

We Move Forward is about movement, inspiration and growth and may be just what you’ve been looking for…


Surf & Beaches; Puerto Escondido, México

Puerto Escondido is unquestionably Mexico’s best beach town. Unlike overdeveloped Cancun, Puerto Escondido – or “Puerto,” as the locals call it – effortlessly retains its small town charms. In other words: it’s a real place. You won’t suffer through endless beach hawkers (transport? sunglasses?), overpriced chain restaurants or hellishly high-pressure timeshare presentations.


What you will find are a collection of great beaches, incredible surf, thriving expat community, and a popular destination for foreign and local travelers alike. Escondido in Spanish means “hidden” and – for now, at least – it seems to remain hidden from the tourist Machine.Continue

World-Class Train Ride; Copper Canyon, México

Copper Canyon – known locally as “la Barranca del Cobre” – is larger, deeper, geologically younger and much, much more interesting than the Grand Canyon.


The Chihuahua al Pacifico Railway – a spectacular 387 mile (624 km) route through the Sierra Tarahumara mountain range – includes 39 bridges and 86 tunnels. Along the way you’ll climb up 7,954 feet (2,425 m) through pine forests, rocky pinnacles and numerous canyons before ending up in the Chihuahua. Continue

Religious Festivals; San Miguel de Allende, México

San Miguel de Allende effortlessly blends small-town, UNESCO World Heritage charm with big-city intrigue. A result of a booming silver discoveries in the 16th century, San Miguel helped make Mexico one of the richest countries in the world for over three centuries.

Not bad.

But what really sets San Miguel de Allende apart from other colonial towns is its undying dedication to fiestas. That’s right, this colonial throwback is home to more than 35 festivals a year… which… even in Mexico – a country well known for its fiestas – push the boundaries in terms of quantity and quality.

Most of these celebrations are religious in nature. Catholicism is big here, and celebrated with gusto throughout the year. Below are just a few of the most popular fiestas in San Miguel de Allende.Continue

Tequila and Los Mariachis; Guadalajara, México

In many countries – such as Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cambodia, and Canada to name a few – the “second city” really steals the show.

Guadalajara, Mexico’s second city, is yet another example. It’s home to mariachi music, tequila and the jarabe tapatio (Mexican hat dance); with such qualifications it’s easy to see the city’s appeal. Add to that an easily navigable downtown and helpful, friendly locals without big-city problems, and you’ve got one of Mexico’s most charming cities.Continue